11 Reasons Why I Loved Visiting Statue Of Unity (SOU), Gujarat

 Last month, I visited Gujarat thanks to an impromptu invite from Gujarat Tourism, Ministry of Tourism – Government of India. Besides it being my first FAM trip, I was doubly excited for the place I was visiting. I was eager to see the Statue of Unity in person – was it really as grand as it is portrayed in the news and media or is all the hype around it just simply overrated? 

Statue of Unity Kevadiya Gujarat - Indian Pride

Armed with my bag of curiosity, I went with an open mind – I was either going to love or hate the whole idea of the World’s Tallest Statue but most importantly I was going to see the Statue of Unity – as it was, just the way it was - no preconceived notions, no judgements, no expectations imposed.

So what did I see?

I loved vising the Statue of Unity! Loved it for what it stood. Loved it for the sentiments, the food, the people, the architecture, the amalgamation of nature — visiting SOU was 2 full days of exploration and wonder.

Just how much did I love it? Let me count the ways:

1. The World’s Tallest Statue

Let’s get this straight - The Statue of Unity is truly massive!

Statue of Unity Kevadiya Gujarat - World's Tallest Statue

It’s 182 metres high, nearly 50 storeys tall, and together with its three-level base, measures 240 metres, making it the world's tallest statue which is four times the size of the Statue of Liberty.

But when I say massive, I’m not just talking about the size. I’m talking about the impact - the mettle of the iron character that breathes behind the erstwhile metallic structure. I’m talking about the fortitude and fearlessness of Sardar Vallabhai Patel – the man who united India as one nation in the real sense of the word.

And when you see this in person, you can’t help but be awed by it!

2. Unity in Diversity

Statue of Unity Gujarat - Unity in Diversity

I loved the Statue of Unity. What I loved even more was the essence of the iconic structure, of how the statue celebrates the concept of unity in diversity even today.

Scrap iron was collected from around the country, in reference to Patel's nickname of India's "Iron Man". Earth was also collected from all the country's states and districts to form a rammed earth wall backdrop to the flag, and the base, visitor centre and landscaping uses locally quarried stone.

This is how we pay tribute to the great unifier of our country, not just as a mere visual but by actively integrating the idea of Unity in modern times. 

3. Laser Show

Statue of Unity Kevadiya Gujarat - Laser Show

What happens when 51 high speed projectors fixed at a distance of 600 meters begin projection mapping with the statue as the canvas?

The statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel comes to life!

It’s inspiring and moving to see the life and achievements of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel through such a striking graphical drama. It’s a 30 minutes show but every minute is so spellbinding that it leaves you wanting for much more.

4. Staying in Tents / Glamping

Statue of Unity Kevadiya Gujarat - Narmada Tent City stay

To wake up in the morning, open the zip of the tent and walk straight into the rising sun – this is something I have always wanted to do but never had the chance.

I got this chance in this trip of Statue of Unity!

With Narmada Tent City, I got to enjoy all the modern comforts plus the actual camping experience as well. The fact that it is located in an (almost) pollution-free location surrounded by a lush green environment really instills a sense of peace and calm amidst the beauty of Statue of Untiy.

5. India’s First EV Only or Pollution Free Zone 

The entire zone of SOU, Ekta Nagar is a pollution free, Electric Vehicle (EV) zone and the only commute you see in the precincts are e-rickshaws.

E rickshaws do not run on petrol or diesel but are battery operated. Hence, there is no smoke outflow and no use of damaging fuels. This is what the world needs more of! What’s more, when you drive in one of them, you will also be contributing your bit to boost women employment in the country. Now isn’t that incredible?

6. Women Empowerment

I was completely bowled over by the concept of EV’s in SOU.

Do you know who drives them?


Statue of Unity Kevadiya Gujarat - Job Opportunities

My heart swelled with pride two times during my trip to the SOU – one  when I saw the World’s Tallest Statue on my own Motherland, and two – when I saw so many independent Mothers, ‘atmanirbhar women’ driving e-rickshaws, going (and taking us) places!  

I just couldn’t get over how amazingly empowering SOU is to women.

7. Job Opportunities to the Tribals

Statue of Unity Kevadiya Gujarat - Eco Tourism Products by locals

In fact, not only e-rickshaws and women, everywhere I looked, there were locals and tribals on job. So, the coconut water I drank outside Bharat Van was sold by a tribal woman. At Ekta Nursey, we were given a live demonstration of the manufacturing process of traditional eco friendly products like Areca Leaf Plates, Organic Pot, Bonsai, Ceramic Pots, and so much more. At Vishwa Van, I was amazed to see paintings depicting tribal life and culture – all by the locals there.

Statue of Unity Kevadiya Gujarat - Tribal Art

I just hope the Statue of Unity boosts more and more tourism in the coming days and benefits the livelihood of the local population in the best progressive way.

8. Eco Friendly Attractions

The more I explored SOU and all the various attractions, the more I discovered how environmentally friendly the entire project was.

With attractions like Ekta Nursery, Vishwa van, Butterfly Garden, Cactus Garden, Children Nutrition Park, Aarogya Van, Khalwani Eco Tourism Site, Zarwani Falls, and Kesuda Tours apart from Sardar Sarovar Dam, Narmada River, Panchmuli Lake, Vindhya and Satpura mountain ranges – Statue of Unity offered so many facets  of nature – from lush green trees to rolling hills to invigorating rivulets - perfect to experience nature in all its bounty.

9. India’s First Glow Garden

Statue of Unity Kevadiya Gujarat - Unity Glow Garden

Right from childhood, I have had this fascination with lights… a fascination with a world beyond reality – a world where creatures such as deers and unicorns and rainbows and clouds and trees could all come to life, as if by magic!

Finally, I found a place that finally fulfilled my childhood fascination in India’s first unique theme based garden – Unity Glow Garden at Statue of Unity. Best time to visit this ‘glow in the dark’ garden is obviously after sunset when all the colorful installations, glimmer and shimmer, come to life.

10. There’s Something for Everybody

Statue of Unity Kevadiya Gujarat - Attractions

It’s common for tourist destinations to be categorized as adventurous, pilgrimage, romantic, cultural, architectural, natural and so on.

But think of a destination that has ALL of this and more!

With a variety of different places to visit at SOU and attractions to choose from, Statue of Unity is an all rounder in this department.

The best part about SOU is that it has something for everybody making it an ideal destination for friends, family, couples and solo travelers alike.

11. Mother River Narmada

Statue of Unity Kevadiya Gujarat - narmada Arti

One of the best things I loved about SOU – you’re never away from Mother River Narmada – no matter where you roam.

I saw it while moving around in the SOU precincts in the bus, while roaming around in the gardens and other attractions, while enjoying the Ekta Cruise ferry ride, while watching the laser show but it was not until I sat on the banks of the river during the Narmada Arti just adjacent to the Shoolpaneshwar Temple, that it dawned on me – it was her, River Narmada in SOU, who like a Mother, was holding everyone and everything together.


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  1. Oh my goodness! Everything you featured here made me want to visit Gujarat. Seriously, just as I thought things couldn't get better than the world's tallest statue you gave us a laser show and glamping and ... well, the list goes on. Thank you for this amazing journey, I look forward to sharing in your next adventure.

  2. Amazing Post, Its Really very informative, Keep up the Good Work.

  3. SOU ke bare me unique jaankari dene ke liye dhanyawaad. Average 1 person ka pura sou ghumne ka kitna kharcha aayega?

  4. Dhanyawaad.. depends on type of stay and activites chosen. Just to give a rough idea... for 1N /2D 1 person ka average kharcha approx. under 10000 mein ho jaayega with deluxe tent city stay. Please do contact me at ushatravelpoint@gmail.com if you want to discuss, can plan an itinerary and book at flat discounted rates.

  5. Absolutely loved reading this Arti! Followed all your updates and I feel this is an eyeopener for many. SO many people have preconceived notions of a place they haven't visited and this post is just for them. There is much more to SOU than what meets the eyes and you have showcased it so well. Loved each reason, be it the Narmada arti or the Glow garden or the glamping or the tribal haat. Truly SOU is a landmark of pride for us!

  6. that’s amazing, a very helpful blog for me. thank you

  7. Gujrat is a must visit state in India. haven't been there personally but i have friends and family over their. I'm planning to visit SOU soon.

  8. It seems gujarat is amazing place and i'll travel there for sure.

  9. I had to smile at your glamping experience, Arti. Someday, I want you to experience a real tent in the wild! But these look pretty, and I enjoyed your post about the Statue of Unity.


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