My Idea of a Selfie and how YOU can capture it too!

'How do you spell 'love'? – Piglet
You don't spell it... you feel it. - Pooh'
~ A.A. Milne

The other day I was watching some videos and stumbled upon this one by ASUS Zenfone Selfie #DonateaSelfie -

A LOT can happen over a selfie!

I LOVED the video. It tickled my heart. Just to set the record straight – I am not your (typical) selfie person. I am a person who is most comfortable behind the camera not in front of it. But, I am very much a love person. I am all for everything that talks of spreading joy, happiness and cheer amongst each other.

Isn't this thought SO Zen?

After all, the source of that light that shines within all of us is to love and be loved. Everyone is working and wishing for that, because happiness is really the core, the fodder on which we thrive like an algae thriving on sunlight.

Best part, love is independent of the environment we are in. So where are you – at home, in office, on the road? Happiness just doesn't care. Happiness just does its job. Of linking people with one another. Through the heart and the soul. Through the emotions that make us laugh and sometimes, also cry. Binding us all together in a bond that goes beyond every boundary of caste, age, religion, sex, gender. Binding the world together As One. As one BIG family.

While all these thoughts raced in my head while watching the video and after, I thought to myself of all the ways in which I have learnt to share happiness while travelling with my world family, off and on the road, and bagged precious moments of happiness, love and joy in return… Here is a little 'selfie' peek-a-boo from My Yatra Diary... featuring portrait photographs of people I have met and shared my little bundle of joy with.

To think of it, these simple acts borne out of love have cost me nothing but have given me so much of content and satisfaction that these moments can never be traded for any material pleasures or luxuries. Just like those heart-warming smiles in the video. Where a seemingly simple act of donating a selfie creates such an impact. It’s a wave of emotion that cuts across all boundaries and floods the gates of the heart...

The little treasures that I never want to leave...

A little girl is ecstactic to offer a pose

Cheerful smiles that never fade away ...

A girl smiles after receiving a souvenir, Japan

The unburdened, unbridled, raw laughter that chimes in the heart of the silent deserts...

A wandering nomad, banjara woman on the road in Rajasthan

The hope that twinkles in the big round eyes...

A little boy jotous on being clicked, Hare Krishna Temple

The deep rooted simplicity that plants a seed of joy in my heart...

A tai works in the fields in a village in Maharashtra

Where are you in the selfie, Arti? you may ask.

Well... look deep, in their eyes,
and you'll see my-self(ie) is reflected there.

A LOT can happen over a selfie..
One of them is... Love.
Love... that is beautiful to express and even more beautiful to feel.

Try it.
Share a part of your self with someone today.
Share love, donate a selfie!

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  1. Totally beautiful smiles... each one better than the others... :)

  2. आरती जी, आप फ्लिपकार्ट के डायरेक्ट लिंक की जगह एफिलियेट लिंक लगाइए. कोई आपके लिंक के माध्यम से जाएगा तो आपको कुछ आमदनी होगी.

  3. What a beautiful and incredibly moving post. One of those people that can find selfies rather self indulgent (sorry) when individuals take snaps of themselves in every imaginable situation (having their dinner, oh there they are again eating their breakfast) these however are in a totally different league. Not your typical selfie as you say, your inner beauty is indeed reflected in the eyes.

    1. You've said everything I wanted to say (and more), Tracy. Capturing people's true emotions help us get in touch with our own selves also. These are indeed treasures that we never want to give up.

      Lovely post as always, Arti.

  4. Arti, So beautiful post, Great photos.
    Greetings ~ da

  5. Hi Arti,

    Lovely to see your wonderful post and see the smiling eyes from all the wonderful selfies.
    Thanks for sharing and was great to have a visit from you.
    Enjoy the rest of the week

  6. spreading smiles. amazing post with beautiful photos. loved it, Arti
    ​​​​​​A Rat's​​ Nibble

  7. How lovely to see those smiles, Arti. Beautiful photos.

  8. Lovely post Arti.Beautiful photos.

    Sriram & Krithiga

  9. Beautiful pictures Arti ! And i liked your selfie description.

  10. I loved your pictures. all the smiles are so heart warming!

  11. Inherently deep not superficial dig on selfie....loved it.

  12. Such a beautiful article, Arti full of good and positive vibes.
    I feel so happy after reading this post. Lovely captures :)

  13. Profound! Great photos too- their happiness shines through :)


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