By the Taj Mahal: Stunning Shot #SelfieByNight

Imagine this scenario:

A full moon has just risen in the night sky. Suspended somewhere beneath this magical moonlight, in the bountiful cup of the shadowy night, is the timeless Taj, gleaming in hues of white and silver overlooking the silently twinkling Yamuna River.

You stand there, in sheer awe of the moody landscape around you, totally captivated by the beauty of the pristine silence, the magical play of colours that engulfs your entire being.

The beauty of Taj Mahal in moonlight - Doodle sketch

If there is any such thing as paradise, this is it - you hear a tiny whisper inside you. Suddenly, you have this impulse to share your joy with your friends and family. Excited, you grab your smartphone out of your pocket, tap a few buttons and click what you believe is going to be the most stunning selfie of my life…

… What happens next? Are you actually able to take the Stunning Shot #SelfieByNight?


Well how the story will pan out, depends. Depends on whether your camera smartphone is well-equipped with the features required for an awesome #SelfieByNight.

If I were the character in this story, with the cellphone that I posses right now, my #SelfieByNight would come out to be big bummer. Dark, harshly pixelated and murky. Forget selfies, my pocket-friendly smartphone cannot produce even a good landscape picture during night-time. For those, I always prefer using my digicam instead.

How good is your cellphone camera for night photography?

So, is there any smartphone that can take awesome #SelfieByNight at all?

Perhaps, yes. Recently in the news is the Lava Iris X1 selfie phone (5MP front flash and 8 MP rear camera with LED flash) specifically meant for photo/selfie enthusiasts.

  • It boasts of some cool photo-features that eliminates tapping the phone at all when you are taking a picture. So you don't need to worry about any 'unwanted shake effect' anymore!
  • Many a times, even the binding and obligatory 'tap-touch', executed extremely delicately, is enough to ruin the moment aimed to capture. This is where I find Lava Iris highly empowering: It allows pictures to be be clicked by simply making universally-recognized hand-gestures for front camera like a 'V'.
  • Alternatively, it also supports voice controlled photo capture methods which assist in clicking pictures by saying 'Capture' or 'Cheese'. So you don’t tap nor press any button which means you don’t shake the camera.

  • The smartphone comes laced with a smile detection feature for both front & rear camera and offers various camera modes such as HDR, Burst, Panorama and Image watermark that one can use to play along to enhance the mood and the quality of the images.
  • Full HD Video recording is also available on preview screen.

'By the Taj Mahal: Stunning Shot #SelfieByNight' is not just any story but a travel lover’s dream. Think of it as a travel tweet that you are sharing with your fans, friends and family. Close your eyes for a moment, and place yourself in the story above, in the aura of the moonlit Taj, all excited to take the most stunning selfie of your life...

What kind of a smartphone would you like to grab out of your pocket?
What kind of a story would you like to create?

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  1. Lovely post, Great to read about Lava Iris X1, superb

  2. Enjoyed reading the post Arti! Although I am not a frequent mobile clicker, I believe in my digicam, but agree that a smartphone today should have better features for night photography... :)

  3. Very beautiful doodle with the imagination Arti. :)

  4. Very well written Arti.. enjoyed the way you opened the blog post. I am not much of a selfie person but low light capability is very useful in a phone not just for selfie but also clicking food as a lot of restaurants are very dimly lit.

  5. Beautifully written . Loved reading it. Selfie at night is a necessity now. :)

  6. First time reading a brand promotion post here and it is very well-written, Arti.

  7. Thanks to smartphones we are able to take better night shots, selfie or not. We know it is not easy to carry tripods everywhere for those DSLR night shots. (I don't even have a tripod so you can imagine my DSLR pics at night, although I have been lucky a few times :) )

  8. One day - hopefully yeah... when I am in that scenario! :-)

  9. Hahah - clever! Very well written


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