Monday, June 30, 2014

Me and Melbourne Art: A Love Affair. (Artists on the streets)

The more I discovered the city in its most natural form, the more I concluded:

Melbourne is an out and out art city.
Art is the life of the people here, infused in the city’s character and landscape.

Sometimes it was the evocative street walls, at other times it were the graphic trams and most often it was the canvas-like road promenades and park pavements. Together, these snowballed into something so wildly creative and powerfully original that it lent a renewed layer to my Melbourne expedition, something that I never planned for.

There was something so joyous, vulnerable and slapstick about Melbourne and it's arts that it made the city that much more likable. From abstract to concrete, from sublime to ethereal, Melbourne painted a beautiful world, a world where artists - known or unknown; people - locals or tourists, and art - titled or untitled; everyone was welcome, everything appreciated.

One look at the spattered flecks of color on the streets was enough to draw me in, lost in feelings of deep artistic beauty, never to be found again ...

An artist entertains on the streets of Melbourne
A musician hums a tune, on the streets of Melbourne
A band of musicians, on the streets of Melbourne
A stand up comedian on the streets of Melbourne
An artist sings on the streets of Melbourne
Magic tricks on the streets of Melbourne, Australia
Magic tricks on the streets of Melbourne
Incredible people, interesting sights while wandering on the streets of Melbourne

Sometimes one does not mean to fall in love,
Sometimes, it just happens. ~ Shannon Hale

Today... I sit miles away from Melbourne, but that's only speaking physically. Mentally, I am still there. Very much there. My heart continues to reside in its artful realms. I can still feel every inch of my heart pin for the beauty. They say, a true love story never ends. They say it best. We shall continue this someday.

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  1. Oh my !! uve seem to have covered the nooks n corners of the city capturing so well each n every essence of the country !!!

  2. Melbourne has become a part of you now Arti! So nice to see different aspects of the lovely city through your eyes!

  3. Streets of Melbourne are full of life, I must say. You've clicked the pictures beautifully.

  4. I lived in the Melbourne of yesteryear for twenty years and in some ways, wish I were there again although I so enjoy the freedom of my 500 acres in the foothills of the Mt.Lofy ranges, a stones throw East of Adelaide.
    Great memories of being an art student at what used to be Caulfield Tech.

  5. Despite what looks like some fairly wet weather everyone looks like they are having such fun. Great post as always, thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow - I am glad you have loved our great city, hope you will be back soon!
    Wren x
    OWT# 100

  7. it's look like melbourne not just a big city but have some space for creativity and art thing. Nice place to visit, thank you to take me there through your picture

  8. Arti, wonderful photos and post ~ da

    Keep posting

  9. Wonderful shots Arti...revived my Melbourne memories :) The street art there is quite good...I especially like Fitzroy..
    -- Afghan in Kashmir

  10. Guess what I am in the process of cimpiling all the street artists photos I have for my travel blog :D Loved your photos. There are so many of them in Australia and all equally good :)

  11. Isn't it amazing how those people can do what they love and not care about the material traps of the world?

    Wish most of us were also gutsy enough to follow in their footsteps.

  12. An artist in every corner, I would love to be there one day too!: ) beautiful captures Arti: )

  13. I've never visited Melbourne, Arti, but I've enjoyed the city through your lens. Hope all is well with you.

  14. I am catching up with all your wonderful posts Arti.. This one is exemplary as usual..!

  15. Wow..that's so delightful to meet unknown artists on street - it's a serendipity! They are really enjoying their love for the art, it's biggest achievement something more than even fame. I loved your 'art' love affair :)

  16. So lively :-) The rain pics are my favorite :-)

  17. Your photos and your words are so full of the excitment you seem to have felt there. Looks like such an awesome trip you had.

  18. You are truly in love with that place :)

  19. They always say that Sydney is like NYC and Melbourne is like Chicago, but looking at your pictures and words it seems like it has such a special and independent spirit I just don't know how to categorize it. I look forward to reading the rest of your posts about Melbourne now but had to say hi!


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