Nakamise Dori Shopping Arcade: Souvenir Shopping In Tokyo

Day 2: Sensoji temple, Asakusa in Tokyo - NAKAMISE DORI SHOPPING ARCADE, ASAKUSA IN TOKYO - Sumida River Cruise - Hibiya Garden - Imperial Palace and Gardens - Tokyo Tower

Nakamise Dori Shopping Arcade, Asakusa in Tokyo

The Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, the place from where we started our tour in Tokyo, was beautiful... and equally beautiful and fascinating was the road that led us to it - the Nakamise dori shopping arcade.

Dating back to the eighteenth century, the Nakamise dori shopping arcade is a beautiful narrow lane spanning approximately 250 meters in length that includes around 89 shops in total.

Nakamise Dori Shopping arcade, Sensoji Temple, Japan
The Nakamise dori shopping arcade and
far in the background, the Sensoji Temple

The arcade is an attraction in itself and grabs equal attention, if not more, of everyone visiting the Sensoji Temple. It stocks on display all kinds of touristy knick knacks and beautiful hand-crafted Japanese souvenirs like key chains, fans, T-shirts, handbags, hats and even kimonos for you to grab. Besides these, there are stalls selling food stuffs like Japanese biscuits, cookies and cakes, freshly baked and packed in front of your eyes. All these things are things that need to be seen and not spoken about, so... let's go -

Clothing and Accesories -

Hats and umbrellas are a common accessory, I observed, the Japanese generally use for protecting themselves against the harsh sun.

Hats on sale - Nakamise Dori Shopping arcade, Sensoji Temple - Japan
Hats: 3000 Yen ~ 2000 INR.

Traditional kimonos - Nakamise Dori Shopping Arcade, Sensoji Temple, Japan

Shopping bags - Nakamise Dori Shopping arcade, Sensoji Temple - Japan
Purses: 1200 Yen ~ 850 INR.

Handbags: 2900 Yen ~ 2000 INR

Food - To pamper your tummies!

A pancake machine, Nakamise Dori Shopping arcade, Sensoji Temple - JapanPancakes on sale - Nakamise Dori Shopping arcade, Sensoji Temple - Japan
This is a Pancake Shop,
freshly baked pancakes are prepared (top pic) and sold (below pic),
then and there...

An ice cream kiosk at Nakamise Shopping arcade, Sensoji Temple, Japan
An ice cream kiosk set up somewhere in the arcade

Take Backs - Memorabilia like Japanese dolls, lantern shaped key chains, souvenirs like Hello Kitty show pieces, wall hangings and good luck charms - take your pick!

Japanese Dolls- Nakamise Dori Shopping arcade, Sensoji Temple - Japan
Japanese dolls: 2300 Yen ~ 1640 INR

The red lantern of Senso ji  Temple in keychain - Nakamise Dori Shopping Arcade, Japan
Red lantern key chains: 500 Yen ~ 350 INR

Hello Kitty souveneirs of Japan, Nakamise Dori Shopping arcade, Sensoji Temple
Hello Kitty: 1000 to 1300 Yen ~ 700 to 1000 INR

Wall Hangings and other good luck charms on display in Nakamise Shopping arcade, Sensoji temple, Japan
Wall hangings lanterns: 700 Yen ~ 500 INR

Japanese Souvenir at Nakamise Shopping arcade, Sensoji Temple, Japan
Gift boxes: 1050 Yen (only box) ~ 750 INR;
                              1575 Yen (with confectionery) ~ 1100 INR

Souveneirs on display in Nakamise Shopping arcade, Japan
Random assortment of souvenirs

And finally... something for your feet,

Slip ons in Nakamise Dori Shopping arcade, Sensoji Temple - Japan
Slippers: made of natural cane and bamboo material
950 Yen ~ 650 INR

Basically, if you wish to wrap yourself entirely in the Japanese colors from the head to the toe, stuff all your shopping bags with everything that spells Japanese and most importantly if you have enough Japanese Yen to splurge, then this arcade seems like the right place for you - it's got just about everything. What makes it even more fascinating is that there is no haggling, pushing or calling–in by any of the shopkeepers.

One can enjoy the complete experience of shopping at one's own pace in its entire limit even when the only intention might well be to just have a look at things and not actually take them back home. I myself must have peeped in a dozen of shops but restrained my shopping spirit from buying any of the stuff lest I empty my small sized souvenir shopping pocket on the first day of my sightseeing in Japan itself!

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  1. I am enjoying your trip to Japan so much, Arti! I love your colorful, delightful photos! They are the next best thing to being there myself! Thanks for sharing the fun with us!!

  2. I am surprised as to how you could restrain yourself with so many goodies coming your way.

  3. A shoppers paradise, if ever I was to visit I'd need to take a spare suitcase.

  4. Looks like all the touristy paraphernalia you could ever want. I'd probably also just "window shop" and resist buying (though my Granddaughter does love Hello Kitty).

  5. So many sights to take in! What a wonderful travel experience you must have had in Japan.

  6. A very nice visual glimpse of Japan!

  7. Great glimpses. Glad you enjoyed your 'prize' trip. :)

  8. These are all good for my eyes, but not my wallet.

  9. Fantastic photographs, sensational views from a far country. I am greeting

  10. I remember this arcade fondly. David bought cakes and cookies for his office staff in Hawaii.

  11. Thats a cornucopia of items on display.. The place looks attractive. Nice article.

  12. OMG...such colorful dolls:P Droooooling over them;)Beautiful pictures, Arti!

  13. Of course, I have visited Asakusa many times and enjoy the old town in Tokyo.
    I'm glad that you also enjoyed the old town and culture. :D

  14. Nice pics Arti! And I am definitely not going to show this post to my wife :) - for shopping options, obviously :)

  15. Looks very much like Janpath with all the colourful wares :) In south India, you can find shops selling not only the pooja items but all other things too, lining both sides of the road leading to it. This looks like it. Lovely pics.

  16. What great suggestions for souvenirs! It's always fun to find items that are different from the run-of-the-mill shot glasses and key chains!

  17. hi arti

    it is so colorfull , lovely clicks ... your visit to japan seems to be very well timed. Clear skies and sunshine to warm your lovely experience...keep sharing ... I loved the sensoji temple clicks too, looks like a perfect place of peace and serenity

  18. OMG, just LOOKING at all these things is so much fun Arti - thus the name "eye-shopping" ;) Have a super week!

  19. I adore Japanese art and traditional clothing -- what a treat to see. Thank you Arti. xo

  20. Beautiful....beautiful...,It's beautiful only.

    Arti,please give some idea of prices of the things displayed by you in Indian Rupees.

    Thanks a lot for this beautiful post.

  21. oh, very creative shots of the souvenir items, like you, my travel is not complete too without souvenir shopping :)

  22. What a busy, bright and colorful place! Enjoyed the photos so much. Fascinating to see how other cultures live.

  23. The goods are so nicely arranged and neat to make it so tempting to purchase all. Good thing you have good self-control. :)

    Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.
    Cinders' 18 and we feel she may be near her journey's end.

  24. I love the kimono .. :), did you bring one?

  25. Hi Arti,

    Must have been fun just walking around there and looking at all the beautiful merchandise.
    Love all the gorgeous bright colours, especially the pretty kimonos.

    Happy week

  26. So many delightful shops!

    Sounds as if your Japan trip is a success.

  27. It looks an Indian mela dressed in Japanese color. BTW, did you buy a japanese fan? I am really fond of it. There used to be a serial on DD when we were kids, Oshin, I remember fan, fish, rice from it.

  28. I wonder how comfortable those bamboo slippers are? I wouldn't mind a pair!

  29. @Arti Good morning.Great to visit Japan through your blog. Thanks a lot for the post & beautiful colorful photographs.Great.

    Have a great day.

  30. I so envy you Arti. All I want do right now is to shop ,shop and shop.

  31. The ice cream kiosk is my favorite and those gift boxes. I heard my tummy growl when I read about the pancakes. I want pancakes now. Haha.

    Thanks a lot for the trip, my dear friend. I enjoyed it.

  32. What interesting, colourful photos, Arti. Thanks for taking us along. Japan is on my must-visit bucket list.

  33. I've been going through your Japan posts and looks like you had a wonderful trip! In spite of living in such different countries, you realize that we all aren't that different! There are so many common factors in culture! :)

  34. That's fun to see the market! When we travel, we do a lot of what we call "window shopping". (Just looking at the displays or in the windows, but not buying anything, because we don't need anything.)

    But I must admit that those Japanese souvenirs are very attractive and colorful!

  35. what fun. you've really taken in the sights and sounds and yet managed to reserve your shopping, now that's discipline! I would very much like to go there some day. happy week to you Arti.

  36. All looks very tempting. Have lots of fun.

  37. Arti, can i take my chances to ask you if you have a souvenir for your good blogger friend from Japan :P

    ~ rahul

  38. So many fun things to look at and buy here. I think I would like to try all the different snacks sold here.

  39. @ ashok
    I did not shop for anything as it was my first day in Japan and I did not want to finish all the cash on the first day itself! Though I had a very hard time restraining myself!!

  40. @ gigihawaii
    I would have loved to sample some of those but was not sure if they contained eggs, so did not try :-(

  41. @ Rakesh Kumar Ji
    I will update the post shortly with approximate prices in Indian currency :)
    Thanks for the suggestion, it was really nice :)

  42. @ Mareta
    I would have loved to try a Kimono :)

    @ Saru
    I remember Osin, we used to write that serial when we played a version of Name Place Animal Thing which had Films Serials... Reading all your comments, I feel like I made a big mistake of not buying anything from there :(

  43. @ Rahul
    Memories and Photographs are the best souvenir's that I got from Japan for myself... Sharing them all with you :)

  44. those slippers look cool. i wonder if they're comfortable...

  45. Wow!!! Everything looks so colourful and beautiful. What all did you buy?

  46. @Rachana Yes, colorful indeed! But I bought nothing from this arcade! :)

  47. Those Kimonos look very cool, This looks like a nice place to home in some souvenirs. I can understand they must be costly as have heard Japan is not a place for cheap stuff. My Mom and Sister would bankrupt me at such places :P

  48. Seems like you enjoyed the trip..colorful photos very well covered..

  49. Wonderful place to shop around.

  50. Ah! Now you have provided the complete window-shopping experience, Arti! :)

  51. ...enjoying a genuine taste of Japan through your posts, Arti:) Thanks a lot:)

  52. Lovely place to spend a day provided of course your wallet can bear the strain!!

  53. I enjoyed your post. I love the Japanese handicrafts. I have a trip to Japan coming up in a months time. Wondering whether I will be able to see these places.

  54. Beautiful pics, Arti. The lanterns, dolls and small souvenirs are so attractive---this looks like a small town fair...
    Thanks for sharing..lovely:)

  55. Really,Colorful and beautiful pictures.
    The products of Japan,it seems,are way more attractive :)

  56. The dolls and the slippers are my pic :D

  57. I love souvenir shopping, too. This looks like such a fun place for that.
    Arti, tell me picked up a Kimono for yourself. :) If you did, do share the picture. I would love to see it.

  58. Oh I absolutely love shopping in such stalls :) I passed on ur blog link to my cousin who has gone to Japan to be used as a guide :) lovely !

  59. So nice of you Arti.
    Thanks a lot for indicating
    the prices in Japanese Yen
    and Indian Rupees.
    I believe purses were more costlier in U.S..However,it all depends
    on quality and size also.

    What about the cost of eatables
    like cakes,ice cream other snacks etc.?

  60. Arti such wonderful and colourful pics..but the Japanese dolls are most adorable..thanks for sharing..

  61. I want those Jap dolls and slippers. I want, I want , I want..! Pretty please. I will pay for it of course :)

  62. love your photos :) feel like window shopping !


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