Other Places to visit in Nashik - Tapovan

Tapovan is a province which was blessed by the touch of Lord Rama’s feet during His exile. It was later used by the monks and sages for their spiritual advancement and welfare of the public in general. Tapovan literally means jungle for meditation and penance.

Idols of Lord Rama, Laxman and Goddess Sita at Tapovan
[ Idols of Lord Rama, Laxman and Goddess Sita at Tapovan ]

The beautiful setting of the river and the rocks amidst greenery
[ The beautiful setting of the river and the rocks amidst greenery ]

Set amidst lush greenery, this place is nice, tranquil and a scenic spot with its soft flowing streams, and rocks. I love to sit on the rocks and spend some quiet time here.

The Sangam of rivers Kapila and Godavari at Tapovan
[ The confluence of rivers Kapila and Godavari at Tapovan ]

There is a Kapila Tirth where the sage is believed to have meditated.

Kapila Tirth where sage Kapil meditated - Tapovan, Nashik
[ Kapila Tirth ]

There are 3 kunds which, according to the guide, are known as Brahmatirth, Shivtirth and Vishnutirth. They are linked to each other at the bottom by narrow paths. There is another kund known as Agnitirth which he said is very deep and is the place where Lord Rama had hidden the real Sita while keeping the shadow Sita with Him who was later abducted by Ravana from the Sita Gumpha, seen in the earlier post.

Various kunds - Brahmatirth, Shivtirth, Vishnutirth and Agnitirth at Tapovan - Nashik
[ Various kunds - Brahmatirth, Shivtirth, Vishnutirth and Agnitirth ]

Just across Tapovan is Parnkuti believed to be Lord Rama’s Cottage.

The Parnkuti Temple where Lord Rama is said to have lived during the exile
[ The Parnkuti Temple ]

A few paces ahead you will come across the only temple belonging to Lord Rama’s brother Laxman in the country.

The Temple of Lord Laxman where He meditated - Tapovan, Nashik
[ The Temple of Lord Laxman ]

Place where Lord Laxman cut Suparnakha's nose - Tapovan, Nashik
[ Place where Lord Laxman cut Suparnakha's nose ]

Laxman meditated here for 12 years to kill the son of Ravana, Meghnad, which is how the place got its name, Tapovan. This is also the place where he is said to have cut the nose of Ravana’s sister Suparnakha and threw it on the other side of the River Godavari. Thus the city got its name Nashik, meaning nose.

There is also a swayambhu (self manifested) idol of Lord Hanuman and a temple of snake Sheshnag, the seat of Lord Vishnu who incarnated as Laxman nearby.

Self manifested idol of Lord Hanuman
[ Lord Hanuman idol ]

The Temple of snake Sheshnag, the seat of Lord Vishnu who incarnated as Laxman
[ Sheshnag Temple ]

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  1. nice pictues... to have temples amidst greenery is good. temples are small, but they have a lot of history within them... amazing!!!

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