Best of Yatra 2011: Flashback

Yes, 2011 is all set to bid us Goodbye!

But before we close down the curtains... It’s time to pause and look back... time to muse over  a pile of reminisces... time to thank for all the good it gave to us and time to pray for peace and a better tomorrow... It's time to relive an entire journey of 365 days in a few moments...

It's time to reflect and rewind, and to walk on the sand dune of memories…

My Yatra Diary... Posts Recap:

Picked out from the archives, a recap of My Yatra Diary... January through December, 2011 compiled together in pictures accompanied with a short excerpt and the link of that article... Hope you enjoy going through it..


Anjaneri mountain in Nashik

There is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather - John Ruskin


Magh Mela, Allahabad

Living in a crowded suburb of Mumbai and having experienced the crowds first hand, I have to admit I had never seen anything like what was before me that day. The sheer number of people overwhelmed me...

Holika dahan, Festival celebration in Mumbai

One of the most awaited festivals – The festival of color, HOLI - is finally here! Today is Dhuleti and this post comes amidst all the vibrant fun and frolic, singing and merrymaking that's happening right now in many parts all over the country!


Harsil, Garhwal Himalayas

So these stones that you see in the river… These are not ordinary stones, Beti! They are Lord Vishnu. Pray to them with a sincere heart… They will make all your wishes come true!

100 posts completion, picture collage

There are days when you just bring out some old photos, old scribblings, old notes; to do nothing but to sit amidst a bundle of memories that you treasure and would never want to lose…
Badrinath temple, One of the Char Dhams in the Garhwal Himalayas

I stood there outside…starring at the temple for several long minutes...It’s a dream to be at this holy place and God calls only the lucky ones to His abode…The sound of my elders echoed deep in my ears… I felt highly blessed… for I felt like I was among the chosen few…


Sunrise at the Neelkanth peak in the Garhwal Himalayas

For the next ten minutes or so… we did not move, nor spoke… just stood transfixed and gaped in awe and admiration at Nature’s own wonder miracle unfolding before our eyes …


Lord Shiva Temple in Ambernath during Shravan

Mom, it’s raining so heavy today!
The RainGods are bathing Lord Shiva dear…

As a small child, I remember such instances quite vividly.
For me, it was just the dark clouds and the cool breeze of the rainy season that came along in the months of July-August.
But for her (read my mother) it was a little bit more…
Lalbaugcha Raja Ganpati Pandal in Mumbai

‘Bagha Bagha! Lalbaghcha Raja Disto Aahe!’ (Look! The Lord is now visible! ) It’s just 20 min or so in the queue… A glimpse so soon, How? I wonder. But a single step forward, a slight curve in the queue and yes, its indeed Him!

Ganpati Pandal Hopping in Mumbai

So, pack your bags and bundle up your woes… Get ready to join me, as I embark on a yatra (pilgrimage) of a slightly different kind… The Festive Ganesh Yatra… And let’s together enjoy this spirited carnival!
Mahatama Gandhiji's message in his own handwriting from Sabarmati Ashram
Many years ago, a solitary figure clothed in a loin cloth, firmly holding on to his stick of principles and ideologies, set out on an expedition…
On the 142nd birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, also fondly known as Bapu and renowned world over as The Father of the Nation, just spare a few moments to ponder on His wisdom, teachings and invaluable contributions to the rich history of India…

Har Ki Pauri in the evening, Haridwar

By the time, I climb back again, the sun is all set kissing the horizon and the steps are fully occupied. The chit-chatter amongst the crowd has risen substantially and so has the anticipation for the Ganga arti to commence.


A hand made greeting card for mother

Cards, letters, and poems - they were all there... Oh, when and how I had forgotten about them...?! Soon enough, I found myself buried in a heap of memories, going through the scribblings, chuckling to myself, getting reflective over some, while finding others quite childish. I ended up spending the whole afternoon rummaging through the letters that had gathered dust over time and found utmost joy in wiping them off. Ah... Memories!

A cake celebrating 2 years of blogging

Thus, If I witness celebrate this day today by writing this post, it’s only because of You... You have encouraged, supported and contributed to the growth of the diary… You are the reason it has all been possible! I have nothing more to say except a -- BIG THANK YOU!!!


A constant companion throughout my journey... It was difficult to part with Her and say goodbye at the end of my yatra...

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And Finally...

Mother Teresa Inspirational Quote on Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!
Keep Blogging And Keep Smiling :)

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  1. Great way to end the year. Love the idea of this post and wish you and your family a very Happy New Year:)

  2. Congratulations Arti,
    Amazing, Astonishing & Incredibly exciting & memorable journey well narrated & ornately presented through breathtakingly beautifully & stunning photographs.
    Warm Regards & Best Wishes for a Bright & Happy New Year 2012 !

  3. Wow! Wow! Wow!

    A great and beautiful journey we did together!
    You share your experiences with such devotion and love with's all your affection that bonded all of us in this beautiful journey of ''Our Yatra '' :)

    Congratulations for such great achievements!
    Feel proud to say I have such a wonderful ,talented pure :)

    Keep Sharing because we love you so much!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!
    Lot's of love~

  4. I am very much lucky that
    I had a nice communication
    with a fantastic blogger
    like you.

    May God bless you.

    Wish you a very happy new year.

  5. Lovely rewind Arti! Wishing you tons of happiness in the New Year!

  6. Excellent recap..Wish you many more interesting Yatras in 2012 and looking forward to be part of them through your interesting posts..!
    Have a great year ahead Arti..! May God bless..!

  7. Arti I have enjoyed learning about your country/travels this past year and I look forward to much more. Have a very happy and safe new year!

  8. Wow , great journey . Wishing you a happy new year .

  9. Happy New Year Arti and I enjoyed seeing the best of your year, from your diary, for 2011.
    Best wishes for a wonderful new year, with good health, happiness and prosperity.


  10. What a great job. I like Febrary's post. You always inspire me and encourage blogging.
    Way to go in 2012. :)

  11. that sure was a wonderful year!

    heres wishing you more travel full of joy in the coming year!

  12. If there was one Blog which caught my eye most then it was yours.
    Have seen how your blog has evolved during the course of time.
    Its one of the best travel blog we have around.
    Keep on posting and taking us to spiritual and religious Yatras.
    Happy New year : )

  13. A great memory-collection... :)
    Loved most of your posts.. I was away from blogosphere for a long time...
    Thanks for making my comeback so beautiful and worthwhile... :*

    Lotsa love and luck,
    Indie :)

  14. A great way to end the old and ring in the new, thanks for sharing this year with us. All the best to you and yours Arti, may 2012 be full of love and laughter.

  15. Happy New Year, Arti! Now it's 0:15, January 1st, 2012, Japan time. Japan is really far east. Wish you and your family good health, love, and peace throughout the year.


  16. Arti, I've so enjoyed your beautiful photographs this year and getting to know you better.

    Looking forward to more in 2012. Happy New Year! :)

  17. Nice :D.
    Summary of everything :).
    Totally loved it :).

    BTW DEEDI I nominated you for the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD. Here is the post->

  18. what a wonderful review of the year. thanks for your good wishes and all the best for you and your family!

  19. Wish you all the best at 2012, keep writing and travelling :)

    Much Metta

  20. Guess the best of My Yatra Diary is yet to come, correct me if I am wrong Arti :)

    Happy New Year yaar :)

  21. I wish this year will be the happiest and best for you!
    Looking back at the great journeys, I am welcoming a new year.
    I have learned so many things from your blogs and it is a true joy.
    Thanks a lot, Arti.

  22. Hello Arti, A nice look back at 2011 - I hope your 2012 is as satisfying and is filled with further travel and adventure.

  23. nice flash back to 2011



  24. I like the idea to look back and review what happened during the year! Best wishes for the new year ...

  25. nice way to sum it up, makes one informative post :)

  26. A lovely year that has passed through your posts. Kudos. A very happy New Year to you and your family. The other day when I was somewhere near Udumalpet visiting a very larege Poultry farm/processing centre, I was thinking of you.

  27. You so well covered up your Yatra of 2011.. I have been still by looking at the picture of the Sunrise at the Neelkanth Peak in Badrinath. Awesome. Continue to take us along with you in your amazing ventures in the coming year too. Love and hugs

  28. How thoughtful... :)
    Happy New Year, 2012!!!

  29. Great Compilation.Cheers to Yatra Diary!

  30. Great round-up of a fantastic year Arti. I wish you all the best for the year to come!

  31. Thank you Arti and a happy 2012 to you too!

  32. You saw some really awesome places in 2011, well done!

  33. Happy 2012 Aarti! Congratulations on your wonderful blog! I feel so connected with India every time I read your posts! :)

  34. beautiful post
    enjoyed yatra.

    Happy New year

  35. Happy new year dear Arti! Thank you for being such a wonderful blogfriend - i enjoy travelling with you in my mind and look forward to more adventures here!

  36. Amazing recap of the year that was.
    Wish you Happy and Prosperous New Year.

  37. Best wishes for a New year. You have done a great job. Love your travelogues and write ups.

  38. thanks for the refresher Arti. I have my favorites - Moody Weather, the sunrise on the Neelkanth Peak, and the beautiful waters of River Ganga. Most of all, Gandhi's words. wishing you all the best in 2012 Arti. take care now.

  39. Great Round up of the last year!!! Best wishes for the new year!

  40. It's cool to see your most popular posts and keywords! Hope you have a great 2012, Arti! :)

  41. Hi there,
    Sorry for being late, I was busy with some work.

    Happy New Year.
    Surely, 2011 was a great year for you. May 2012 be the best.

    I think you should move on to a custom domain. Think about it.


  42. I am remember contents, watching these photos. Maybe I think I started to read from April. Time flies.
    Happy New Year and wishing you all the best in 2012 Arti!

  43. hi arti

    wish you a happy new year too ... eagerly looking forward to your blog posts of 2012 : )


  44. wish u a happy new year and i'm eagerly looking forward to ur posts this year...

    a nice summary of ur activities this year... u have written a lot and achieved a lot this year...

    without looking at any of these, what comes into my mind is the Char Dham yatra and the picture of himalayas... they were just awesome...

    this post enables avid viewers to visit the posts once again...

    again wish u a happy year ahead!

  45. A beautiful roundup!

    Wishing you a very happy and successful 2012, dear Arti :-)

  46. Wonderful way to recap the year. Brilliant idea! :)

  47. Lovely review Arti -- I enjoyed it almost as much as I did reading the original posts. You did a beautiful job of picking out the meaningful quotes/

  48. Arti, A wonderful way to wind up for the year...Reflective and engaging!
    I wish you the Very Best in 2012!
    Let it be filled with pleasant surprises and wonderful moments and Best of everything that your heart desires...
    Happy 2012!
    Loads od Love

  49. Awesome. How do you manage to travel so much ? I'm jealous

  50. Amazing .......awesome.....beautiful....lovely....:)

  51. Adore the patience with which you write each and every detail, good compilation and a lovely real time flashback...

    great that 2011 was so good to you, wish 2012 is much more better and you travel all the more Arti :)

    South India is waiting for your arrival :)

  52. Happy New Year Arti.
    You are always a great adventure.
    Thank you for your friendship last year.
    I hope that 2012 brings much happiness your way,embracing New Year.

  53. So many adventures and wonderful shots!

  54. The wonder of words and photographs - it touched me, my dear Arti. Thank you for this experience. Reading your entries from January to December is like looking back at all the best memories. Happy 2012. Glad I found your site, so glad that I can read your stories and see your photographs. All the best, my dear friend.

  55. Wish you and your loved ones a very Happy 2012 Arti! :) I liked this idea of rewinding the whole year through images. It was indeed a lovely journey for me as a reader. :):)

  56. Beautiful post.... Happy New Year...Keep travelling :)

  57. Congratulations Arti!!!!
    Your photos, your travels and statistics are wonderful!!!
    I wish you a very Happy New Year, with many travels and happiness!
    Many kisses

  58. Arti,आपके शुभ दर्शन से मेरे ब्लॉग पर
    आरती सी होने लगती है.

    बहुत बहुत आभार और शुभकामनाएँ आपको.

  59. Happy New Year Arti.. and hope you have a great year ahead... :)

  60. wow buddy... its so nice 2 c ur recap...

    "Mom, it’s raining so heavy today!
    The RainGods are bathing Lord Shiva dear…"

    i liked it very much.. even it remaind me of my mother saying in a different way... if our clothes get wet in rain den my mum will say that she didnt washed it well.. let d rain wash it properly...

    thanks 4 sharing its so nice 2 b here...

    Wish u a very happy new year buddy...

  61. Wish u and ur family a very Happy New year Arti...May this yr bring u lot of joy and happiness....I was late for wishing u again as I was on a holiday to India:)

  62. wow..I'm very impressed with your blog. Beautiful photos and writing. Have found a few places of interest already just by going through your blog - am going to India for the first time in 2 weeks and am excited! Keep up the fantastic work!

  63. Wishing you also a wonderful new year. May your adventures continue and may all your paths be filled with wonderful moments.


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