6 Stunning And 'Can’t-Miss' European Destinations to Visit This Summer

“Europe is always a good idea!”

Isn’t it?

With so many diverse cities, all offering something distinct, Europe is a kaleidoscopic spectacle! With the best of arts, architecture, culture and cuisines, there is at least one city that resonates with every person who visits Europe.

From magnificent museums, splendid castles to vibrant nightlife and fascinating food scene, a travel plan to Europe can get anyone excited.  Especially, in summers when people plan to visit the exotic destinations that Europe has in store for them.

However, Europe is large, and you may not be able to cover all destinations. But, there are some destinations here that are remarkable,and thus a can’t miss.

1. Malaga, Spain.


Malaga, a port city in Southern Spain,is known for its transformation over the years. Earlier, a small transit place, it now brims with youthful vigour. With spectacular art galleries, museums and vibrant yellow sand beaches, this place is both artsy and exuberant. A visit here will thus, be both enriching and entertaining for you!

2. Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Lovrijenac fortress, a filming site for Game of Thrones

A city in Southern Croatia, Dubrovnik is known for its medieval architecture. Known as ‘pearl of the Adriatic,’it stands at the front of the sea, offering mesmerizing coasts to its visitors to revel. There are plenty of things here that can make you fall in love with it in a short period.

From walking Dubrovnik walls to catch spectacular views of the city, to wandering the pretty streets of its old town, you will be spellbound by Dubrovnik’s charm. When in the city, you can check out Stradun, a filming location for Star Wars Episode IX, Lovrijenac fortress, a filming site for Game of Thrones. A cable car ride can also give you an aerial view of the city. 

3. Interlaken, Switzerland.

Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken is breathtakingly beautiful with its stunning landscapes. Flanked by glacier-fed lakes Thun and Brienz, it is home to the majestic peaks of Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau.

Not just picturesque, Interlaken is also an adventurer’s paradise. A host of activities like hiking, skiing,canyoning can be done here. There is a small, charming village with alpine gardens and historical castles here for you to explore. 

4. Santorini, Greece.

Santorini Greece

Santorini with gorgeous sunsets and mesmerizing white houses overlooking the sea is a perfect romantic getaway. Set in the Greek Islands, visiting this destination in summer means you can enjoy hiking and swimming here to the fullest. Cave hotels, pretty cliffs also make exploring this city an experience that will stay with you even longer.

When in Santorini, a jaunt on a boat to get a tour of the island is a must, you can also explore the Akrotiri Lighthouse, which is an enchanting point in the city.  

5. Gothenburg, Sweden.

Gothenburg, Sweden

An important seaport, Gothenburg is a major city in Sweden. With Dutch style canals and leafy boulevards, this destination can be a nature lover’s delight. Gothenburg also has a garden society that offers more than 16,000  species of plants to appreciate the beauty of nature. 

Here in this city, you can enjoy a safari through the rainforests of Universeum; enjoy adventurous rides at Liseberg, a famous amusement park here; and eat mouth-watering pastries and cinnamon buns at Haga, a beautiful neighbourhood in Gothenburg. 

You can get lazy absorbing the beauty of the Magical islands here, along with enjoying some seafood, for which Gothenburg is particularly lauded. 

6. Budapest, Hungary.

Budapest Hungary Night Photo

Budapest, the Paris of the East is the capital city of Hungary. Cosmopolitan and youthful, this destination is one of the most beautiful towns in Europe. From royal palace and castle district, Budapest abounds with architectural marvels. Adding to this, the natural thermal springs here are a perfect way for you to rejuvenate yourself for your trip ahead.  

With a world-class musical scene and vibrant nightlife, this place is also an alive and fun place.With an excellent reputation for its wonderful food and wines, it ensures you an impressive culinary experience.

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So, pick your favourite European destination, explore it and make memories of a lifetime!

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