Mathura: An Introduction, Where to Stay, How to Reach

Ayodhyā Mathurā Māyā Kāsi Kāñchī Avantikā
Purī Dvārāvatī chaiva saptaitā moksadāyikāh - Garuda Purana

English Translation:

Ayodhya, Mathura, Maya (Haridwar), Kasi (Varanasi), Kanchi (Kanchipuram),
Avantika (Ujjain), and Dvaravati Puri (Dwarka Puri)
are the seven Moksha/salvation granting Holy Cities - Garuda Purana

Mathura - An Introduction


This is how the town had welcomed us. It had this timeless holy vibes affixed to it and there was something infectiously likeable about the place the moment we had stepped afoot on its sacred soil. The divine chant mixed with the tempo of ringing temple bells flooding our ears every other moment had instantly taken away all the weariness of a two day train travel bestowing upon us a fresh lease of energy and roving us to a state of holy bliss!

This was Uttar Pradesh, a northern state in India, where a small town infused with such level of divinity and piety does exist in reality – Mathura!

A mythic town of the olden days, Mathura is the birthplace of the most lovable, the darling of all Gods, the blue hued God of the Hindu Pantheon - Lord Krishna and aptly forms the heart of Braj Bhoomi (Brajbhoomi can be divided into two distinct units - the eastern part in the trans-Yamuna tract with places like Gokul, Mahavan, Baldeo, Mat and Bajna and the western side of the Yamuna covering the Mathura region that encompasses Vrindavan, Govardhan, Kusum Sarovar, Barsana and Nandgaon). A city steeped in historical tales, myths and legends dating many centuries back, it still retains relics of the same with its numerous historic temples and shrines very well holding guard its mysticism for any spiritual seeker setting foot on its holy soil.

Mesmerizing tales from this holy land find mention in many an ancient Hindu Scriptures like Mahabharata, Ramayana and the Bhagavat Purana and they all miraculously come alive in the narrow corridors of Mathura. Historical buildings stand in every nook and corner providing a rare glimpse into the past, their antiquity never failing to overwhelm you. Along with all the chaotic hustle bustle of the town, there is the serenely flowing Sacred Mother River Yamuna who has Her own charm and personifies the pious fervor of the city and its people to a great extent.

Lane of Mathura, Uttar Pradesh
Mathura - A land of mystical beauty

It’s a wealthy city - rich from the enthralling tales of a much-loved deity, rich from the age old cultures and traditions that it has long held on to, rich from all the antiquity of a distant past, rich from all the warmth and humility of its people and it willingly lets out all of it for You; the thirsty soul on a pilgrim trail.

You can hang around near the Yamuna River, pray quietly in its temples or watch sadhus and sages in orange stroll down the ancient alleys just as Krishna did many ages ago. Buzz, history, chaos, peace… it’s all here and anything you do or anywhere you go there is always something infectiously likeable of the place.

Every day is a festival here devoted to someone much adored and revered at the same time. Mornings start with people walking down to the Yamuna Ghats and taking part in the various rites and rituals. This is then followed by a visit to the many temples to pay reverence to their beloved God. Festivities peak during special days like Janmashtami, Holi and Diwali when the entire town gets draped with lively acts and performances depicting scenes from Lord Krishna’s life attracting pilgrims, historians and tourists alike to this intriguing city by the dozen.

Home to Lord Krishna and His many legends, Mathura today is a warm swirl merging history, festivals and chaotic fanfare; its currents drawing travelers from far and wide taking them deep in our ancient culture and heritage!

Mathura - Where to Stay

Mathura, being a popular pilgrim destination has a lot of options when it comes to stay, catering to all types of budgets and pockets.

However, beware of getting entangled in the rickshaw touts promising to get you to a good accommodation. It’s advisable that you do a search on the net and book one for yourself well in advance, especially if you are planning a visit in the peak months (Oct-Mar) or during the festival times. It’s always better to be well prepared even before stepping in the city rather than keep things for the last minute.

Recommended place of stay:

1. Jamuna Mahal Hotel

Situated off the main roads, the hotel is recommended for a peaceful stay in this rather chaotic city. The rooms are good and the bathrooms are fairly clean too.

Jamuna Mahal Hotel signboard
Jamuna Mahal Hotel, Budget Hotel - Mathura
Jamuna Mahal Hotel, Our place of stay.

Room of Jamuna Mahal Hotel, Budget Hotel - Mathura
Jamuna Mahal - Hotel Room

Rates: Rs. 1150/- for the 4 bedded deluxe room, shown in the pic

Address: Kampu Ghat, Mathura.

+91 - (0565) - 2406032/3296032/2504416

Other Hotel Recommendation:

Yamuna Palace Budget Hotel, Mathura
Shree Yamuna Palace Hotel in Mathura

Shree Yamuna Palace - Situated in the bustling bylane of Mathura, this one is a budget hotel and can be considered as an option for stay too.

Address and Contact nos.: Rajadhiraj Marg, Askunda, Mathura. 0565- 409990

How to Reach Mathura

Mathura is well connected by rail and road with major important cities in India.

Railway Station:  There are 4 railway stations in the city, the most prominent one among them being, the Mathura Junction connecting it to the rest of India.

Road Distances from Mathura: 
Vrindavan (15 km), Agra (56 km), Jaipur (218 km), Delhi (147 km), Bharatpur (39 km)

From Mumbai, the best way to reach the city is via the train. A convenient option would be the Rajdhani train that leaves Mumbai at 6.30 PM in the evenings and reaches Mathura at 9 AM the next day so that you have an entire day to explore the town.

Air: Mathura does not have an airport to call its own but one can still take a flight till the nearest city airport that’s Agra. From here on, hire a car or an auto to get to your final destination.

Getting Around In Mathura

The best way to explore Mathura would either be on foot or a cycle rickshaw which besides being cheap also lets you soak in the feel of the town at a leisurely pace. One major landmark of the town is Holi gate that acts as a gateway to the old part of the city housing the Vishram Ghat, the Yamuna River and the Dwarkadheesh temple.

Apart from the cycle rickshaw, one also has the option of auto rickshaws which are not metered. These should be used only for longer distances and are best dumped for cycle rickshaws while traveling within the city.

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    There is so much to see in and around Mathura. Vrindavan is also nearby as is Gokul and Barsana. I think if you want to visit every place at leisure then 7-8 days is a must.
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