Sayonara, Japan: A final postcard

It’s been long... almost 1 year since I came back from Japan and close to 7 months since I started blogging all about it. Today, 40 posts later, as I finally get down to drawing the curtains on this virtual journey of ours... there is a feeling of content and happiness but at the same time, there is also a strange feeling of parting that is hard to ignore.

The flight of time has done its job and today, I'm back in the busy sprawling metropolis I call my home, yet... a small piece of my heart continues to beat, loud and clear, for a sanctuary, some 4190 miles away from it all.

Seeped in silence and serenity, I know this sanctuary is there... waiting, to welcome me again with open arms, loving smiles and heartfelt gestures...

Oh, Japan! How I wish I could tell you, how much I miss you!

Love is not written on paper, for paper can be erased.
Nor is it etched on stone, for stone can be broken.
But it is inscribed on a heart and there it shall remain forever.
~ Author Unknown

Sayonara, Japan!

The Complete Japan Yatra Posts Compilation 

The complete Japan series saw nearly 40 posts spread over 7 months. To help easy accessibility and facilitate trouble-free reading, I’m packing all the posts in one place, here so that we have it all in one single place.

Before the trip – A contest post, winning it and planning the trip

The entire trip of 6 days in 36 posts

DAY 1: Flight to Tokyo, a visit to the Expedia office and night halt.

DAY 2: Exploring the city of Tokyo with a night view from the Tokyo tower.

DAY 3: Exploring Tokyo again, includes a visit to the ISKCON temple.

DAY 4: Transit to Nara through the bullet train, introductions to blogger friends and attending a tea ceremony.

DAY 5: Exploring the ancient town of Nara, includes playing with the deers (Night halt in Kyoto).

DAY 6: Exploring the various temples of Kyoto.

Day 7: Back to Mumbai

Other helpful resources (from the web) if you're planning a trip to Japan:

Thank You Everyone, for Japan!

A very special thank you goes out to IndiBlogger, my IndiFamily, You actually made this trip possible! Thank you, Expedia for sponsoring the trip and organizing it so well. Thank you, Nara bloggers for your amazing warmth and hospitality. And last but definitely not the least, thank you... ALL of you.

Japan, as a trip, would never have been mine if not for YOUR inspiration, love and support. My sincere and heartfelt gratitude goes out to each and everyone reading this right now, you have been the reason I've enjoyed every moment of this yatra, you are the one who made this so special for me. Thank you for all your good wishes and unconditional love, these are things I cherish most and always hope to have in all my future yatras as well.

Just a quick note

I am happy to share two humble recognitions that were accredited to My Yatra Diary... recently in addition to a travel feature. Please have a look -

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  1. I adore your last picture and think your Japan posts have been my favorite of all!!! Too bad you had to leave!!!! Do you have a job? Are you free to go back when you like???

  2. Very sweet post ARti! Love the picture of the kids with straw hats on. Happy weekeknd to you!

  3. Sayonara!
    We truly enjoyed the journey from the comfort of our armchair – thanks to you, Arti for the giving us the virtual experience!!:))))
    Thanks a lot!


  4. Hello, Arti.

      Your work is embraced in your gentleness.
      And sweet message charms my heart.

      The prayer for all peace.
      I wish You all the best.

    Have a good weekend. from Japan, ruma ❀

  5. You did have such a marvelous journey and one that I truly have enjoyed! As I think I told you, I worked for a Japanese company here in the states for a number of years until I retired and I came to love not only the wonderful Japanese people that I worked for and with, but all I came to know about their country! Thanks for the lovely memories, Arti!! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. A great series! Thoroughly enjoyed reading about your trip to Japan! Hopefully I will get the chance to visit myself!

    Sita xx

  7. What a snap to end this great series with Arti..! Congratulations on the new set of recognition..a well deserved one..!

  8. Thank you for bring me along on this trip. It has been very informative and enlightening. I do adore that last shot of the children.

  9. Hi Arti,

    Have enjoyed your travels to Japan, and thanks for sharing all this wonderful information. I know that you must have many happy memories of your trip, that will last for a lifetime.
    Your photographs and the Japan series posts have been amazing and will be very helpful for anyone wanting to travel to Japan.

    Enjoy the weekend

  10. All the series need an fitting closure. Your series on Japan was Perfect with a capital "P". And a closure with full of gratitude is a wonderful gesture and am sure your Japanese friends and the people you met will love it! Wonderful series Arti. What's next? Australia? :)

  11. Arti, Great to read your post .We virtually travel Japan through your blog posts. Thank you so much for sharing awesome photos, Descriptons on your Japan Yatra.Thanks.

    Our heartfelt Congratulation to you for the Achivement. Great to saw your blog on 'The expeditioner's Top 50 Travel Blog and Hotel Depot 's 'The 30 Top Travel Blogs in
    India in 2013' .Great to saw your photography on Traveldudes webpage.Keep blogging. All the Best. ~ da

    ~Have a nice weekend~

  12. That was great series. I rethought about Japanese good things thanks to your posts. :)

  13. These posts are a treasure for anybody planning to visit Japan or to learn about Japanese culture.. Thoroughly enjoyed reading each one of them....
    All the travels..

  14. The posts keep your 7-month memory still fresh.

  15. Thanks for categorizing those links for us. I bet whenever any of your blog readers will plan a trip from Japan, they will use your blog. Waiting for the Melbourne Series...:)

  16. wonderful compilation! 40 posts is just awesome :)

    can be compiled and printed as a 'guide to visiting Japan' :)

  17. You have really spent a lot of time on your Japan posts. I can't believe it. Namaste, India, that is how I left India last November. It is too bad you and I could not meet back then, Arti. Hope to see you one day in Hawaii.

  18. I've enjoyed seeing Japan through your eyes!

  19. Bravo Arti, it's been such a pleasure following you along on this journey. Congratulations on all the recognition you've achieved.

  20. I cant imagine that you wont go back!

    Nice posts.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  21. Wow !!! You have created such a comprehensive document on Japan. It is a request to you, can you write a post as a guide on how to do travel writing ? It will be great to learn from you :)

    1. Coming from you, That is a BIG compliment, Puru.Thank you very much for your kind words, I' truly humbled. I'm not sure whether I've anything within me to teach you but I just learnt a lesson from you -- humbleness of the highest degree. Thank you! :-)

  22. I can't get over how many posts you wrote in your 6 days in Japan. Those posts are truly a great resource. I know what you mean about Japan. I've been looking for ways to return soon. It's such a beautiful country with some of the greatest people. Thanks for the memories, ideas and inspiration with your posts, Arti.

  23. I think all those who have read your posts on Japan, love Japan too :)
    Such a beautiful and inspiring journey to share with you Arti

  24. What a special trip!

    Lovely photos - I've enjoyed seeing Japan through your eyes.

  25. beautiful pictures
    excellent title

  26. You've taken us along with your wonderful trip through beautiful photos of Japan. It's a bit sad to say farewell for now, isn't it?

  27. Oh my goodness Arti, I am so happy that you have received those honors! Well deserved indeed. Today's post is a fitting tribute as you wind up this wonderful journey for your readers. I must ask of course where do you hope to go next? ;)))

  28. Congratulations on all the posts that you've written. I have to handed to you, I don't think I could have sort out the trip and travels and wrote about them the way you did. It is amazing that you've also landed a trip to Japan through the contest. What a great inspiration! Congrats on your awesome work!

  29. Arti,
    Very romantic & almost poetic conclusion to the Japan Yatra Diary ! I have read most of these posts and found the contents interesting, informative & inspiring, replete with many charming incidents, anecdotes, stories and laced with marvelous and splendid pictures. No wonder your blog is rated amongst the top 50 in the world & top 30 in India - you are fully deserving of this terrific recognition. Congratulations & best wishes. Warm Regards Ram

  30. Fine story, beautiful illustrations. I am greeting

  31. Dear Arti
    i have great news for you;
    you are one of the winners of my recent giveaway for Firmoo eyeglasses.
    You won a 30$ designer voucher code FD3impressionsBLOGS2.
    It only can be used for the designer glasses at
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    Congrats - i hope you get to choose something nice - and thank you so much for being part of this! Have sent you this as an E.Mail too.
    xoxox, Martina

  32. I feel kinda sad that this series is coming to a close. We can see how good the country was to you and how much you came to love it. It's obvious that Japan will always be very special to you.

    Thank you for taking us along, showing us the sights and for sharing all your stories from the trip. Looks like we're gonna miss Japan too. Hopefully, you'll get to visit again; and we, get to hear some more about this place.

    You take care and have a great week, Arti. :)

    btw, that last picture in this post is simply adorable!!!!

  33. Your travel blog seems so nice. Great idea to chronicle everything. ! Just lovely. And Japan is a beautiful place to be.

    Followed you on GFC :) Hope you find time to visit our blog too !

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

  34. Hi! I enjoyed your series of Japan tour. I hope you will come back Japan in near future.

  35. It was an excellent virtual tour of Japan. Enjoyed reading your experiences in the country.

  36. what a wonderful journey and congratulations on both travel blog recognitions. i will be back tonight, perhaps with a glass of wine... to leisurely peruse...

  37. What a lovely way to close the chapter on Japan, however they will be here forever.. 40 posts shows your love and affection for the place and its an amazing number. You helped us to span Japan end to end...The photo-walks through your posts were enjoyable to the core.. I must get inspired by you and write lots on my trips too...

  38. your detailed blog posts on your trip to japan will come in handy when i decide to go to there. i think i have to go there sometime in the future to practice my nihongo. :)

    here's to more travel around the globe, arti. have a great week!

  39. Wow! In one post, like a book. I'm excited to re-read your posts on this trip.

    All the best for you, Arti. You deserved all these recognitions and you deserve more.

    Stay safe in all your trips.

  40. I really enjoyed your Japan series and sorry to see it come to an end. By writing about it and sharing your experience, you have prolonged your trip for almost another year. I hope you get to go back someday.

  41. I enjoyed following you through parts of Japan. It made me miss Tokyo all the more, and through you, I got to see parts of Japan that I wish I'd seen when I was there. Amazing and wonderful sights. Awww, I just love the last photo of the little school kids. Weren't they the cutest, all dressed in their little uniforms? Hehehe, adorable. :)

  42. Maybe you should compile them in book form, that would a very long lasting memoirs!

  43. Your travelogues about Japan are simply wonderful. I havent yet read all the posts, but plan to cover all of them.

  44. This was an epic trip Arti. I think your should consolidate the Japan trip into an ebook so that it becomes a priceless memoir. What say ?

  45. Congratulations on your wonderful series on Japan and your features in other travel sites. So much information and personal experiences you have shared in all these blogs. Your photo of the school girls is just sooo cute. Yes a book would be great to keep all this and share it for travelers. can slurp blogs from here right into a book. Then they can even be made into e-books. That what I had done for God's Garden of Nature only I had to do so much formatting to get it all the way I wanted it. Also I later wanted to do an e-book , but found out the font I used for the book wasn't supported for e-book. So changing the font means it could throw all my formatting off. So no e-book yet. Oh I wish I had such dedication as you have to stick with your writing. Life somehow is taking me in other directions with my focus. Maybe there is a fork in my river coming up will have to see which way the current takes me. Hugs Carrie

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Carrie. Thank you also for the information on the e-book. I can understand what you are saying, life does that to us sometimes. But I am sure it's for a good reason, here's sending loads of positivity to your currents. Stay warm, Carrie. Very happy to have you back. :-)


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