Top Things To Do In Dhanachuli: Mukteshwar Trekking, Chauli Ki Jaali, Waterfall, Etc.

1. Go Village Walking.

Small kids playing at Dhanachuli Uttarakhand
The village kids are cute - make sure to smile at them or wave at them!

Dhanachuli is a small village peppered with small houses and a few hotels. You can take leisurely ambles in the morning or evening along a variety of trails to choose from that take you through a pine lined path down the terraced fields planted with seasonal grains, flowers, fruits and vegetables, with jagged mountain ridges poking in between.

Village trekking in Dhanachuli UttarakhandVillage trekking in Dhanachuli Uttarakhand

We took a quick walk to the nearby taxi stand in the evening on the second day covering around 2 kms. on foot following the main road leading to narrow village trails which were dotted with nondescript homestays, traditional wooden houses with kids prancing outside and womenfolk working in the fields.

Seasonal trees at Dhanachuli Uttarakhand
Flowers 'Buransh' blooming in the winters

It was cold, there weren’t many people outside. The trails were lonely which made the beauty in the barrenness of the winters pop out even more. The cherry on the cake was the sunset I witnessed on the way, the one that made me stop dead in my tracks, catch my breath and shudder in delight as I watched in sheer silence the change of light in the sky. While dusk swept the sky with its charismatic warm, rosy colors, the sun hid itself in the blanket of the ragged mountains. The winds moved past, freezing my hands and filling my soul with moments of magic and grace.

Stunning Sunset while on a village trail in Dhanachuli Uttarakhand
Stunning sunset along the village walk.

2. Chauli Ki Jaali.

View from Corbett bungalow - Mukteshwar Uttarakhand
View from the KMVN Guest house at Mukteshwar or the Corbett Bungalow.

The short hike to the Mukteshwar temple along a very beautiful ridge was the best birthday gift I could have ever asked for. An uneven dusty track through stands of pine trees surrounded by tall oak trees with the majestic mountains peeping in the distance – I could not imagine a more pleasant walk to the famous Shiva temple of Mukteshwar.

We hired a guide for Rs. 300, after being prodded by our driver, who explained to us in detail about the kind of trees and pointed out the main spots of the region. Among them was the campus of Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI), a samadhi of a noted saint — Shri Mukteshwar Maharaj ji, orchards of the Central Institutes of Temperate Horticulture-Regional Station, the charm of a magnanimous deodar forest (Himalayan cedar), popular haunt for stargazing, enjoying 22 pristine snow-peak views, and the Jim Corbett connect with the wildlife of the place.

The famous tourist attration Chauli ki Jaali at Mukteshwar Uttarakhand
The Famed Chauli ki Jaali at Mukteshwar.

Since it was nearing the sunset, we admired the Chauli ki Jaali from a heighted distance. From this point up, it looked like a hole framed by oak leaves on all the 4 sides. Our guide briefed us about its puranic importance and said that if a childless woman crosses the hole on the auspicious occasion of Shivratri, she is blessed with a child.

3. Sunset Point.

A few meters ahead, we reached the sunset point, just in time to view nature's own miracle. A thin grey mist hung low in the air veiling the mountains below, while the sun gently touched the protruding cliffs in hues of molten gold. We stood there for a good half an hour and savoured in awe the beauty unfolding before us. The sunset with the mist and mountains, looked surreal. It was as if time and space had shifted to a different dimension. It was undoubtedly the best sunset I had ever seen in my life.

Band of sun during sunset at Mukteshwar UttarakhandBeautiful moments during sunset at Mukteshwar UttarakhandSurreal sunset at Mukteshwar Uttarakhand

4. Adventure Activities.

Adventure activities at Mukteshwar Uttarakhand

Apart from trekking, there are some other adventure activities that you can do in Mukteshwar. Paragliding, rock climbing and rappelling are some of the thrilling outdoor adventures that you can indulge in while on your climb to the Mukteshwar temple.

5. Shopping in Mukteshwar.

Famous chocolate shop in Mukteshwar Uttarakhand
The original choco house in Mukteshwar

There is an old charming shop in Mukteshwar (a part of Mountain Trail Resort) on the Bhatelia-Mukteshwar Road which will transport you back to the British era. While on your way to Mukteshwar, look out for a small red house with a big board at the entrance which reads 'The original choco house since 2005'.

Handmade european chocolates at Mukteshwar UttarakhandHandmade European chocolates at a charming shop in Mukteshwar UttarakhandHandmade chocolates and souvenir shop in Mukteshwar Uttarakhand

The shop  sells a variety of handmade Center filled European chocolates, muffins, cakes  and brownies. The chocolates are available in different flavours  – we bought orange, honey, dark chocolate and coffee flavours back home and everybody loved them. You can either buy them in loose packing or in gift boxes as souvenirs. The chocolates last for 6 months and it’s  absolutely worth taking back chocolates from this place for you and your loved ones!

6. Hidden Gem: Dhokaney Waterfall.

Dhokaney waterfall near Dhanachuli Uttarakhand

I was eager to visit Bhalu Gaad Waterfall which is one of the top things to do in Dhanachuli. But somehow it never could fit in our plans while we were at Dhanachuli, not even on the last day as it was in the opposite direction to where we were to head next, Kasar. What I stumbled upon accidentally, as an alternative, however, I realized later, was a pure gem, a hidden delight by the name Dhokaney Waterfalls!

Dhokaney waterfall trail near Dhanachuli Uttarakhand

A short hike winding down the mountain led us to the sight which was a real treat for the eyes. But even before we could see the little bright curvetting waterfall, we heard the gush getting us all excited to bits!

Picturesque Dhokaney waterfall near Dhanachuli Uttarakhand
A hidden gem: Dhokaney Waterfall

A few more turns and there it was - the waterfall bursting forth laughing aloud as it ran – with a joyful gush, leaping, bumbling, bounding off the cliff and sparkling in the afternoon sun most beautifully.  The water fell down most gracefully, assuming the appearance of a female foam robed in a white gown, flashing off in a little stream, bright and beautiful, expanding in the sunshine. The stream bed was clear as crystal, and serene as the light; strewn with thousands of rocks adding to its beauty.

Keep atleast around 1 hour to explore this picturesque beauty!

PS: Special Thanks to our guide Mr. Pawan Bisht for guiding us around Mukteshwar. The standard charges for guide in Mukteshwar is Rs. 300-350.

Guide in Mukteshwar

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