Mumbai Getaway Travel Guide: Ancient Syambhu Mahalakshmi Temple, Dahanu

Benovelent Goddess Mahalakshmi Temple, Dahanu Maharashtra

If you’re like me, then you are probably looking for which Devi Maa Durga Temples you can go to this Navratri! And if by any chance, you are also based out of Mumbai, then this blog post is tailor made for you!

Where is the Mahalakshmi Temple at Dahanu situated?

The Mahalakshmi temple in Dahanu, I am going to talk about here, is only about 90 kms. From Borivli and is located just touching the National Mumbai Ahmedabad highway number 8 at Charoti Naka en route to Vapi. When passing through the highway, keep an eye for a huge signboard in green which leads you to the temple lane. 

The best thing that I like about this temple is its location – it’s not in Mumbai which takes it away from the city chaos but at the same time, the distance is just about enough so that the trip can be easily done in a day.

Walking in line Syambhu Mahalakshmi Temple, Dahanu Maharashtra

Interestingly, Maharashtra is blessed with two other temples with the same name aka the Mahalakshmi Temple - one in Kolhapur and the other Mahalakshmi Temple in Mumbai itself – both of which are highly popular and very significant as well. 

As someone who has been born and brought up in Mumbai, I have been to the Mumbai Mahalakshmi temple innumerable times since childhood, so when I got a chance to visit the Dahanu temple for the first time, I grabbed it with both hands and a grateful heart.

What is the uniqueness of the Mahalakshmi Temple at Dahanu?

The deity is a Swayambu. To see the divine image of Maa engraved as a deity on a rock is nothing short of some magic!

Thousands of devotees especially from the nearby regions like Mumbai, Gujarat and from far away too throng this place daily.

Lion - Vehicle of Maa Goddess Mahalakshmi Temple, Dahanu Maharashtra

There is a tradition of farmers offering their first harvest to Maa Mahalakshmi at this temple every year. This is a reflection of the immense faith and gratitude they carry for Mata Mahalakshmi… for it is Her, The Mother, who nourishes them and their family. On the no moon day of the Pitru Paksha, the fortnight of the ancestors, a tribal fair or an Adivasi Mela is held in the temple where Mata is offered various types of pulses and vegetables from the fields like Jowar, Bajra, Cauliflower, etc. to thank the Goddess for her blessings and pray for the happiness, peace and prosperity of their loved ones.

History of the Mahalakshmi Temple:

The locals tell a story about the origins of the temple:

Once upon a time, Goddess Mahalakshmi embarked on a yatra from her abode in Kolhapur. Maa reached Dahanu village around midnight. Since Pandavas were in exile at that period of time, Mother decided to test Bhima one day and took the form of a beautiful woman. When Bhima saw the beautiful form of Mother all decked up in fine jewelry, he was instantly fascinated and proposed marriage to Her.

Ancient remains at Goddess Mahalakshmi Temple, Dahanu Maharashtra

On sensing Bhima’s intentions, she put up a condition that if Bhima manages to dam the river Surya in one night and divert its water to this village, then She will get married to him. Excitedly, Bhima got down to building a dam on the river and did a very good job at it. Just when he was about to finish the work, she immediately took the form of a rooster and crowed loudly to indicate sunrise. On hearing the rooster crow, a dejected Bhima completed the work but accepted his defeat. In this way, the people of the village got water, but Bhima left empty handed from there.

Lotus flower offered to Goddess Mahalakshmi Temple, Dahanu Maharashtra

Thereafter, Mother sat down in a cave in a mountain near Ranshet village for penance and meditation. As time passed by, the local tribals started coming to the cave to see the Mother. Among them, was a woman devotee who went to see the mother even though she was pregnant. As she was climbing the mountain, she fell unconscious. This saddened Mother and that was the day she declared that people will no longer have to climb the mountain to visit her, she will be coming down instead. Mother came down from the mountain and settled in Valvede village. 

True to this story, one can see two temples of Maa Mahalakshmi in Dahanu even today. One temple sits on a hill while the other is at the foot of the mountain. The temple which is at the base is more popular and a visit here is said to be enough to please Goddess Mahalakshmi.

Darshan of Mata Mahalakshmi at the Main Mahalakshmi Temple, Dahanu:

This temple was built by Koli king Jayabha Mukne of Jawhar State in 1306 at the establishment of Jawhar. What is really interesting is that the temple at the base of the mountain faces the temple which is situated on top of the hill. The temple is not very ornate but is very beautiful; the present structure has been renovated from its earlier work in wood. Two deepmalas framing the main entrance to the temple accentuate the beauty even further.

Framed in deepmalas Mahalakshmi Temple, Dahanu Maharashtra

Chants of Jai Mata Di and Jai Ambe lead you to the main garbhagriha or the sanctum sanctorum where the image of the Goddess is a sight to behold. The deity is adorned in fresh flower garlands, lotus flowers and gold and silver ornaments and it’s difficult to not fix your gaze at Her benevolent eyes oozing dazzling splendor. As I am awe struck at Maa’s Magnificence, there is one very unique thing my eyes are drawn to – Her nose ring! In the left side of the nose, Mother wears a silver plated Machli or a fish nose ring which is something that really differentiates Her form, from the other Goddess Mahalakshmi deities I have taken darshan of.

Fairs and Festivals at the Mahalakshmi Temple:

Every year a festival is held here called ‘Mahalaxmi Yatra' for fifteen days starting from Hanuman Jayanti, during Falgun vadya astami to Chaitra Shudha Ashtami. The Goddess Mahalaxmi is the family deity of tribes, so during the festive period, the tribals arrange a special cultural dance called taarpa dance which is a great way to enhance your yatra experience.

Side view of the Mahalakshmi Temple, Dahanu Maharashtra

In Chaitra Navratri, there is a tradition of offering flag to the Goddess in the temple. During this tradition, the flag of the present Raja of Mukne Dynasty of Jawhar is offered to the Mother's temple. The flag is presented by Narayan Satava, the priest of of Vaghadi village.

How to Reach Mahalakshmi Temple, Dahanu?

By Air:

Nearest airport is Chathrapati Shivaji international Airport whose distance is 108 Km (roughly 4 -5 hours to Palghar depending on the traffic)

By Bus / Car / Autos:

You can easily reach the temple by your private cabs or autos. It is well connected to major nearby cities like Mumbai (114 km), Nashik (130 km), Pune (249 km) and Thane (97 km), Mira Road (88km).

It took us around 2 hours to reach the temple in our car from Borivali.

Alternatively, you can opt for regular Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation buses which are available from Mumbai, Thane, Mira Road, Nasik to Palghar and Dahanu Road.

Frequent buses are also available from the Dahanu Road railway station.

If you are travelling from Thane, you can check these buses which stop near the temple --  125AC, 492LTD, 56, 60, 75, C-61

By Train:

A very convenient option to reach the Mahalakshmi Temple in Dahanu are the local trains. From Mumbai, you can board the trains from almost all the major stations like Bandra, Mumbai Central, Dadar, Kalyan, Bhayandar and Virar.

Once you reach Dahanu Road Station, share autos are available from Dahanu Road Railway station to Charoti Naka and from Charoti Naka to the temple.

Mahalaxmi Temple Timings

6.00 am To 9.00 pm. and Arati Time (Nayeved) 7.00 am and 7.00 pm.

Best time to visit Mahalakshmi Temple, Dahanu

Best time to visit is early mornings or during arti times. Also, during Diwali and Navratri times, the temple gets a festive makeover and is a great time to be present at the temple. Just keep an eye for it whenever you are reaching Mumbai from the National highway.

Travel Tips and Other Information:

  • Mahalakshmi Temple Dahanu has a total of 900 steps to reach the hill top.
  • The temple premises is very well maintained and clean with wash rooms for ladies and gents.
  • There aren’t many eateries and guest houses around as people generally come for darshan and leave so it’s better to plan accordingly.
  • For more details visit official website
  • Contact Number: +91 76660 58176

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