The Star Attraction in Melbourne: Flinders Street Station

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You just can’t miss out on some places. Not even if you want to. Not because they are famous, or that you have heard so much about them, or had people recommend them to you. But, simply because you discover them right out of your hotel!

Flinders street station from Citigate, Melbourne Australia
My first sight of the Flinders Street Station: Through the window of my hotel, Citigate.

I couldn't have been luckier.
Flinders Street Station, one of the star attractions of Melbourne
and one in my list of places to seestood exactly opposite to my hotel, Citigate!

Standing bang in the middle of the city, at the corner of Flinders street and Swanston Street, Melbourne’s first railway station and the oldest of Australia, the Flinders Street railway station resonated with a certain vibe, a certain charisma, leaving me overwhelmed in the first impression itself.

Flinders street station clock tower, Melbourne Australia
The clock tower of the Flinders Street Station

The busiest railway station in the southern hemisphere, Flinders street station gave me that feeling:

Hey you, you are standing in the shadows of a special place right now!

View of Flinders street station, Melbourne Australia
Flinders Street Station: An important city landmark.

.. Leaving me wondering, where was this aura coming from? Perhaps it was a lingering effect: the buzz left behind by billions of people who were running across its streets every minute of the day, a billion echoes resonating as conversations that had ensued during their 'meeting under the clocks' or the mysticism hidden in the chapters of history?

People watch at the Flinders street station, Melbourne Australia
A swarm of people crosses the Flinders streets

I don’t really know what exactly made this busiest railway station appear star-like to me. All I could gather was that it left me awe struck for all the time I was there. This brilliant piece of concrete, this historic yellow colored building with a distinctive green dome was attractive to me and never for once failed in commanding my attention – no matter how the weather, which part of the day, what direction of the road.

Flinders street station in night lights, Melbourne Australia
The same place, from where has originated the popular catchphrase of the Melburnians,
'Meet me under the clocks'

Flinders street station at night, Melbourne Australia
Flinders Station: All bright in the dark of the night.

Even when I had no trains to catch or no one to 'meet me under the clocks', I made sure to pause, almost every time I passed by it, if only to discover the varied sights, smells and activity of a railway station... not an ordinary one but one that had metamorphosed over a century of years to become a prominent city landmark, establishing an identity as someone who believed in not just standing there but also adding a lot of richness and character to its beloved home city.

Oh and yes. Besides my star station gazing, there was one more reason why I stood there, in front of the Flinders street station in admiration; I had one major request to fulfill.

"Get me a picture of Flinders with a tram passing in front of it, will you?"

Flinders street station postcard, Melbourne Australia
A picture postcard of the Flinders Station from Melbourne...  With love.

... Here it is, my dear brother, this one’s for you ...

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Tips for travelers:

1. Do step inside the station and take a train ride if possible; with the Myki card in your pocket already, this should be free. (More on that in a later post!)

2. Look out for free Wi-Fi available on the station courtyard and from every platform (select Metro Wi-Fi).

Getting there:

At the corner of Flinders street and Swanston Street, overlooking the Federation square, St. Paul’s cathedral and Yarra river with the Eureka Sky Deck in the background.


207-361 Flinders Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone: 9610 7476

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  1. Such a great travelogue, Arti. The pictures transported me to the distant land, in all its magical grandeur. :)

  2. One of my dream destinations - australia . If it becomes true your site will be a must visit guide :)

  3. What a historical place.. some time we ignore places because we still use them. I am glad you visited the historical station. It has a charm and character of its own. That tram and station picture was really worth going there.... :)

  4. Lovely place...thanks for sharing your adventures.

  5. Wow, this station looks impressive. It looks similar to one I've seen in Beijing! Definitely on my bucket list when I'm in Melbourne.

  6. Nice to see you could fulfill that request! Obviously this station gives off some positive energy. You captured it well.

  7. Another wonderful post, awesome photos, Thanks for sharing. ~ da

  8. I know that aura you speak of..there is just something different in the air! Lovely post Arti. Happy to be on your blog again. I am just reconnecting with all the blogs I used to read and hope to be here regularly now!

  9. Love the building colour, so sweet Arti so you wait the train pass by to get your brother request hehe,

  10. Looks like a nice rainy day on Flinders Street! Reminds me a little of Queen Victoria Building in Sydney :-)

  11. Hi,Arti,
    Melbourne’s first railway station struck me. The building reminded me of Tokyo station! The station in the night is also beautiful!
    Have a good weekend, Arti. smile.

  12. A lovely piece of writing, Arti. I like the photo with people scurrying under their umbrellas.

  13. Reading you after a long time, Arti..and it is such a pleasure to go through your travel tales...Wonderful!! This is one country I would love to visit before kicking the bucket finally. Smiles...
    Thanks for sharing your pics and I hope to come back to blogging soon. Missing all my friends...:(

  14. Dear Arti, this is amazing! Like from the grand old days, when railway travel was a luxury!I wish every train station was like that - because i like taking trains! How great to arrive in a city like that! Have a fantastic weekend ahead! xx

  15. Dear Arti, just left a comment - is it lost? Anyway, this is such a grand old station - would LOVE to arrive there by train! Every beautiful city deserves a railway station like this and you're so lucky to have seen it with your own eyes! Hugs for a great weekend!

  16. The architecture is awesome. Thanks for sharing. :D

  17. Dear Arti,

    Have been there back when I was much younger and can vouch that this is a magnificent old Railway Station. Thanks for sharing this lovely post about it - brought back happy memories for me.
    Wishing you a happy weekend

  18. Love these old buildings and shots.

  19. Long time I came back to your blog and I am greeted with a sense of freshness.
    Arti I should say your photography skills have excelled a lot.
    Long weekend going on I intend to finish all the pending post of your lovely Blog.

  20. Wow! You're in Melbourne, my friend! I have lots of reading to do and I'm excited to read all your new adventures. Stay safe. :)

  21. A nother lovely post Arti and easy to relate as I stayed across Flinder's Street Station too in Melbourne:)

  22. I had also spotted Flinders street station while wandering casually. You have clicked really nice pictures of the station!

  23. This is such an iconic landmark of Melbourne. Great pics Arti :)

  24. The gorgeous big yellow station! And beautiful architecture. The buildings in Australia are big, aren't they? I felt it when I visited in Sydney. No one to Meet me under the clocks is interesting expression.
    You are very energetic to trip many places.
    Have a nice week!

  25. wow lovely Melbourne beautiful in architecture.

  26. After a long time Arti.....a very attractive and alluring post

  27. Lovely post as usual, Arti!
    Nice details & pics.
    Really wanna visit it now :)

  28. As always - love to go with you on your travels, dear Arti:-) Feel I am right there - gorgeous pictures and I think Melbourne is pretty high up on my want-to-visit list now:-) Awesome:.-)

  29. Wonderful pics Arti... a virtual journey for your readers.. :-)

  30. This is such an interesting travelogue...keep up the good work!! :)

  31. I can see and feel the granduer of Flinders Street Station from your pictures. Your tactful and sensible and sensitive way of describing complements it. While I was in Tokyo this spring to see cherry blossoms there, I visited Tokyo Station. Like Tomoko said I think it might be its counterpart in the way their historical, emotional, cultural , architectural values.
    Thank you for sharing your precious experience and the last bonus shot , Arti!

  32. So many beautiful places and so much to see...Beautiful pics :)

  33. What a grandeur and beauty the Flinders Street Station is! You did it, Arti! The Flinders with the tram passing in front of it is perfect.


  34. What a treat-your lines & photographs! Tips to the future travelers as well. Thank you- may you have more & more yatras to exotic places!

  35. wow the building looks majestic :) I too love finding places on my own.


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