Krishna Janmashtami: Happy Birthday, Krishna!

Once upon a time... on the tithi of ashtami (eight day of the Hindu lunar calendar), at the stroke of midnight, a child with wonderful lotus-petal eyes and divine aura brightly illuminated His birthplace with His natural effulgence. Behind barricades and bonded in chains, His parents, Vasudev and Devki could not help but bow their heads in reverence. For they knew, Baby Lord Vishnu or 'Krishna' had appeared on this mortal planet. They had just been blessed. An entire human kind, had just been blessed...

That very tithi of ashtami got etched as the festival of Krishna Janmashtami in the Hindu calendar, celebrated every year and this year -- it's today!

Yes. It is Lord Krishna's happy birthday today!

Festivities are spread over two days, the first day mainly includes fasting, singing bhajans and recital of stories while the second day comprises of 'breaking the butter pot or mutki phod on the streets in His remembrance. Underlying all these celebrations, however, are prayers... asking Him for His benevolence and wisdom for the entire family, for our own selves and for all our near and dear ones.

Thus, on this special occasion, My Yatra Diary... joins in the celebrations by going back in time and flipping some of its pages to (re)visit Lord Krishna and bring Him, through His stories, back to life! Presented below are links to archived articles accompanied with snippets and one picture, each as a page telling a tale from the many glorious chapters of Lord Krishna's life. Hope you enjoy reading them.

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"A mosaic depicting the butter thief prank (makhan chori leela) of mischievous child Krishna."
River Yamuna flowing at the Brahmand Ghat, Mathura - Uttar Pradesh (1)
"... along the banks of the river Yamuna is another sacred spot - the Brahmand Ghat. This is the spot where an infant Lord Krishna had shown the entire universe or Brahmand in his mouth to His mother Yashoda. That is how the place came to be known as the Brahmand Ghat."

Deer park in Raman Reti, Gokul-Mathura,Uttar Pradesh
"True to its name, it is filled with sand (reti) and is reminiscent of the past when Lord Krishna would frequent here along with His brother Balarama and cowherd friends to indulge in leisurely plays (raman). It is also the place where He would meet His love, Radha before leaving for Vrindavan together."

Divine image of Mother Yasoda with Lord Krishna at the ISKCON temple Delhi

"Maiya Mori, Main nahi makhan khayo"
(Mother, I did not steal the butter)

Market Lane of Dwarkadheesh Temple, Mathura

"The haveli is a two storey house and there is a wide and a spacious courtyard loaded with pilgrims assembled from various parts of the country on the ground level."

Believers doing shraddha at the Yamuna River Ghat, Mathura

"It is a place of different vibrational frequencies where some hundreds of believers, assembled at the same place, coming from different walks of life, belonging to different economic stratus of society, rooting in different cultures and traditions; speak the very same language – the language of love for the divine – the very language that dissolves all physical boundaries and sends out the universal message of inner peace."

Tulsi - An eternal associate of Lord Krishna, ISKCON Temple Vadodara

"Talk of devotees of Lord Krishna and the one name that suddenly springs to mind is that of Tulsi Devi. According to Hindu scripture, Skanda Purana: Tulsi is auspicious in all respects. Simply by seeing, simply by touching, simply by remembering, simply by praying to, simply by bowing before, simply by hearing about or simply by sowing this tree, there is always auspiciousness. Anyone who comes in touch with the Tulsi tree in the above-mentioned ways lives eternally in the Vaikuntha (the eternal abode) world."

Cow grazing at Trichambaram temple, Kannur- Kerala
"Also known as Gopal or the cowherd boy, Lord Krishna adored cows. Thus, one can find gaumata (in Hinduism, cow is revered as a mother) or cows happily grazing around in most of the Krishna temples today."
Khatu Shyam Temple in Rajasthan
"Inside the temple, the idol is enshrined in the form of only a head which makes the temple one of its kind in the country. The remaining part below the head is covered with garlands and flowers. It is believed to be a wish granting temple."

Beautiful idols of the Brothers - Lord Krishna on the right and Lord Balarama to His left at ISKCON Temple, Jaipur
"The deities of the two brothers, Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama are very beautifully decorated and depicts the loving bond shared between them."

Image of Sri Gaura Nitai at the ISKCON temple Delhi
"Circular in shape, the temple is very beautiful, decked up with Krishna leelas at the ceiling. The arti was about to begin."

Main deities of Radha and Krishna at the ISKCON temple, Japan
"The priest lighted the prayer lamp motioning the commencement of the afternoon arti (prayer). The beautifully decorated Radhe Krishna deity shimmering in bright glow and glimmer blessing its devotees was now clearly visible."

And, last but not the least...
Here's an exclusive page for all of you.

Lord Shri Krishna at home temple, Krishna Janmashtami celebrations

... From the temple of my house and featuring none other than our very own birthday boy, Ladoo Gopal all decked up in His brand new dress and finest ornaments for the night prayers to be followed up later by the home made feast or the bhog.
Jai Shri Krishna!

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  1. Hi Arti,

    Happy birthday to Krishna and I enjoyed reading your post and thanks for sharing.

    Happy week

  2. Arti, Happy Janmashtami to you and your family. Great to read your post, Awesome.
    ~ Jai Krishna ~

  3. Koti Koti Pranams to Lord Krishna. Very very happy to meet Ladoo Gopal..:) Looking so sweet. Thanks Arti for bringing Him here..:). BTW He is not at all shy like you...looking very happy and ready for the photo. Most memorable Janmashtami for me today. Darshana of Krishna from all the temples and meeting the smiling Ladoo Gopal....Jai Shri Krishna...Jai Ho Nandlal kee... Happy Birthday Krishna.

  4. The Glass Temple is beautiful, also the deer with the twisting horns.

  5. Lovely post Arti, I even forget today is Khrisna Birthday, thank you for reminds me :)

    Your Ladoo Gopal have amazing look, full of colours

    Happy Khrisna Janmashtami, Jai Shri Khrisna!

  6. Am a lover of Lord Krishna...i am still not sure why i adore him this much...Guruvayoor is only place in the world i personally believe god rests in.."Kannan" in malayalam for krishna...when step those door steps after spending hours in Q and chant Krishna,Guruvayoorappa, eyes fill...feel like he smiles back to me saying i am with my Laddoo gopal ji...Happy Birthday my Kanna...

  7. You have quite a collection of great stories and posts here, Arti. I admit I don't know much about Lord Krishna so this is a great way for me to learn more. What a wonderful list of festivities for the special occasion. Great job by the way of moving to your own domain.

  8. Another beautiful post and what better way to celebrate Janamashtmi than having a glimpse of Lord Krishna temples all over! Thank you Arti!!

  9. Hi Arti...Its so wonderful to see the various incidents and places from Shri Krishna's leela in a post on Janamashtmi..

    Jai Shree Krishna

  10. Happy Janmasthami to you and your family. Thanks for this wonderful post containing nice pictures covering the glorious life and times of Lord Krishna. It appears you are are a very ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. May you receive His choicest blessings and benevolence. Best Wishes Ram

  11. Beautiful Pics, Arti.
    Since my childhood...I'm obsessed with Ladoo gopal..:)) Diety-Shringar is a special part of this festival.In all celebrations I have observed there's something new always...which is really remarkable.
    Happy Janamashtami to you!!

  12. A wonderful look at the festivities.

  13. This post refreshed the Mathura series from your blog. Last shot is beautiful. And congrats on the custom domain. :)

  14. Happy krishna janamsthami, wonderful pictures and narration.

  15. WOW what a compilation, as fantastic as ever! Your posts compel me to travel to these fantastic places.

    And btw many congratulations for the Dot Com!


  16. Such a wonderful global post, I'm honoured to be joining you in these celebrations.

    So beautifully described, I love the thought of this child with wonderful lotus-petal eyes.

  17. Thank you for sharing on this Holy Day is a wonderful thing to learn your beautiful traditions in this way.

  18. Lovely pics! Season of festival begins!

  19. Happy Janmashtami to you too Arti :)

    I agree with Saru. It refreshed the Mathura series of posts.. :) Also, loved the pic of the cow. Beautiful. Ohh, its from Kerala - no wonder :D

  20. Happy janamashtami Arti. It's one of our favourite festivals too. Loved the pictures.

  21. Beautiful, pristine!

  22. Great Compilation Of Lord Krishna Photographs...

  23. WoW AWesome Pictures Of Gopalji.
    This Is My Dream To Once Attend The janmashtmi In Mathura & Holi Is Barsana.

  24. Great list. Good job. All of them are interesting. :D

  25. Happy Janmashtami to you and your family.

    And thank you for your valuable post.

  26. Happy Janmasthami!
    Wonderfully illustrated with host of refreshing pictures. It's such a remarkable celebration.

  27. Beautiful post Arti. So many places I have never been to...loved it!!

  28. Happy Janmasthami!
    Beautiful photos
    congrats for getting a domain name

  29. Always a delight to read your post... Happy Janmashtami Arti :)

  30. Lovely pictures and a beautiful post, Arti :)

  31. The river photo is my favorite. So beautiful.

  32. That was a wonderful celebration of Janmashtami

  33. So full of colors and temples, must be a special holiday in your country.

  34. Hello arti.. Really interesting post.. Thanks for posting..

  35. Happy Krishan Janmaashthami Arti,

    It is so fortunate we are born in India,we can enjoy and associate with the sweet little krishna throughout our life ... I pray to be born in this holy land life after life

  36. Reading the phrase home made feast makes my stomach grumble! as always you took me into your beautiful world with your wonderful narration and photos...

  37. Belated happy birthday to Krishna! I’m so interested in “a child with wonderful lotus-petal eyes”. I sometimes find India and Japan share the symbolical meaning of Lotus flowers. You used a nice organized method regarding Krishna in this post, Arti. I love the second river photo where infinity and finitude (or mortality) looks to be merged with.


  38. Happy Birthday Krishna! I'm late for this, but love your pictures. I do have a feeling for Krishna, and sometimes bring him a little gift! Happy weekend dear Arti!

  39. literally brought krishna consciousness and those nostalgiac vrindavan garden memories of mine alive..

  40. ♪♫° ·.
    O post é lindo, aprendi muito lendo-o.
    Bom fim de semana!
    Beijinhos do Brasil.
    ♪♫° ·.
    º° ✿✿ ·.

  41. krshna is the sweetest boy ever. Nice one

  42. Amazing architecture of this temple. I love this place I hope so in future i go there thank you so much for these picture.Nice pictures and nice blog.


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