MTDC Resort Ganpatipule, Ratnagiri Maharshtra: A Zen Getaway

Sea facing Bamboo cottages MTDC Ganpatipule Resort, Maharashtra
MTDC Resort Bamboo Cottages facing the Ganpatipule beach

Ganpatipule has been long on my wishlist of places to visit from ever since I can remember. But as they say, you don’t go, can’t go unless the Lord calls. After waiting for mine for so many years now, finally the time came – when plans fell in place, tickets and hotel booked.

When it came to booking a hotel in Ganpatipule, we looked no further than MTDC resort Ganpatipule which is seemingly THE BEST resort to stay in Ganpatipule. And truly so! This resort is a one-of-kind tropical oasis appropriately located right on the Ganpatipule beach just next to the Ganpatipule Ganesh temple. If you’re looking for the best budget hotels in Ganpatipule, MTDC Resort Ganpatipule cuts through the chase by offering all the world class amenities and facilities for a pleasurable stay – everything at pocket friendly prices. 

I have been lucky to stay at many MTDC hotels during my travels in Maharashtra including MTDC Harihareshwar and MTDC Pilgrims Inn at Shirdi, but I think this one may just be my favorite yet!

The Warm Welcome!

When we arrived, we were greeted by the resort manager Vaibhav Patil ji and the friendly staff with refreshing coconut water and warm smiles, it was like we had just arrived in a beautiful home. 

I love it when the hotel staff makes an effort to kick start your trip on such a positive note – it kind of sets a bright enthusiastic tone for the rest of the journey.

My Premium Sea View AC Room at MTDC 

Sea facing premium suite at MTDC Ganpatipule Resort, Maharashtra
Sea Facing Premier Cottages at MTDC Resort Ganpatipule

MTDC resort Ganpatipule in Ratnagiri offers a variety of rooms that you can choose from, ranging from deluxe to premium and ultra luxurious. Most of these rooms and cottages on offer are categorised by sea view or non sea view, which can be easily booked on their official website (link given at the end) as per your preference.

Bamboo cottages at MTDC Ganpatipule Resort, Maharashtra
The Bamboo Cottage (covered by blue sheets because of rains) rooms
give an authentic Konkani feel surrounded by coconut trees.

We chose for ourselves the Premium Sea View Cottage room that came with a patio or a balcony. The room was spacious, neat and super comfortable. The bathroom was clean as well with a glass door separating the lavatory and the bathing area. Here is a small video tour of the MTDC Resort including my sea premier room!

All the rooms and cottages are abundantly buffered by tall coconut trees and well-manicured lawns and gardens so as to give you the luxury of solitude and privacy. The experience becomes even more intimate with private access to the beach.

Private beach access MTDC Ganpatipule Resort, Maharashtra
When you stay at MTDC Resort Ganpatipule, you get private access to the beach.

A perfect retreat to unwind and slip back into a cool, calm and collected vacation mode. 

Room with a “Five Star” View

It’s rare that you can enjoy a sea facing room without burning a big hole in your pocket.

But thanks to these Maharashtra government run MTDC hotel chains, middle class people like me can truly enjoy five star luxuries at reasonable prices.

Workation scenes - MTDC Ganpatipule Resort, Maharashtra
That's the view 24*7 from our balcony: MTDC Resort is great for workations too!

Our sea facing premium cottage on a cliff came with all the feels of a world class luxurious suite which can give any five star hotel a run for its money any day. Not only did the room live up to its tag of “Premium” but what we really really devoured were the great pristine ocean sights and sounds right outside our window – endless swirls of blue and brown punctuated only with the rhythmic echoes of the sea.

I was already in love with this space, the silences, and the sound of the ocean the moment I had stepped inside and little did I know, my fondness was only to increase.

Homely Food at the In-House Restaurant Tavish of MTDC Resort Ganpatipule.

MTDC resort Ganpatipule has two in house restaurants, Tarang and Tavish, both of which are privately owned.

Chef's spice box - MTDC Ganpatipule Resort, Maharashtra
Chef's spice box at MTDC in house Tavish Resurant

We had our meals at their Tavish restaurant, the location of which is absolutely heavenly with its sea side setting. Because of the windy weather, the staff curated a special dining for the two of us in one of their bamboo cottage which made it all the more special. Did I tell you how thoughtful and hospitable the staff at MTDC resort Ganpatipule is?

Table for two at MTDC Ganpatipule Resort, Maharashtra
Memorable dining experience at MTDC Resort

To add to this experience, the food turned out to be as good – homely and delicious with authentic Maharashtrian flavours. For breakfast, we relished their pohe, toast and aloo parathe which was all excellent for the morning. For lunch, we sampled their Kadai Paneer, dal, rice along with a traditional Maharashtrian dish called Pithla that is made with gram flour or Besan. I ate it with bhakri and rice – it was yummy!

Traditional Maharashtrian cuisine MTDC Ganpatipule Resort, Maharashtra
Got a taste of authentic Maharashtrian flavors at MTDC Ganpatipule

It was a pleasure meeting the chef Rakesh Indulkar and his team and see how the food is being prepared – everything was fresh and prepared in less oil using the traditional ingredients of the region. The chef was kind enough to explain the recipe of Pithla to me too!

Chef Rakesh Indulkar and team - MTDC Ganpatipule Resort, Maharashtra
Top notch service: Chef Rakesh Indulkar and Team

The best part though is service with a smile – the staff were on their toes all along and made the entire eating experience even more homelike and memorable.

MTDC Resort Ganpatipule - An All Integrated Destination Resort.

The best part about MTDC Resort Ganpatipule? It packs in so many diverse experiences than just its rooms or the restaurants which is why it is perfectly suited for families, couples, solo travelers and children alike!

Spread in a 50 acre area of land, the property comes to life among thickets of green overlooking the serene stretch of the Ganpatipule beach on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra. The contrast is really refreshing if you’re looking for a getaway that feels private and tailored just to you.

Beach side property MTDC Ganpatipule Resort, Maharashtra
Love these open spaces in MTDC Ganpatipule

The property is spread in such a huge area that even if the resort is full at any given point of time, you will never feel the crowds as most of the rooms and cottages here are fenced by a bit of green to ensure privacy.

Pretty sit out areas at MTDC Ganpatipule Resort, Maharashtra
Pretty postcards everywhere: MTDC Ganpatipule Resort

The more I explored the property, the more I noticed how MTDC Resort Ganpatipule has made its mark as its all integrated pilgrimage resort property in Maharashtra.

There’s an exclusive MTDC boat club where tourists of all age groups can enjoy thrilling aquatic sports activities like Jet Ski, Banana ride, Bumper, Motor Boating and Kayaking besides unwinding at the beach.

MTDC boat club at Ganpatipule Resort, Maharashtra
MTDC Boat Club where guests can enjoy thrilling sports activites

For nature lovers and children, there are ample of open green spaces and large lawns equipped with swings, pretty sit out chairs, and a compelling proximity to the beach, which is visible from almost every vantage point. Speaking of which, did I mention—the property also neighbours with the 400 year old Syambhu Shree Ganesha Temple?

Final Thoughts

The two days we spent in MTDC resort Ganpatipule went by, in a blur. At the end, we did not want to leave. 

It must have to do with the place. In classic government run style, everything here is touched with a sense of quiet luxury — no over-the-top chandeliers or plush interiors but the comfortable beds, elegance, vast open natural beauty demanding to be instagrammed and service that makes you feel at home — all this, with a touch of spirituality and the sea.

Non sea facing Bamboo cottage MTDC Ganpatipule Resort, Maharashtra

If you’re looking for an incredibly special, spiritual, natural and ZEN GETAWAY in the Konkan part of Maharahstra in Ratnagiri, I can’t recommend MTDC Resort Ganpatipule enough. What I really loved about this resort is that it gets most of the basics right which is what every discerning traveler looks for.

We just adored this resort and left with zero complaints. Just a little regret that we couldn’t enjoy any of the water sport activites as it was closed (June – Oct) when we went. But for that, and a lot more, we are already dreaming about the day we get to return!

How to Reach MTDC Resort Ganpatipule and Other Tips & Information:

By Rail, Road or Bus:

The nearest railway station is Ratnagiri which is well connected by road, rail and bus from all the major cities.

How to visit MTDC Resort Ganpatipule from Ratnagiri railway station?

Take a bus:

Buses ply from Rahatghar ST stand which is around 20 minutes away from the Ratnagiri railway station. Though this is the most sustainable (and economical) option to take (something I was really keen to opt for too) but owing to the irregularity in the frequency of buses plying from Rahatghar (we waited almost 2 hours for our bus!), my suggestion would be to avoid this option.

Take a rickshaw:

Rickshaw ride MTDC Ganpatipule Resort, Maharashtra

Rickshaws are the most convenient option to reach MTDC resort Ganpatipule. They charge anywhere between Rs. 500-700 and when you request them, will stop at most scenic places along the way.

Take a cab:

It's the costliest of all the above modes.

Aare Ware Beach enroute MTDC Ganpatipule Resort, Maharashtra
Stunning views of Aare waare Beach on the way to MTDC Resort Ganpatipule

Pro tip: There are two routes to reach MTDC Resort Ganpatipule --- Take the Aare Ware beach road route for the best views.

When is the best time to travel to MTDC Resort Ganpatipule?

The best time to visit MTDC Resort Ganpatipule is during the months of October to March which is the peak season. Be warned of the crowds though.

We travelled in July which is the off season, and got a very good VIP like darshan at the temple. The MTDC Boat club was closed however, because of the rains.

What are the different types of rooms at MTDC Resort Ganpatipule?

Dormitory MTDC Ganpatipule Resort, Maharashtra
Dormitory rooms at MTDC Ganpatipule Resort

The property offers different types of rooms to choose from namely Deluxe rooms, Dormitory, Bamboo cottages, Premier Suites, Executive Suites, Sea Front Cottages, Sea Villa with open deck, VIP Suite, Sea Villa with Panorama Deck, etc. You can opt for both AC and Non AC and Sea View and Non Sea View from most of these options.

MTDC Resort Ganpatipule Room Booking / MTDC Resort Bookings / MTDC Resort Ganpatipule Contact Number:

For bookings, you can visit the official website of MTDC --

Tip for MTDC Ganpatipule Room Bookings:

Make your bookings atleast a month in advance as the resort witnesses a huge footfall of visitors throughout the year especially in the peak season (October - March) and the rooms fill up very soon.

MTDC Ganpatipule Room Rates:

Rates differ according to the season. Please confirm their official website for the same.

Individual and Group Trips to Ganpatipule:

We will soon be launching our individual and group trips to Ganpatipule, so if you’re looking to travel to Ratnagiri or Ganptipule do make sure to get a quote from us by writing to us at


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