Forget what you’ve been told, let’s travel in the cold!

In today’s world, holiday plans are steering away from traditional expectations. People are choosing to go for thrilling travel experiences rather than the ordinary poolside retreat. We live in a digital age where everything is available to us through a screen. You can compare holiday packages and get more for your money with travel tech sites. You can take a look on internet maps and automatically view your next route. At the click of a button, you’ve suddenly signed up for the trip of a lifetime! Enjoy diverse opportunities and see why travelers, like Agness and Cez, are choosing cold over hot holidays...

Snowy white dreamy weather

Innovative Igloos.

Ever wanted to sleep in an igloo village and live like an Eskimo?! That’s just one of the perks of an adventure into the cold climate. Igloos are astounding architectural creations. To witness these innovative houses is great but to take one step further and stay in one is amazing. Ditch the social norm of staying in yet another hotel. Treat yourself and nestle into an icy cave.

Freezing Igloo Village

Igloo villages are becoming very trendy due to their interiors. Most igloo hotels will have the majority of their furniture made out of ice. From ice bars, ice beds and ice sofas, there are so many cool design features! Don’t worry though, the rooms and bathrooms ARE heated. Usually, at a good igloo hotel you’ll be provided with reindeer blankets and saunas to keep your body warm. If you select an igloo looking up to the northern lights then you’re going to have a superb experience! Snow villages add a little spice to your vacation. It’s something totally different and worth trying out...

Custom Cruises.

Want to view the sights by a calm and relaxing cruise? Float along the ocean and stay in a cosy custom cruise. Instead of the usual beach holidays, Greenland cruises are proving to be rather popular in the past couple of years. You can get a lot more for your money as your accommodation is portable and saves you a lot of flight time! Sail around the icebergs and gaze at glaciers. You may also be lucky enough to spot a few seals and polar bears on your exploration.

Custom Cruise Ship

Onboard, you have access to SO many services. There are spa treatments and massage centres for those stressful body aches. There are usually hot tubs (great for the cold!) and childcare services available for family groups. You literally don’t even need to leave the ship. Of course, they’ll be providing you with a variety of day tours and expeditions so that you get the best of both worlds. With this option, you can still stay warm and snuggled up in your cabin whilst the ship sails around freezing cold waters. What could be better than that!?

Spontaneous Snow Sports.

For those adrenaline junkies, snowy holidays offer extreme upgrades from those beach banana boat rides. When it comes to sports in the snow, skiing and snowboarding are very common. Yet, there are so many more activities available! For instance, have you ever tried tobogganing? Simply slide down an icy track and enjoy the freedom of this unique sport. Whizzing down fast snow slopes isn’t just for kids - adults love it too!

Winter Skating Snow Sports

Incredible ice also equates to an incredible ice skating session. There’s nothing better than sliding across natural ice with a stunning backdrop behind you. Holidays in the cold can provide you with luxurious landscapes rather than made ice rinks. Skate across the scenery and enjoy earth’s simple pleasures. Life is too short not to try...

Food by the Fire.

We all love sitting by a fire and roasting marshmallows. Imagine doing that but in somewhere special like Greenland or Antarctica! Campfires are a lovely way to get your friends and family together. If you’re an independent explorer, you may find these fires useful for making friends. People love to share stories round the camp and enjoy a few roasted snacks.

Marshmallows Campfire

There’s something very relaxing about chilling by a campfire. Perhaps it is the noise of the wood crackling and the great circle of companions. According to Huffington Post, there is an evolutionary reason behind the enjoyment. Apparently, watching a fire lowers our blood pressure and it gazing at its beauty helps to soothe our soul. Dating back to the prehistoric times, it is something that has remained fluent through our holiday activities.

Cosy Cabins.

If an igloo village doesn’t appeal to you, there’s always the classic cosy cabin. When you picture a winter getaway, you imagine a cabin in the woods. There are so many gorgeous wood cabins in the world that are anticipating your arrival. Just like a cruise, these cabins are usually fully equipped with all your necessities. If you’re lucky enough to stay in one surrounded by forests, then you can take daily nature walks and discover the land via foot.  Just to warn you, you may want to take insect repellent with you in case you’re by the water and in close proximity to mosquitoes.

Banana trees Cabin Clouds

Additionally, cabins bring you and your fellow travellers closer together. You’ll be far away from city stress and endless work calls. Your focus will be on your itinerary and what to cook on the barbecue for dinner. Peace and quiet in today’s hectic world is hard to come by. That’s why renting out a cabin is in style. You get to reconnect with nature and your inner self. Quite often we are on autopilot and forget to listen to what we truly want in life. Distractions are everywhere and your time suddenly becomes someone else’s to own. Therefore, if you want an adventure that offers fresh air and a fresh mind, then a venture into the colder climate may be your ideal getaway!

Which would you rather- a hot or cold adventure?

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  1. so beautiful images these are.
    and the beauty of ice. loved reading this blog

  2. Arti, Nel just traveled to a windy and cold city, Chicago. But these places that are shown here are soooooooo cold. They look beautiful. I enjoyed seeing them all, as I'm from California, and don't get to see the snow much unless I travel to the mountains an hour away. The roasted marshmallow picture is delightlful. I hope you are doing well, Arti.


  3. Thanks for having us here, Arti! Travelling in the cold can really be lots of fun and even a better experience than travelling in hot weather. ;)

    1. I am not really a cold weather person but I have to admit, this blog did manage to make me sit up straight and take notice. Thanks for a great inspiring blog, Agness!

  4. Trust me, being from Mumbai even I am not a person who loves to travel in cold. And winters for us Mumbaikar is like 20 degrees. I really wish to plan such a trip. I have never felt snow and would love to make such a trip once :)

  5. Feeling over there must be amazing, especially the Igloo house. It made me want to to go there. Pictures and words. I too am on the path of becoming a digital nomad, before this I was just a nomad.Please drop by my travel blog of India if you have some spare time.


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