Visit Austria - The land of Mozart and Waltz.

Austria can quite literally ‘awe’ you!

Oh yes! Don't you believe this? Well, you’re not to be blamed as the world mostly raves about a few famous destinations. However, visit Austria once, and you’ll delightfully waltz in exploring its natural beauty and cultural charm!

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A landlocked country in Central Europe, Austria has a melange of majestic mountains and hills, gleaming alpine lakes, beautiful vineyards and so much more. Add to this its culture, architecture, music,and dance, and you have a perfect place to lose yourself and enjoy to the fullest!

If the wanderer in you is looking for just the right escape, then Austria can be an excellent place to visit. To travel to this heartening place, you’ll first need a Schengen Visa. Moreover, you could also buy an online Schengen travel insurance plan to ensure that any unexpected travel-related challenges do not dampen your spirits by causing you significant loss.

So, before you visit Austria, get a glimpse of all that it has in store for you - 

1. Soak in The Cultural Vibes.

Austria abounds with regal elegances that include baroque architectures, splendid museums,and colorful medieval buildings. Salzburg’s old town is one of the most beautiful in Central Europe. This old town has preserved its old-world charm so well that it is named as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Also, Vienna, the capital city of Austria, has many imperial palaces and unique sites like ‘Funeral Museum,’ and ‘Hofburg’ along with many cathedrals and opera houses. The state of Innsbruck also has many grand buildings that will give you a glimpse of Austria’s rich cultural roots.

In addition, a visit to Linz will leave you in awe, as it has architectures from across the ages that still sits there beautifully amidst the natural beauty. One of Austria’s finest museums of modern art, the ‘Lentos Museum’ is also located in Liz and is a must-see place.

2. Bask in Its Natural Beauty.

Bestowed with picturesque landscapes, Austria is a feast for any nature-lover. From the vineyards of Vienna; mountains of Innsbruck to many other sights and attractions, you’ll find yourself beguiled seeing them all.

Another way to witness Austria’s breathtaking beauty is to take the ‘Wachau World Heritage trail.’To catch one of the gorgeous mountain views, you can even head to ‘Zwolferkopf Mountains,’ where you can have some fun while skiing.

The ‘Bathing House’ around Lake Constance is another gem that Austria proudly owns to its credit. If you like the idea of exploring charming, quaint little villages, then plan a day out to ‘Hallstatt,’ situated in the ‘Salzkammergut’ region. The list can go on and on, after all, Austria is endowed with an abundance of beauty all over.

3. Enjoy the Adventurous Thrills.

If your idea of traveling not just entails appreciating beauty and culture, but also having a great adventure, then Austria won’t disappoint you one bit. There are plenty of options here which include everything from hiking, skiing, parasailing, surfing, and sailing.

Lake Attersee, one of the largest lakes in Austria, is a hotspot for indulging in windsurfing, sailing and other water sports. Hiking up to the mountains of Innsbruck, you can also witness alluring Alpine views. For a lifetime experience, you should try snowboarding and skiing over the mighty Alps. Tyrol, the Alpine zoo in Innsbruck also offers visitors a chance to experience hiking or skiing over the glaciers.

4. Lose Yourself in Myriad of Other Experiences.

Austria, the land of music is famed for giving the world many renowned musicians and artists like Wolfgang Mozart, Johann Strauss, and many other names. It also gave the world the beautiful waltz dance. So, as expected, Austrians celebrate music, dance, and art with great enthusiasm. You can witness all these either at the opera houses that are forever pulsating with such performances or catch folk songs, country dances and carols which are celebrated in its vibrant streets.

Not only this, you can visit ‘Cheese Street’ in Vorarlberg to taste 40 varieties of cheese and go to ‘Cafe Central’ to experience authentic cafe culture famous in Vienna. When in Austria, you can enjoy gondola rides atop the mountains, and the Ferris wheel rides on the Vienna Prater among several other immersive experiences that await you there.

Be Safe and Secure When You Travel

The best time to travel Austria is mid-March to May and October to November. So, it’ll be best if you plan your trip around this time. Also, to ensure that you can have maximum fun while you’re traveling, consider buying an online insurance to cover yourself against any unexpected contingencies. Especially because Europe is an expensive place, therefore, even a small expenditure can cause you significant loss.

The Schengen travel insurance plan will provide you medical cover against illnesses or injuries that you may sustain while on your trip, ensuring that the substantial costs do not fall on you. Also, the policy will compensate you for loss of checked-in baggage, trip cancellation, or missed connection. Moreover, the plan will also take care that if something happens to your house in your absence, then you’re covered against those expenses too.

So, before you fly to Austria, purchase a travel insurance plan, and enjoy your trip without any worries! 

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