An Interview with Wego India and A Yatra Feature

During the last one month or so, I was contacted by two different places in the online world for a feature. Participating in both these opportunities has been an absolute delight, a blessing mainly because both of them highlighted the word yatra for me in their own unique ways. Now that they are live - I am extremely thrilled to share them here with all of you!

Here they go:

1. Interview @WegoTravel:

First in line was an interview with WeGo India which asked questions revolving around me, my travels and My Yatra Diary... I loved answering the questions, because one, they gave me a chance to break away from my usual travel writing routine and two, they helped me to pause, reflect and understand my own self, my yatras and my little diary a bit more deeper.

Here is an excerpt:

"I love that feeling of walking in the footsteps of my ancestors. My yatras help me to slow down and I feel more connected, more settled in my heart. My parents are my inspiration and I am grateful to them for passing on this wanderlust gene to me."

A group enjoys boat ride in Varanasi

2. Guest post @Eli

Next to come was a guest post request for Eli's ExpatLiv. A Greek-Norwegian expat living in Mumbai since the past 2 years, Eli chronicles her myriad expat-life experiences on her blog in a fun, lively manner. Eli has been a warm wonderful friend in the online world ever since I have known her. Keeping in line with her most recent of challenges that involved thematic blogging for a complete month, taking one letter for every single day, she offered the letter Y to me with the topic 'Y for Yatra' and that was enough to get me excited!  I really enjoyed writing this!

Here is an excerpt:

"Y" for Yatra... 
But, what is a Yatra?
"I was nervous as I had seldom seen crowds of such huge intensity, let alone be a part of it. But I was mentally prepared for the battle, if ever there was one and my gut feeling told me this was going to be deep and exciting."

Thank you so much for motivating me to write this, Eli.
I am not sure if I would have written this otherwise.

Please do check them out and let me know your thoughts. Always very eagerly wait to hear from you. Thank you. :-)

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  1. Great posts!
    Arti you are one of my FAVE travellers, totally rocking the travel blogging space! Hence the interview was a beautiful read to me - got to know more about you.

    Love your experiential travel stories.

    And I totally agree that the most beautiful India lies in the remote villages, so much unseen magic lies there.

  2. Arti, First of all Congratulations, Great to read your interview on WegoTravel,
    Just read your guest post " Y for Yatra" on Eli's ExpatLiv. , Wonderful , Thank you so much for sharing
    ~ da

  3. glad to know you and your yatras a bit more :)

  4. Nice shots. Definitely going to check the links out.

  5. Away over there now, I'm sure to be back with my thoughts later.

  6. I'm not too sure what I've done but I'm pretty sure I've managed to delete the first half of my comment so will start again.

    Not sure that I want to share the information required of me should I wish to comment on Wego I decided not to. A great post, it was lovely to see you featured here in what were some wonderfully considered questions and answers. A great blogger you came across as a very special person but then we always knew that.

    As for Eli's site, I thought her decision to write of her experiences interesting and quite different from anything I'd yet come across.

    Thanks for the links.

  7. "death here, I learnt, was not the end but a new beginning"
    Something to be experienced.

  8. The photos are cool. I learned a lot.

  9. It was great to know about you through this interview.

  10. Nice one Arti.. Thats quite a bit on foot ;) :)

  11. Congrats dear... it was great to know more about you through this interview... :-)

  12. The guest post is also a great read..

    "What is a ‘Yatra’ … ?
    Yatra, is a journey,
    … of learning, experiences, moments and dreams …"...loved it... :-)

  13. Great excerpts... I love the feelings behind these Yatra. :)

  14. Wow! Congratulations Arti :) It was nice to know about your passion for Yatra and what is Yatra for you in two of the links :)

    The Arts & Me

  15. Lovely, Arti! Congrats! Wish you much success ahead :)

  16. You rock Arti!!! Your passion for travel and the world you view and share is totally awesome!!! Great going Girl...and Keep Rocking :)


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