Flavors of Mathura: Lal Peda, Kachori, Samosa, etc (Where to Eat in Mathura)

Apart from all the history and the exquisite tales of the past, there was one more aspect of Mathura that we took delight in – Food!

Mathura has a lot to offer when it comes to eating out. But let me warn you beforehand, if you are one of those who prefer the luxury and ambiance of high end hotels, then the city will disappoint you big time. The only way to enjoy this small town, when talking of the best food that it has to offer, is by hanging out at those small roadside eating joints on the streets, very often with no names to swank of and at other times referred to as mishthan bhandars or mithaiwala or bhojnalayas - desi indian restaurant style! A day here and you will realize that the true taste when it comes to the food of Mathura lies out there – on the streets and in the lanes.

Let’s see what Mathura had for us in their Flavors Menu for the time that we spent in the city.

Morning Tea

Just cannot be missed. Tucked in some corner with no nameplates, these small kiosks attract the biggest crowds, mostly localiites and some tourists as well. A fresh brew of ginger, cardamom and some other spices thrown in and served in either kulhads (earthen mugs) or glasses, a tea stall is not simply a tea stall here but one of the many ‘sights’ of Mathura.

A Tea shack or Chaiwala in Mathura
A Tea Stall in Mathura

It is a place of social gathering for the locals and a great way to get a local feel for travelers like us. Of all the flavors of Mathura, this is definitely my pick of the lot and should not be missed for anything.

Where: Anywhere in the middle/corner of lanes, it will be very easy to spot them.

Breakfast Snacks

1. Kachori /Samosa

And tea, of course doesn’t stop there. It has to be continued with a host of snacks and nibbles and Mathura has them aplenty. Close to the tea stalls, there is a huge probability that you will find some snack being fried. Some popular ones include crispy kachoris, deep fried samosas and melt-in-the-mouth jalebis and they are usually delicious.

Kachori snack stall, Mathura
A Jalebis (left in the pic) and kachoris (next plate to the right)
stall near the tea shack

Tip: Gorge on them but don’t forget to wash all of it down with a hot cup of tea!

What and Where: Kachori at any one of the small hole-in-the-wall shops.
                           Samosas at Shankar Mithaiwala, Holi gate.

2. Besides the Regional/Local Flavors --> Khaman Dhokla, Pohe

Mathura being the land of a Lord who enjoys a large follower base especially from the Gujarati sect of Hinduism, one can see a dominance of Gujarati flavors on its food. Thus, don’t be surprised if you bump in stalls selling the light-on-the-stomach khamans and dhoklas in the very same lanes selling north Indian specialties like kachoris and samosas.
A Juice and Khaman shop in Mathura
Annapurna Khaman Dhokla House, Chatta Bazaar

Juice glasses in Mathura
Fresh Mosambi Juice at Annapurna House

We found one such shop in the lane leading upto the Vishram Ghat from the Holi Gate (Chatta Bazaar) and took delight in their soft and spongy khamans - freshly cooked and served hot in the mornings. What’s more, they also had my home food - Mumbai delicacy pohe (rice flakes)! So what if it was minus the onion, still it made me feel close to home! 

What: Pohe and Khaman. Their fresh fruit juices are also very good.

Where: Annapurna Khaman Dhokla House, Chatta Bazaar. 

Mobile No.: +91 - 9760242967

Lunch and Dinner --> Gujarati Hindu Lodge

Street food sure does gratify the taste buds but nothing can beat the aroma of authentic cuisine. This is where Gujarati Hindu Lodge came in picture for us.

Gujarati Hindu Lodge, Mathura Eating joint
Gujarati Hindu Lodge in a lane near the Vishram Ghat

Situated in a humble setting, this was our lunch and dinner jaunt in Mathura. The food is fresh, home-like with the usual thali platter -- 2 veggies, dal, rice and chappatis, served unlimited; everything is worth all the money spent!

Owner of Gujarati Hindu Lodge, Mathura
Owner of the Gujarati Hindu Lodge posing for me!

Address: In an adjacent lane leading upto the Vishram Ghat.

Thali Price: Rs. 50/head for adults. Rs. 30/head for children below 10 yrs.

Timings : 10 – 3 Morning; 6 – 9.30 Evening

Other Recommendations: Dalmiya Bhojanalya, near the Vishram Ghat for full Indian Thali. We have had food here the last time we visited the town and this one is pretty good too for authentic fare.

Mid Day Snacks

1. Pani Puri / Tikiya Chaats - Best Street Food in Mathura!

Another popular street snack food of the northern region is Pani Puri. There are three good things with pani puris in general, one that it is easily available in almost every town in India, second that hardly anyone goes wrong with its taste and third and most important that you don’t really need any appetite for it. And for me personally, there is one more addition to the list - It’s my favorite! Hence I make it a point to find some good joints and have these sprout and mint flavored water dumplings whenever I can, wherever I can... in abundance!

Street food in Mathura
On the Vishram Ghat
Pani Puri vendor in Mathura
A Pani Puriwala in the lanes of Chatta Bazaar,
Opposite Kanhaiya Cloth Market

Where: Vishram Ghat, Chatta Bazaar.

2. Milk and Milk products/ Mithai shops / Mathura Sweets

Living to its image of the town of a very mischievous Makhan chor (butter thief) Krishna, every other lane you enter in Mathura, you will find Mathura sweet and mithai shops selling a variety of milk and milk based dairy products. Pure fat dairy delights like lassi (yoghurt based coolant), mava, khurchan, lal pedas, etc are just some of the regulars served in each of these shops. They do tempt your taste buds and it’s really hard not to get wooed by their aroma and scent.

Peda Mishthan shops, Mathura
Sweetmeat shop, Mathura
Sweatmeat or Mithai shops in Mathura
and a glimpse of the variety of sweets they stack

The famed Lal Peda of Mathura
Lal Peda or Mathura Peda,
A famous mithai specialty of Mathura - Just cannot be missed!

Sweet Milk/Chaas and Lassi shop in Mathura
The coolant, lassi being whipped from fresh curd and water

Tip: Eat and enjoy but remember to do everything in moderation as many synthetic ingredients are increasingly on a rampage in many cities today. Pick out a shop that has some crowd and is not completely empty. 

What: Lal Peda / Mathura Peda, Lassi

Where: Shankar Mithaiwala - Holi Gate; Almost every lane you step in Mathura.

Brijwasi Royal Mithaiwala / Brijwasi Sweets

A famous shop at the Holi Gate, Brijwasi Royal Mithaiwala or Brijwasi sweets is probably the biggest food shop that you will come across in Mathura. It has an array of items to pick out from ranging from sweets and snacks to beverages and flavored cold slush’s. Overall, it is a one stop shop for everything if you are too lazy to wander aimlessly on the roads searching for these!

Brijwasi Mithai shop, Mathura
Brijwasi sweet shop near Holi Gate in Mathura
 Brijwasi shop, Mathura
A Sweet called ghevar in Brijwasi shop in Mathura
A Peak into the Brijwasi Royal Mithaiwala, Holi Gate

Address: Holi Gate.

So while in Mathura, its best that you leave your calorific meter behind and get your feet moving because that is certainly the best way to indulge in the authentic flavors of the town!

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