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Tokyo Tour On The Sumida River Cruise, Japan

Day 2: Sensoji temple, Asakusa in Tokyo - Nakamise Dori Shopping Arcade in Tokyo - SUMIDA RIVER CRUISE, TOKYO - Hibiya Garden - Imperial Palace and Gardens - Tokyo Tower
Japan is an island nation located in eastern Asia and what better way then to get a glimpse of it than a boat ride or a cruise, as they call it in Japan!

Sumida River Cruise, Tokyo

A few mtrs away from the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa is the starting point of the famed Sumida River Cruise, a perfect and a very popular way to enjoy the panoramic views of the city, both with the locals and the tourists alike.

The Sumida River cuts across Tokyo for more than sixteen miles crossing seven distinct districts in its way. One can head towards it right after visiting the Sensoji temple and choose from one of the many cruise ship packages that they have on offer. The most popular option is to take a cruiser from Asakusa to Hinode Pier which is a 40 minute tour (one way). Most tourists get off at Hamarikyu Garden (a stoppage after 35 minutes) en route to enjoy the beautiful Japanese garden. But we opted for the complete 40 minute tour to Hinode Pier without getting down mid way, thanks to an advice by a lady officer there.

Come Aboard!

Before going to Japan, I had never planned for a ride on the Sumida river cruise in Tokyo but, like many other things there that took place unplanned, the cruise somehow fell in my way. Now, I've always been a huge fan of boat rides or cruises ever since I started my yatra travels – be it the Mathura boat ride or the Varanasi boat ride - I've always loved the slow and paused rapidity that comes along with them.

Hence, I was super delighted when I found myself standing in the Sumida river cruise office, by chance and didn’t think twice before getting onboard.

Seating area, Sumida river cruise, Tokyo

And my pleasure only doubles up today, as it gives me the opportunity to enjoy it once again here in our diary, with all of you as wonderful company!So, as we always do... I ask your permission to break our conversation as I invite you to step on the ship, take your seats, feel the breeze and get set to unveil the charms of a city that seems mesmerized by its own beauty!

Let's together, Soak it all in and Enjoy!

Sumida River cruise starts, Tokyo - Japan
With grey skies above and a cool breeze blowing around us,
the cruise begins!

Wonderful views - Sumida river cruise, Tokyo
Leaving the very famous Sky Tree Tower of Tokyo behind
(the needle shaped tallest tower in the pic)

Tsukiji Fish Market - Sumida river cruise, Tokyo
Significant buildings come and go out from view - The Tsukiji Fish Market

Tall skyscrapers in the Sumida River cruise, Tokyo - Japan
Bridge and buildings together during the Sumida River cruise, Tokyo - Japan
Water lashing at the sides of the boat - Sumida River cruise, Tokyo - Japan
Tall skyscrapers in the Sumida River cruise, Tokyo - Japan
Panoramic views - Sumida river cruise, Tokyo
Tall skyscrapers painting the beautiful landscape
and panoramic views steal the heart

A speeding boat in the Sumida River cruise, Tokyo - Japan
Different boat..Sumida River cruise, Tokyo - Japan
Speeding boats or boats standing still... the river just lets them be

Eitaibashi Bridge at the Sumida river cruise, Tokyo
Enjoy the Sumida river cruise, Tokyo
Sumida river cruise, Tokyo starts
Chuo-ohashi bridge, Sumida river cruise, Tokyo
Tokyo through a bridge - Sumida river cruise, Tokyo
A magnificient bridge in the Sumida River cruise, Tokyo - Japan
Experience the thrill when bisecting the twelve historical and architecturally magnificient bridges cutting the river and going under them

People waving at us, The Sumida River Cruise
And here comes my favorite part of the cruise:
The cheerful onlookers from the water front waving at you
like they have known you for long... and we wave them back

An inspiration for a  phtographer - The Sumida River Cruise
The cruise finally concludes but not before,
it is captured in the eye of the photographer...

40 minutes passed by admiring the beauty that came onto us - the cool breeze, the towering buildings, the lovely bridges - ah, how I had loved them all... and I only longed for more. But the cruise had come to an end... and it was time to alight.

As I got out, I found myself clutching something in my hands, something I'd been carrying all this while, picked up from the cruise office in hurry. Well... today, that something, though very small, has gotten special and I have neatly treasured it in my Japan souvenir box of keepsakes... Hmm, will definitely show it to you someday :-) but for now we need to head forth to our next destination. Let's go...

Fast Facts and Other Traveler Tips:

1. The boats run every 30-60 minutes.

2. The charges vary depending on your choice of destination. Asakusa - Hinoda Pier one way cost us 760 Yen/head and took 40 minutes for the ride. There is no boat change and you can also get down at Hamarikyu gardens after 35 minutes for which the charge could be slightly less (not sure though).

3. The other packages on offer are Asakusa - Odaiba Sea park (50 min one way), Odaiba Seaside Park – Hinoda Pier (20 min. both ways), Hinoda Pier – Tokyo Big Sight (25 min. one way). More information on these can easily be collected in their office in person in Tokyo itself while you are on a tour.

4. If you decide to take round trips to and from Asakusa, you might have to alight at destinations, then wait for some minutes before you can get back again for your round trip. So, make sure you have enough time in your hands if you are going for a round trip cruise.

5. In the cruise tour that we took, Asakusa- Hinoda Pier, you will come across 13 bridges (out of the total 26) and some important buildings which will be introduced to you through an audio clip in English and Japanese on board. There are separate audio guides available which you can purchase for a few extra yen. If you don’t have a very good memory for names of around 30 bridges and a few significant buildings, then you will definitely enjoy the cruise better without it.

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  1. The trip was concluded with so many beautiful photographs.

  2. I once took a sunset river cruise in Hoogli river was an amazing i can understand what u went through!!!

  3. The bridges were all different architecturally. I loved the.

  4. It is so amazing ARti, how Japan is so modern and so traditionell all at once! So many skyscrapers here! Have a wonderful weeknd Arti!

  5. Kent and I love grey rainy days, so that weather is right up our alley! It also looks like the water was peaceful and not too bumpy, which is always nice.

  6. What a wonderful cruise, Arti!! Your photos are superb as always and the next best thing to being on the cruise myself! Thanks for sharing the fun! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Fantastic.

    Really delighted by your Yaatra.

  8. Thats a lovely account of your cruise experience in Japan. Nice photos too.

  9. Hi,Arti.
    I have known that Sumida river cruise was wonderful,but have not experienced that trip. Looks so beautiful and exciting.
    The time you visited Japan was the best choice. It has been so hot and humid soon after you returned your country.

  10. They say if you started your trip from Mathura you will go places:) A lovely visual boat ride and sights of Tokyo!

  11. I like these shots of Tokyo! A friend visited here and said it was such an interesting city! Thanks for the tour!

  12. Well as much as I enjoy the previous tours with the temple and shopping. There is nothing more relaxing then taking in the sites on a cruise. It's a perfect addition to site seeing. I see you had beautiful weather as well. Enjoy your adventure and I am enjoying through you. Hugs Carrie

  13. Wonderful pics and nice to know you were 'cruise'ing along Arti! :)

  14. I love your bridges photos. They are magnificent indeed. Your souvenir in your hand interests me. Will watch out for that revelation. :)

    Happy weekend, my dear friend. :)

  15. Yup, the Sumida River cruise was wonderful to us also. Your photos brought back memories.

  16. What a fabulous cruise!

  17. I can feel that how much you enjoyed the trip Arti... Lovely post...

  18. Hi Arti Dear,
    I am enjoying the Japan fun by reading your posts. Your accompanying words adding more zeal :) ...thank you so much for sharing!

    Awesome clicks!

  19. Hello, Arti
    Today it was sultry, but I could feel the breeze on the boat and enjoyed this cruise that I have never experienced in Tokyo, even though I'm a Japanese.Thank you for sharing your day and thank you for having visited my blog post.

  20. As my granddad used to say always plan for the unplanned.

    Sounds like another memorable day was had, my thanks for sharing your travels.

  21. Wonderful photo essay of the river cruise, very enjoyable, thank you!

  22. i love taking boat cruise, just the short ones. also, i love seeing skyline pictures of city with the water. these are beautiful shots.

  23. Sounds like you had a beautiful cruise and despite the weather your photos are super. Nice to experience the Sumida River through you eyes. I liked your captures of the bridges.

  24. Fantastic relation, fantastically is to admire the city from the second end of the world. I am greeting

  25. The river look "cold" and quiet with the modern building around, very different with other river in Asia which is always bustling with activities of daily community.

    Have great monday Arti :)

  26. Hi Arti,

    Looks like a wonderful cruise and good way to see around the City.
    I enjoyed seeing your lovely photos and yes, will be good to see the souvenir you got there.

    Have a great week

  27. Congrats ~ Found your blog on Google while searching for a related topic, your site came up, it looks good, keep them coming !

  28. Thank you for the fascinating virtual tour

  29. Thanks for taking us along on the River cruise! How wonderful that you got to do it -- I love your spirit of adventure and willingness to vary from your pre-planned trip when an opportunity like this comes up!

    (We've done some river cruises here in the States and also on the Thames in London, and I agree that you see and experience so much that you can't see on land. )

  30. I never knew such a tour existed. It would be a different view of the city aside from walking and taking the JR trains. Thank you for the information.

  31. @Arti Amazing post & Awesome photos. Thank you so much.Have a great week.

  32. wow!! this is beautiful!!! i love river cruises too... and hey i missed a lot of ur earlier posts, so catching up now!

  33. @ shooting star
    I have not taken the cruise in the Hugli River though I have been to Kolkata twice. It must be fascinating indeed.

  34. @ Red Rose
    Yes, it was the perfect time for visiting Japan. The rain Gods were kind on us that it did not rain at that time :)

  35. @ Rizalenio
    Will disclose it in some post for sure :)

  36. @ ALL
    Thanks for your wonderful comments. They really do make my day, Keep them coming :)

  37. It's a good idea to see Tokyo from a boat. The view on the boat is
    different from land's.I have rode in it ten years ago but I could not see the Tokyo Sky Tree in those days.

  38. I so enjoyed the photo tour! Looks like an amazing journey.

  39. Lovely pictures...bridges, bridges everywhere...Hope you enjoyed the ride:)

  40. I saw the Sky Tree from the river for the first time even in the photo. The river cruise reminded me of a famous Japanese song “Hana”, a song about the Sumida River with cherry blossoms. When it was composed there were no skyscrapers. The last line of the song is “What could one compare the view to?” Without cherry blossoms and in this modern day setting, the rivers scape is still magnificent. Thanks for taking us along with you, Arti.


  41. Nice informative post accompanied by beautiful photos. I would never have the patience to remember and share so much logistic information. Lot of travellers to Japan are going to thank you for it.

  42. Loving the Tokyo series being described at every step in your journey. Almost feel as though I am travelling with you in the temple, the arcades and the boat!

  43. @sarah True that, indeed quite different it is.

    @stardust I would so love to see that view, Yoko -- Sumida River with the beauty of cherry blossoms and no skyscrapers around -- That view would really be incomparable.

    Thanks for all your kind encouragements @everyone. :-)

  44. pics left me imagining about Japan through my inward eye ..

    thanks !

  45. I like the view of Tokyo from the boat. Your pictures showed such a different version of Tokyo that I used to see..So nice, and not crowded at all.

    Gorgeous photos!

  46. That's my kinda way to travel, Arti! Looks like fun and the scenery is so interesting.

  47. Hi Arti,
    Have nominated you for 'Capture the colour' competition. Please visit for details and participate.

  48. Such stunning photos. Seems like you had a great time. I really wish to go to Tokyo once :-)

  49. You know I never thought Japan is so beautiful. Even I should plan and venture into the beautiful vistas of the Orient. Beautiful shots and thanks for sharing it with all of us.:)

  50. Hi
    First time here and I loved it.
    These are virtual travels that take people like me to destinations we cant reach. Lovely pics.

  51. It was a treat to watch the river flow how lucky are Japanese people its very iconic how we have River Yamuna in Delhi and no one looks at it. The difference is we Indians over period of time have forgotten to respect the nature and on the other side Japanese people loves nature. Imagine how beautiful it would have been if Yamuna becomes so clear and we have boat cruises on it :)

  52. I want to go there tooooo ..

    beautiful pictures thank you for taking us on a trip with you :)


  53. Arti,
    Last December, I took the same river cruise, but from Hama Rikyu to Sensou-ji temple.
    I thought this river was the subway-like transportation system during the olden days. But,this transportation by boat is more and more comfortable and enjoyable than subway. It is wonderful to be slow.
    Oh, I also love waving onlookers!! Lovely Lovely blog!

  54. Very beautiful but it's a different kind of beauty...

  55. I can imagine such a beautiful experience it must have been. Nice to re-visit your Japan series again, Arti. Loved all the posts in this series. :)

  56. Beautiful! Grand! Magical!
    Thank you Arti:)

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  58. Cruises are amazing experiences. Recently i went on a island cruise in Koh Samui and loved the experience :)

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    Amazing yatra story dear and thanks for making us a part of your trip...

  63. Must be a fun ride!! Awesome views.. thanks for taking us along :)

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  65. Thanx for taking us around Japan.. The pictures are so inviting... I have never been on a cruise. Got to plan soon. hope my hubby is listening.. :)


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