Celebrating 2 Years of Togetherness with a Heartfelt Thank You...

How time flies like a flying machine... The world today has become so swift and speedy... Every moment in time looks to have shrink-wrapped, such that events and proceedings motion past us in a blur... everything seems to be in such a fast forward mode, everyone seems to be caught in a frenzy... that we barely have time to stop, reflect and muse...

Yet, even as time continues to become an even more luxurious entity and moments continue to slip by like sand particles in an hour glass, there are some days that always remain special... days that compel you to pause and ponder... days that coerce you to leave everything and embark on a enthralling journey of yore...

21 Nov 2011... was one such day in my diary that I would love to bookmark. It marks the day I had, for the very first time, put pen on the first page of my diary...

Blogging Gift from a blogger friend - A diary
A sweet gift from a sweeter friend, Mohinee...
One of her 3 blogs, Chaitanya Puja, celebrated it's
first blogging anniversary on 24th November!

Today, as I continue to wander in the bylanes of my blogging yatra and stop, just for a few moments to observe the footprints left behind...

...I see many fuzzy images of myself, of days when I was down and low on confidence... When words were hard to come by...

I see... how You had refused to leave me all alone... how You had stood by me and formed my strength... how You had invigorated me with new zeal and enthusiasm by leaving behind your wonderful thoughts for me... how You had completed me... 

I see... How YOU have helped me in filling up this diary...

A hand made virtual cake thanking blog followers
My Yatra Diary... Thanks All of You :)

Thus, I take this opportunity to turn back a few pages, and thank all those who have been with me and for me in this beautiful journey of my blogging life...

My First Readers – Sushma Mallya, Rachana and ...Petty Witter. I remember how I used to eagerly await their comments after publishing each post of mine. They never let a single post go by without their words of encouragement and each time they did I literally jumped with joy! And I still do! I am fortunate to come across them very early in my blogging life for through them I learnt a lot about blogging and commenting conduct and etiquette...

"A Special Thank You for them :)"

The MasterChefs – Aipi, Satya (a great devotee of Krishna, through her I learnt the meaning of the phrase ‘genuine follower’), Ushnish da (a very senior travel blogger too!), Rachana and Sushma too.

A Wonderfully Well Knit Travel Community – Slowly, I became acquainted with a magnificent group of travel bloggers and fell in love with them. Anu (I was in complete awe of her writings from day one!), chitra (my silent inspiration), Santosh BS (a very warm and affable travel blogger), Sridharan (a regular commentator despite being an irregular blogger himself), Team G square (one of the shortest commentators but one among the most meaningful ones), Rajesh Prabhu (despite being so popular, I always saw him as a very humble human being), Srinidhi Hande, Umesh Derebail (has a range of blogs on diverse topics! I always wonder how he handles so many blogs so efficiently), P N Subramanium, Nisha, Arun, Indrani - all of them are different and unique, all inspirational, and admirable, highly supportive of one another, and they all have fabulous blogs... I learnt something new from each of them and continue to do so with each passing day... I feel very very proud to be one amongst them!

Talented Artists Martina (I don’t remember if ever there was a day when I left her blog without a smile on my face), Lady Fi (One blogger who never fails to leave me speechless), Sylvia (visit her anytime and I am sure to brighten up my day)

Travelling Japan – Snowwhite, sarah, Red Rose,
Barb, stardust, cosmos, cocomino - (Though I have never been outside India but somehow I feel I have visited this part of the world, thanks to all of them!)

Meeting other Bloggers who joined in the convoy as the journey kept moving – Ginny (always curious to know more... I thank her and Petty Witter for their questions. Many a times, I have had to consult my elders to find the answers to them and they have been very instrumental in increasing my knowledge too), Karthick S (another of my very early followers who has stuck with this diary for long), Abhishek Bharadwaj, Kavita Saharia, Cloud Nine, sm, Purple Pooch Reign, Sallie (Full Time Life), Angeli (we share the same birth date!), Agnes, Farmchick, Magda, Margaret cloud, Scott, Rizalenio, Mark Weins, Here I am/ Carrie, Draffin Bears, gigihawaii, Mareta Kusumaningram, Nancy @ A Rural Journal, Ms Becky, Rahul Bhatia, Rakesh Kumar, Krishna, Purvi... I don't know how to describe each one of them but all I can say that each of their blogs is simply beautiful!

IndiBlogger A wonderfully warm, welcoming and a very friendly community… it has been a huge pillar in my making… IT has given me an identity…

Magiceye (Very supportive, never short of encouragement), zephyr (a very senior and respected blogger, I am in seventh heaven whenever I see her name in my blogger dashboard comment section...), Mohinee (one of the sweetest people I have met online, creative and talented, how do I describe her... she is more than a blogger to me), abhi, Hemal Shah, Pramod Lohia, DS,
RanjithThe Xeno, The SorcererAnimesh K Mishra, Saru Singhal, Varsha, Richa KholkuteLeo(Vinay), The Fool, Geeta and Pratibha Singh, Madhumathi, Simran, Ahimaaz Rajesh, Sushma, Sunita Kurup, Sairam Rajamani, Farila, Jayendra Sharan, Indegenou, Deboshree, Sudha Ganpathi, Deepa Gopal Sunil, Harsha, Binu Thomas... there are so so so many... It is ONE BIG Family out there... How many do I name and how? The list is just never ending and I am sure to forget names here... So let me just say the entire community has been too loving and caring for me and a great source of strength in this yatra of mine!

Last but not the least, My Family – Although you sometimes feel you can do it very well all alone, but deep inside you know that you do need them…

My Father (he calls himself a huge fan of this diary… I guess that’s a father’s way of encouraging his beloved daughter), My Mother (not an avid reader of the diary, still never leaves an opportunity to say about it in the town) and finally, My Brother (my biggest motivator and my biggest critic... if not for him, there wouldn’t have been this Yatra Diary...)

Signing off (Final thoughts from a not-a-blessed-writer and a-very-amateur-photographer) -

...2 yrs on, with 136 posts and around 4180 comments, I feel so happy and contended to see the very same diary still filling up pages... And a major credit for that goes to the tremendous love and support I have received from YOU!

My Yatra Diary... Blogger Dashboard overview

Thus, If I witness celebrate this day today by writing this post, it’s only because of You... You have encouraged, supported and contributed to the growth of the diary… You are the reason it has all been possible! I have nothing more to say except a --


PS: The above list definitely isn’t limited. Please forgive me if I have forgotten to mention you... It is purely unintentional from my side, you know that :)

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  1. बहुत-बहुत शुभकानाएँ, ये सफ़र चलता रहना चाहिए ताकि हमारी आपकी नजरों से दुनिया बहुत कुछ देखे।

  2. Such a wonderful post, I'm so proud to visit you, to be part of your day. Best wishes and here's to many many more years.

  3. Very touching journey, your simplicity, humble nature, pure heart and sweet cheerful thoughts...I simply love all this. God bless you dear..:). I really have no words for your love and This Diary too. :).


  4. Nice post.
    Best wishes to you.
    Would go through once again.
    As already informed to you.
    I am awaiting you on my new post
    with your delighting thoughts
    and experience on Mahaveer Hanuman.

  5. Congrats Arti, to your wonderfiul blog which has shown me so much about India and yourself! And thank you so much for mentioning me - am grateful to have you as my bloggy friend! Cheers to many more adventures!

  6. Happy Blog Anniversary Arti !!Wish you many more !! I first saw you at Petty Witter's blog .Liked your beautiful name ,came to your blog followed you right from my first visit here.It was love at first sight .My Yatra Diary is one of my most favorite blogs since then.Thanks for the mention ,it means a lot :):)God Bless :):)

  7. many many happy happy returns of the day :)))))
    may the diary entries keep enriching our lives!

  8. Arti,Wishing you many more years of happy blogging! I got addicted to your nice blog from the first read itself, and am grateful to you for having included my name though I was one of the last passengers to board this train!

  9. congratulations Arti.. as you know, I found your blog during Navratri this year and your posts about the festival amazed me and then the others - the travel posts - offer such a different/vibrant view of the places you visit that this blog is a favorite of mine.

  10. Oh, Happy Blogaversary, my dear Arti!! I do so enjoy learning more about your wonderful world through your excellent posts! And thank you for your very kind words! I do hope you're enjoying a wonderful day and week ahead!!


  11. congrats... u deserve much more... expecting lot more years of blogging about all these magnificent Indian places, temples, nature and all the amazing stuff...

    thanks for mentioning my name... again congrats... a big achievement!!!

  12. Hey Arti, its truly a pleasure to have known you too!! And thanks to indiblogger for the same :) A truly nostalgic and happy moment for you.. Wish you many many more years to come, and wish us many many more years of reading your posts :)

  13. Wish you a very happy blogversary! I am sure it is a special moment. We have all enjoyed travelling through your blog and I totally look forward to your comments every time on mine. It certainly is a privilege to be associated with you Arti! Look forward to more blogging tales from you!

  14. Awwww...girl! So sweet of you to have mentioned me too here:) Two years is such a long time to stick onto a blog and so lets raise a toast to your hard work! Keep going dear and we would be coming back to the diary everyday:) Hearty congratulations!

  15. This is by far the most well written and meaningful Blog birthday Posts I have come across... exceptional :)
    I am a new reader of yours and still you have mentioned me... Thanks :)

  16. What a lovely post Arti...v nice write up...Congrats for completing 2 yrs...thanks for being there always to support me.... Ur a truly one of the best blogger buddy I have earned and really happy of the fact...take care and u have a lovely week ahead!

  17. Happy Blog Anniversary Arti Dear :)
    I am so happy for your sweet achievement!
    I always love the way you share the beauty through your sweet blog..
    May your diary get fills with lot's of beautiful moments..written over it!

    Always with you my dear in this sweet yatra..
    Lot's of love,care and wishes..

  18. Congratulations Arti!!! Your blog is really awesome. Shows the true colors of India.

    Happy blog anniversary :)

  19. Thank you for adding my name to your very long list. I enjoy coming her and like it when you come on y.

  20. I believe a good blog is about the wonderful posts and equally the person behind it as well and I think you have both the qualities. You always have the wonderfully divine posts that enlighten me each time I visit. I perceive you as a great person as well. Keep doing the great job. Wanna see more of your work. Congrats n my hearty wishes!
    Thanks for the sweet mention, glad to have you as a friend!

  21. We need to be thanking YOU, too!! You have shown me beauty in another part of the world that I did not know existed, and you have taught me much! I hope you continue on with your quest for beauty and learning! And thanking you for making US a part of it!!! Especially the ones like me, who can't travel, we can see it through YOUR eyes!

  22. Congrats on a job well done with this blog. Each time I visit here I learn something new about your country and culture. I really enjoy that very much.

  23. Hi ,its been lovely journey traveling with you and i know for sure there are many more such journeys to come . Thanks for encouraging and supporting me . Wish your blog and you a great year ahead . I love to taste the cake now .

  24. I feel like joining Purvi with that statement. God bless you. The yatra continues...

  25. Congrats Arti and beautiful post mark the day.

    Thanks for making me a part of it!

  26. Im forget how i found your blog Arti, but since the first time read your blog, i can't stop to visit again and again..

    Happy anniversary.. Keep travelling and writing more...

  27. congrats! and thank you for introducing me to so many wonderful bloggers!!

  28. thats really great.

    firstly I congratulate you for 2 nd blogoversary.

    I amd admired by the way you have covered every one who was with you..thts gr8..

    keep going keep blogging

  29. I don't travel much nor do I miss it.. But I love reading about places. And when I stopped here, I spent a good 1 hour browsing the pics! I even love the way you write. Will have to come back again to read all your posts!
    Congrats on completing 2 years! Many more to come...
    Kavi | Edible Entertainment
    Ongoing event: Healthy Lunch Challenge

  30. Congrat's Arti ..:) :)
    I loved this post!! and the way you said thanks ^_^
    Even i would like to say thanks..for giving so much info from your yatra's!! Undoubtedly, you are one among the bloggers whom I love the most..and njoy your posts ^_^

    Though, many times..I dont post comment ..:( But, I often read ur posts wen I'm free! :)

    Madhumathi :)

  31. You are a very spiritual person and your writing shows it. Keep on blogging, Arti. I shall always be your faithful follower.

  32. Hi Arti,
    The credit goes to you for your splendid efforts and writing... :)...congratulations and keep providing us such great contents..

  33. Very touching. Looking forward to reading many more posts.

  34. Happy birthday and thank you for listing my name.
    I'm really glad to read that.
    I'm looking forward to reading your posts.
    Keep it up. ;)

  35. Congratulations ,Arti.
    It has been so wonderful to know of your country so much through your blog “Yatra Diary”. I look forward to your journey again.
    Many thanks.

  36. Felt really good to see my blog feature among one of your favourites!!
    I would like to congratulate you on completing 2 years of blogging.. Keep going and hope to see many new enriching posts from you like always...

  37. Arti congrats for your Yatra diary completing two years. I am sure you will go on to higher pedestal in the coming years. Keep penning and enlightening us. Of course it is difficult to handle multiple blogs, i added one more for my culinary experiments Lolz.

  38. Congratulations,Arti.
    I knew about your country, nature, culture and Ganges through your wonderful posts.And your gentle manner,too.
    Thank you for your kind mentions.
    Have a lovely week ahead.

  39. Congratulations! Must feel very good to know that your blog brings light to your readers' life!
    It is such a fulfilling feeling to share!
    I will follow your blog, because if there is one thing I love, it is India! :)

  40. well Arti, this isn't the first time you've brought a tear to my cheek, and I'm certain it will not be the last. And that's a good thing if you can believe it. You've enlightened me in ways you'll never know. you've entered my heart. so I thank you deeply, and I look forward to continuing the journey alongside you. happy day Arti. {{{hugs}}}.

  41. You haver done all the hard work & now it's time to celebrate. Keep blogging and still a long way to go; still a lot to achieve in ur self-styled, unique blogging career.

    From: www.sriramnivas.com

  42. Congratulations! And I'm looking forward to many more years of your wonderful diary!

  43. Congratulations on your second blog anniversary. Keep up the good work. Best Wishes.

  44. Oh, wonderful! Congratulations on your anniversary. What a wonderful look back. Hope to be reading more from you for many more years!

  45. Congratulations, Arti! Your blog is always a pleasure to visit. :)

  46. Dear Arti, How wonderful to celebrate 2 years of Blogging. We are just one big family here on line. It has been enlightening to me to "visit" your part of the world through your Blog. Thank You! PS Forgive me for addressing you as a male - until now, I didn't realize your true gender. How embarrassing! So sorry!

  47. hey Arti. happy anniversary. your blog is among the few that I really look forward to reading. it has kindled my interest about your country, which i hope to visit next year.

    here's to many, many more years of blogging. cheers! :)

  48. Arti! Congratulations on yet another milestone. This diary has always been a virtual tour and a place I come back to for reference and soul food. :) Keep up the good work and may the blog have many more anniversaries.

  49. What a novel way to celebrate :) and many thanks for mentioning me...

    Its been a great journey and I wish you a century more of travelling, clicking and writing ;)

    ...and b/w pleasing all with '1' single cake... high time kanjoosi :D

    All the best dear...have a great time:)

  50. Wow, two years! That's quite a feat - congrats! :)

  51. Congratulations on your two years of blogging, Arti! You’re a common friend of us Nara bloggers. I’m glad to know you've come to feel familiar to Japan. You’ve been so creative and productive. I’ve learned about your country, nature, people, and most importantly spirituality through your fabulous photos and wonderful narratives. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. Look forward to another adventures and spiritual journeys.


  52. Congrats Arti and more strength to your feet and pen! keep the yatra posts coming so I can enjoy my virtual yatra! And thanks for the sweet words you have written about me :)

    I have been too busy for the past few days and so couldn't come here to congratulate you earlier. Hope you will excuse me?

  53. Believe me with this much traffic to your blog you could easily earn more than $1000 per month just by means of advertisement and sponsored posts.

    Get an independent host and blog with your own domain.

    This is the firts time I am reading your posts since knowing you from indiblogger. I am impressed

  54. I greatly appreciate all the info I've read here. I will spread the word about your blog to other people. Cheers.

  55. Happy birthday to your blog Arti :-)

  56. I would like to thank you for the day you visited my blog and commented, thus bringing me here to see who this person could be. You were doing travel blogs during that time. I am not a good traveler, but somehow was drawn into your descriptions of places and how to got about and where. Something made me keep coming back. Then your blogs changed to more introspect and nature always along with wonderful photos. I felt somehow that kindred spirit. I love the diversity of your blogs. When you write about heartfelt subjects like this your words always touch me. I am not such a good writer of my thoughts or stories. So I always find it a blessing to read your blogs from someone who can write so well from the heart. May your diary continue so we may be blessed with your wonderful words and photos. Thank you for being here.....

  57. congrats arti !!!

    very thanks to you, for considering me as a part of your blog journey...

  58. Congrats...lovely way to celebrate!

  59. beautiful, educating informative diary touching post

  60. Congratulations, Arti. I still remember the first time I read your blog. I can't stop reading it like a book that I can't put down. You are good with words. You get my emotions every time I click you on my bookmark. You are my window to India. I see the country I admire and dream through you.

    All the best for more years of storytelling through words and photographs. Stay safe. Keep blogging. You are an inspiration.

  61. My dear friend Arti,
    Congratulations for your successful your blog!
    I hope to keep many, many years and join us to become bigger!
    Thank you very much for honor!
    Many greetings and kisses
    Have a very nice weekend!

  62. Congrats Arti for the completion of two years of your Blog.
    I must confess its one of the best travel Blog I have came across.
    Your writing is very sensitive no wonder you have read tons of Books and Blogs.
    Having such a high follower count you still comment on each of their post on their respective Blogs.
    I wish this Yatra continues for a longer period and keeps mesmerizing us as always.
    A very big thanks for Mentioning me here and I am looking forward to read the blogs that you have mentioned here.
    At last keep writing : )

  63. congrats buddy... wow.. wat a sweet post...

    iam in ur 1st stage... eagerly expecting encouragements through comments.... i can feel dat joy... v r completely in a different world..

    Thanks 4 sharing...

  64. congrats!!!

    its always a pleasure to read your posts!!!


  65. A big thank you to you, Arti, for your postings as it brought back such wonderful memories of my yatra years ago.

  66. Dear Arti,

    Congratulations and wishing you loads of luck and success for the future.

    Your blog is the only travel blog I follow and I have also recommended to my friends and family. Keep up the great work. Your write-ups and pictures always makes me happy. I am glad to have a great blogger friend like you. Thanks for the sweet mention :-)

    Take care and keep blogging!

  67. Aarti -- I am happy beyond words to be included in your list; it is such an honor to me when you visit my efforts (which are feeble compared to your beautiful travels). I learned a lot by reading this post too; there are so many wonderful virtual communities that you are active in. Happy blog-i-versary! And I am sorry to be so late in reading -- as you know we've been on the road and I've had trouble staying up to date. We are home in Florida now!

  68. Congrats Arti on such a successful journey in blogging. A very beautiful post about thanking all your kith and kins who have stood by your side right from the scratch. Wish you much more success, keep blogging :)

  69. Many Congratulations Arti!

    Keep Bloging!

  70. Happy Blogversary!!

    Thank you for doing what you have done! Keep doing!! Indulge!!

  71. Badhai ho!!! The ability of a blog to reach out and touch the lives of so many bloggers and make real connections through her lens and writing is the ultimate goal and you have achieved it all in a span of two years ! Great show: we love you !

  72. Congratulations !!! It has been wonderful traveling with you to all these places. May this Yatra Diary has unlimited pages, each being a treasure trove. :)

  73. Arti, I am delighted. Congratulations! May your blog see very many more Anniversaries! God bless!

    Warm regards,

  74. Amazing Journey! Congratulations Arti! :)

  75. Many many congratulations Arti. I know this is no easy task. You are a passionate and committed blogger and I guess that is cos you really love what you blog about. Keep blogging.

  76. It is always pleasure to follow your travel. Keep them coming.

  77. May you write several, several more stories in your diary, the pleasure of which is compounded by sharing it with thousands in the blogging world. Love your blog, always active, and showing the world to people. Keep it going Arti!

  78. Congratulations dear Arti!!!!!!!!! Hope you have many more of such blogging adventures and many more of such celebrating posts.
    It's always been a pleasure reading u...
    Thanks for including my name though it's spelt wrongly:)))))))
    Bestest of Wishes
    Loads of Luv
    Deepa Gopal Sunil

  79. Many congratulations Arti! :):) I know, blogging journey is so beautiful. Keep traveling and keep writing more about the wonderful places you visit. :)

    I am truly glad to be part of your journey :)

    Best wishes!

  80. Many many congrats Arti. This is such a lovely way to thank your readers. The best Birthday post I have ever read. You are taking the benchmark higher and higher.
    All the Best.

  81. Congratulations, Arti. And thank you for maintaining this blog and updating it on a regular basis. Gave us the vicarious pleasure of enjoying superb places even though many of us may not be able to visit them...

  82. Congatulations Arti and my very best wishes for the years and inspirational posts to come.

  83. Arti,Congratulations!!
    What great journeys you took me! While I was reading your posts, I felt your warm and sincere personality many times. You have inspired me. I have not seen you, but you are always my friend. You taught me we can have many things in common even though we live in different countries, cultures, traditions, histories and more. Arti, thanks a lot, a lot, a lot!!
    Best wishes,

  84. Once again here.
    Can't express my pleasure in words.
    I am feeling great to see my name in your post.Thanks a lot, Arti.

    I pray that you go on writing for ever delighting and enlightening
    the whole of blog sphere.

  85. WOW! I know the feeling! Congrats!

    Keep rising and shining.

  86. Hearty congratulations on completing two years of your successful yatra. Hope that you reach many more milestones and enlighten as many travellers as possible along your never ending yatra.

  87. Congratulations on your successful Yatra Arti. You have given me so much from your blog. Religious destinations have never attracted, therefore I was totally ignorant on the topic but visits to your blog have given me a totally different perspective. Kindly visit my blog to accept an award.

  88. Congrats!! looking forward to many more interesting, awesome posts:))

  89. Hi Arti

    Belated Congratulations to you on completing two years of blogging ... there are two journeys in life the outer journey and the inner journey ... and your outer journeys will eventually inspire you to go deeper within ... your blogging inspires me to appreciate gods creation and feel his presence ...please continue with your divine posts ... god bless you

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  90. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  91. frankly speaking ur my inspiration in improving aspect towards the alexa rank..its a blog and u have a great alexa..:)
    Congo Arti sis :)

  92. Hi Arti,

    Sounds like something I might do, so don't worry.
    I just want to say how lovely it has been to find you and your diary and see all the wonderful journeys you go on and we are lucky enough to get to see a little of beautiful, India.
    Congratulations on your two year anniversary and thanks for all you share. Lovely to have you as a blog friend and so kind of you, to acknowledge all your readers.

    Have a great week

  93. Belated "Happy Blog Birthday" ... I hope you have many more :)


  94. Arti, I'm beginning to enjoy my trips to your yatra diary. You are going to see a lot more of me here :)
    Here's some love from me http://dnambiar11.blogspot.com/2012/02/versatile-blogger-award-spreading-love.html

  95. Arti I read your interview today.What I liked was" the places which are visiting are the places which your parents visited etc (2)The tranquility which the inner self derives from these yatras (3) the younger people should undertake yatras because they can bear the difficulties.These all are good thoughts and way of expressing gratitude to your elders.Our parents would be anxiously waiting for such Yatras which were difficult those days and sometimes they had no money to pay for these Yatras.Very Good,Keep it up.

  96. Arti, thank you so much for continuing to share your journey here in your Yatra Diary, I am learning a lot from you and I really admire the way you write, it's always so deep with pondering thoughts and I love that. I apologize for mistakenly thinking you were a "he", sorry Arti.

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  99. @ Mallika

    I have mailed you my e-mail id. Kindly check.

    1. Dear Arti,

      Can you drop a test mail at siddharth.misra@travelkhana.com. I was wondering if you could let us allow the cross-posting of your blog on our website.

  100. Hi
    I just saw this post and the comments today.
    So...i will admire the post today. :)

  101. Best wishes Arti.. Keep going..! looking forward to your crossing many more milestones that you may wish to set..

  102. Keep up your good work Arti! Keep sharing your journey and inspire people on magic of travel. - Parryyatra

  103. I just saw your posting and Enjoyed reading about chardham yatra. Very nice pictures with description. keep up good work. I love reading your blog. I am a spiritual and world traveller.

  104. Wow Congratulations!! I know I'm late, but I'm a new blogger in the travel community. I draft my posts at http://krishnandusarkar.com Do visit once if you get time. I'd be glad of your criticization or suggestions.

  105. Congratulations on your successful Yatra (Blogaversary) I know I'm super late. You have given so much knowledge from your blog. Hope that you reach many more milestones and enlighten as many travelers as possible along your never ending successful YATRA.

  106. Have you ever thought about creating an ebook or guest authoring on other blogs?
    I have a blog based upon on the same topics you discuss
    and would love to have you share some stories/information. I know my audience would enjoy
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  107. The blog was very informative.Thank you for sharing.It proved to be a thought changer for me.I love to travel but was not enthusiastic towards religious places.But after reading your blog,my perspective towards seeing such places totally changed.Also congrats on completing two years.Great success ahead.

  108. Very nice informative blog! Kudos for your work! God Bless You!!!

  109. Congratulations and all the best...

  110. Arti we are a travel company that organises adventure travels domestic and international for the young travelers. We need to partner with you and discuss the commercial viability of our proposal. Could you email me back with your contact details at dilip.muthuswamy@suntangroup.com


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