Simple, Sustainable Living in North Goa: Saraya Ecostay and Organic Cafe

As synonymous are the many gorgeous beaches and water with Goa; so is the flow, freedom and movement that comes along with them. And I found a homestay in Goa, that came packed with all of this and more!

Entrance to Saraya Eco Stay Goa

About the Homestay:

Welcome to Saraya, a secluded homestay nestled in a quaint village named Sangolda in the heart of the busy bustling North Goa.  “Saraya” is a Sanskrit word meaning, “To Begin, To Flow.” True to its name, Saraya Ecostay is a creatively active space, spread in an acre of land, where you are invited to begin living in harmony with God, with nature and with your own divine artistic energies within.

Forested way to Mud house at Saraya Eco Stay Goa
Way to the Saraya Mud House and Tree House

Surrounded by lush green trees that have been left untouched since centuries and a calm that is disturbed only by the chirping of birds, Saraya Goa is a perfect example of simple sustainable living, where you can plug out from the noise of the world and rejuvenate by plugging into the riches of nature.

Nestled in nature Saraya Eco Stay Goa
Saraya offers all the trappings for a peaceful getaway

Retire to complete stillness, the noise pollution here is close to negligent.

There’s no television or fancy luxuries, just raw, rustic living as a way of life – so if you’re craving a nature spa with a creative touch, Saraya is the place to be!

Sustainable Living: Tree and Mud Cottages

Saraya Ecostay in Goa offers two types of stay options to choose from — tree house and mud houses.

Tree House at Saraya Eco Stay Goa
Saraya Tree House
Mud House of Saraya Eco Stay Goa
Saraya Mud House

We stayed in a mud house that came with a private attached bathroom and a double bed that was comfortable for the two of us. Owing to its proximity to nature, the bed had a mosquito net protection which ensured we had a good night sleep.

Bathroom at Saraya Eco Stay Goa
Saraya Mud House - a peek into my room

Raw Rustic Sustainable living at Saraya Eco Stay Goa

What is truly unique about these houses and what I really loved about them is that they have been built completely in tune with nature taking utmost care not to disturb any of its elements in any way. What this simply means is that trees are left uncut, so you can find barks and shoots of trees in your room as well.

Untouched trees at Saraya Eco Stay Goa
Nature left untouched at Saraya Eco Stay

These work as natural enhancers uplifting the mood, vibe and aesthetic of the décor. Another beautiful example is the colorful glass bottles and jars that have been used in the walls of the house. 

Bottles and Glass interiors Saraya Eco Stay Goa
Recycled bottles act as natural aesthetics

The soft reflections inside from the natural light outside is a visual treat to the eyes. This is not all! Everywhere you see – right from the thatched rooftops using tetra packs to the earthen flooring - you can find sustainable means of construction that use earth, recycled bottles, natural alternatives and other sustainable materials with almost negligent, or zero impact on the environment.

Reusable materials at Saraya Eco Stay Goa
Saraya Ecostay -  

Saraya Eco Stay Goa Natural interiors

As a responsible traveler, staying in a place which is not harming nature in any way, instead carving a space in synchronization with it – this is one of the most fulfilling feelings in the world.

Pure Vegetarian Organic Food:

Another highlight of the Saraya Ecostay is its fresh, organic food and pure vegetarian café which is known for its vegan, vegetarian, gluten free options and wood fire oven pizzas made from ingredients sourced from their own garden within the property.

Saraya Eco Cafe at Saraya Eco Stay Goa

They have a separate kitchen in the heritage building as well which serves breakfast options and wholesome Indian food like rice, dal, curry and roti. We were glad to have the opportunity to sample their cuisine from both, the café and the house kitchen.

In House Kitchen –

Breakfast Poha at Saraya Eco Stay Goa

Mornings started with fresh Pohe, hot potato parathas coupled with steaming tea, all of which was made by the sweet Manati. We relished it with great delight and had everything to our hearts content.

Organic Café –

If you’re looking for pure vegetarian café in Goa, this is just the place to be. The décor is minimal but again very tastefully done using all the natural elements which makes it extremely unique and instagrammable. The space is cruelty free, vegetables and fruits are freshly picked and food is cooked with love and compassion which made us feel, instantly at home, at peace. It doubles up as a co working space as well so it’s a wonderful place for both - to work all by yourself or to meet other fellow travel and art enthusiasts and be inspired!

Eco Cafe at Saraya Eco Stay Goa

We tried their wood fire pizza – It was my first time to try this pizza and I must say, it was yummy!

Wood Fire Pizza at Saraya Eco Stay Goa

What I really appreciated was the fact that all the ingredients were locally sourced from their own garden including the tomatoes used for the pizza sauce and the veggies used for making the pizza. Even the bottles being using to store the various herbs and spices were nothing but recycled plastic containers.

Wood Fired Pizza at Saraya Eco Stay Goa

The pizza was served in leaf plates which was again a brilliant way to implement sustainability and encourage conscious tourism.

Artistic Spaces:

Now comes one of the best part about Saraya – it’s not just an Ecostay, it’s an artist’s paradise! Even if you don’t have that artistic bone in you, I say head to Saraya in Goa for a quaint, peaceful and creative retreat and let it inspire you in ways you’d have never imagined before. The Art Cafe is a space to celebrate and support the artist community across the disciplines of art, literature, and nature.

Community spaces at Saraya Eco Stay GoaArt Gallery at Saraya Eco Stay Goa

Why Choose Saraya?

Quirky signs at Saraya Eco Stay Goa

So you can now pack your bags and escape to this beautiful heaven not so far away from the hustle of the city. It’s a great space to pause, to connect, to make a difference by working towards a regenerative, reformative future. It offers some amazing community activities as well, that include permaculture design certificate courses and a market where you can shop for local, organic, handmade and sustainable goodies!

It packs in a lot of opportunities by which you can give back to nature, the local community and help the local economy in a variety of ways - and all this by going easy on your own pocket. 

All in all, Saraya is one of the best stays where you can begin your own journey as a responsible traveler and learn a lot about simplistic, holistic, zen lifestyle which is in rhythm with the environment.

How to reach and book Saraya EcoStay:

Address: Saraya, House No. 64, Chogm Road, Provorim, Sangolda, Goa, Goa 403511.
Call: +91 8888926811

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