Saturday, April 22, 2017

Soulie Saturday #1: Sacred Threads at Do Janti Wale Balaji Temple, Fatehpur, Rajasthan.

Fluttering in the wind
Hanging as sacred strings
Are beats of my heart /


I never spoke.

Sacred threads at Do Jaati Wale BalajiTemple in Rajasthan

Tying threads is a common practise of worship in many temples and trees in India. By tying a thread, the devotee forms a special, sacred bond of trust, honour and assurance with God. Sometimes, the devotee vows to come back again and untie the knot of the thread in case their prayers are heard. The threads hold a channel for a personal communication with the Unknown.

I captured this picture in the courtyard of Do Janti Waale Balaji Temple in Fatehur, Rajasthan famous for fulfilling wishes and prayers.

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A Soul Selfie series or '#Soulie' aiming to meaningfully strengthen my personal connect with my Father, God (call Him by any name you like)  by peeping within my own heart —  collecting your prayers and feelings too as you discover the world – and jotting them down on paper. It’s a spiritual exploration of that which is Unseen and a celebration of that Ultimate sacred space we yearn for - within and without - and the riches we carry in our own hearts. Do take part and share with My Yatra Diary... a piece of your heart.

Here are things you can do if you want to join in.

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