Consider Traveling in the Most Peaceful Countries.

No matter if you’re an experienced traveler or just started traveling, you should always think about your safety before choosing to travel to a certain destination. Many countries in the world are perfectly safe, but not all of them, unfortunately.

Consider travelling in the most Peaceful Countries

In some countries, a combination of poverty and a different political system can lead to the higher crime rate, which can be potentially dangerous not only for locals but also for tourists and travellers. Therefore, it’s always recommended to check properly the current political and economic situation of the country you’re planning to visit in order to avoid potential trouble and risk.

Luckily, the majority of world countries are pretty safe to visit and you’ll probably never face the situation where your life is endangered. In this article, Agness and Cez will highlight the most peaceful countries everyone should put on their bucket list. Also, these etramping bloggers will share some travel advice on how to make sure a certain country is safe to travel around or not.

How to Check Level of Peace in Countries

Before each trip, we highly recommend you to check the peace level of the country you’re planning to visit. You can do it easily and effectively by using a Global Peace Index Map. That is an interactive map where you can navigate the country you plan to visit and start your safety research from there.

Go on! But not before checking the peace index.
Let's Go! But not before checking the peace index!

A great thing about this interactive map is that if you click on a given country, you will be provided with detailed statistics covering each aspect that has an impact on a country’s safety. In this way, you will be familiar with the current situation in the country you desire to travel to and based on that you can decide if this is a safe or unsafe country for you. It’s a great starting point but try not to stop your research here.

Based on our experience and the Global Peace Index Map research, we came up with top 5 most peaceful travel destinations you can visit without putting yourself at risk. We bet you’ve heard of them before and can’t wait to visit, if you haven’t done it yet.


The safest country to visit is Iceland. It has the highest level of peace due to its democratic system, good economic situation, gender equality and low to now incarceration. What is more, its educational system is perfectly organized and free for foreign students so you can not only travel to Iceland for your holiday but also stay there a bit longer and study at the university.

Gorgeous mountain, gorge, ravine landscape of Iceland
Gorgeous mountain, gorge, ravine landscape of Iceland

Iceland is a Nordic state located in the Atlantic Ocean. The whole island is thinly populated which leaves the majority of stunning nature untouched. You will enjoy spending time outside and exploring the island. Depending on your preferences, Iceland offers many things to do and experience. You should try out their natural spas, watch Northern Lights, try their healthy cuisine and observe Geysers. Travelers who are passionate about outdoor activities will enjoy their time in this most peaceful country in the world.


New Zealand is an attractive travel destination for millions of people who want to start out a new life. It has a world-class educational system, a great healthcare, low crime rate and outstanding social progress which makes it a perfect place to visit, live and study.

Aoraki Mount Cook Mountain New Zealand
Aoraki Mount Cook mountain range in New Zealand.

Also, New Zealand is an ideal country for active travelers who love nature. There are many hiking trails out there (check out Wai-O-Tapu) that will lead you to the stunning volcanic craters that are often placed on the list of most surreal places in the world. For adventurous travelers, there are many activities to do like bungy jumping, swimming with dolphins, rafting and hiking that will provide you with breathtaking views of nature. Some of the most adventurous travelers should definitely try skydive in Abel Tasman which will give them an overview of both islands of New Zealand.


The European tour wouldn’t be completed without visiting a culture-rich Portugal. This country has showed a significant improvement of its peace level in the last ten years. Low cost of living, good relationships with neighbouring countries, perfect climate and friendly people - all of these make Portugal very interesting country to visit. Travelers who love adventures will definitely find Portugal a great spot for many outdoor activities. Did you know that Portugal is the most famous destination in Europe for water activities? If you’re into surfing, then you will definitely enjoy the waves and vibe in Portugal.

Street Performers Lisbon Portugal
Street Performers in Lisbon Portugal

Furthermore, Portugal’s rich culture and history will make you wanna come back here and learn more about this country.


Austria is one of the richest countries in the world, well-known for its low crime rate and strict recycling laws. It’s located in the central Europe so reaching Austria from Slovenia, Switzerland or Hungary is very easy.

Austria belvedre Vienna night
The Stunning Belvedre Palace in Austria, Vienna at night.

Austria will definitely amaze you with its great architecture, various castles, great cafes and delicious chocolate, obviously. If you love skiing and other winter sports, then you should definitely visit Austria’s beautiful mountains this winter!


Denmark records a shallow corruption level and it is always placed high on the list of happiest countries in the world. Both health and education system are advanced and free for its residents so it’s a very desirable country to live in and study.

Boats in Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Boats in Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark.

On top of that, Denmark has a very low crime rate and quite a good political situation, thus it is currently considered as one of the most peaceful and tourist friendly countries in the world.

We recommend you to visit Copenhagen - the city where the majority of people ride bikes to the school and work, you will be exposed to remarkable architecture and friendly vibe all around. Fun fact at the end: it is planned that Copenhagen will be carbon-neutral by the 2025!

Which peaceful countries did you visit?
What are your recommendations?

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  1. What a wonderful list! New Zealand has always been very high in my list of places that I'd like to visit someday and here is one more fabulous reason. I have visited Japan, it ranks 9th in the interactive peace index map and I must say, I felt really peaceful vibes for all the time spent there.

    Thanks for another very interesting article, Agness and Cez! It's been a great pleasure having you over in My Yatra Diary... and reading you.

  2. Lovely list. Sweden and Norway and Finland are peaceful too.

  3. So many wonderful places. I've a longing to visit Holland but then there are so many places in England that I have yet to visit.

  4. Great to read. Nice list of beautiful countries.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hello,Arti,
    It is wonderful to know that there are many beautiful and peaceful countries as a travel list. Japan is safe country too! Have a happy day. Japanese friends you met in Nara are all fine. Sara and I still continue having English class together, fighting our brain aging!

  6. Such a lovely list, many places i also want to go are here! :) Check out my travel blog for some travel ideas too:

  7. Good compilation. Congrats on 9th year

  8. Good information. But I am not sure about Protugal though, considering its contribution towards PIGS nation set. If inspite of that, it is peaceful country, then it is wonderful.

  9. Great list. I hope I get to travel to all these places some day.

  10. This is very helpful information. I never knew there is something peace index :)

  11. Nice list, Arti.
    I liked all the countries I have visited so far.
    Proud to share that we have even walked past midnight on the roads, feeling at home!
    Really want all world citizens to maintain peace and treat everyone as family. May Vasudaiva Kutumbakam be a reality in our world & all countries be safe for everyone.

  12. New Zealand and Austria are my dream destinations too. Don't you think Canada and Greenland can be added?


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