Ganesh Darshan At A Ganesh Murti Kala Kendra / Ganesha Idol Art Workshop In Mumbai

Can I click a picture of the Ganesha?

My wandering eyes had just caught a Ganesha, sitting regally on a throne of swans beneath the wings of Goddess Saraswati, at the entrance of a Ganesh Murti Kala Kendra or Ganesha Idol Art Workshop, looking adoringly at me. I had to pop the question.

Oh yes, please do – the man replied with a smile – there are many inside as well. Just remove your slippers outside and feel free to roam around as you like. Click to your heart’s content and if you like one, you may even carry it home on your head, he added with a chuckle.

The invitation sounded sweet music to my ears and I couldn’t wait to explore this side of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, one that I had only watched from a distance till now; the call had finally come… and I felt blessed as I removed my slippers and jumped into a world rather different that my own.

Ganesha idols for sale in art workshop, Ganesh Chaturthi, Mumbai
A Ganesha sitting at the entrance of the Mumbai Kala Kendra (art workshop) along with Lord Shiva.

Most of the Bappas were wrapped in plastic sheets while a few others were left open. Each Ganesha had a string, a tag attached revealing his identity along with the name of the house where he would be received for Ganesh Sthapana or as a guest for the next couple of days.

Ganesha idol up for sale: Before the first day of the festival.

Like a thirsty kid who had just reached a water fountain, my eyes devoured the different forms of Ganesha, one after the other, trying to behold the beauty of the creation on one hand and the divine moments of ecstasy on the other that led the creator to craft them in such supreme actuality. Here, was a world of Ganeshas, where the artist through his impression had breathed life into simple moulds of plaster and clay so as to bring one of people’s much loved God – Ganesha, literally, from heaven above down to earth below...

So on this auspicious occasion of Ganesh Utsav, I rest my pen, as always, and invite you to come along with My Yatra Diary... on a photographic walk as we join in the carnival of the 11 day annual festival ongoing in India right now, celebrating the birthday of our very own friend, Ganesha in our own unique style! Starting today, here is a tour of this art workshop or Kala Kendra in Borivli, Mumbai where the artist, Shankar Narayan Singh, is very kind (and very very enthusiastic!) to guide and help us appreciate the distinctiveness of all his creations, his labour of love for the past couple of days running into the festival. What are we waiting for? Let's go!


Ganesh Chaturthi: 24th August 2017 - Peeping into A Ganesha Art Workshop, Mumbai -->

Blogger Ganesha? 

Full of wisdom, wit and charm, he is one God who loves to dabble in the field of writing for sure, just like us! Here, he can be seen writing the longest epic in the world, Mahabharta.

A Ganesha sitting in a workshop, Ganesh Chaturthi 2017, Mumbai

There is something special about His eyes... 

A blue Ganesha idol, Ganesh Chaturthi, Mumbai

This is Antique Ganesha!

He's ummm... well, different!

Antique Ganesha idol, Ganesh Chaturthi, Mumbai

Undir Balganesha

Baby Ganesha on his army of undirs or mouse!

Baby Ganesha, Ganesh Chaturthi, Mumbai

Tirupati Ganesha

A replica of Lord Balaji or Venkeateshwara
from the picturesque hills of Tirumala in Andhra Pradesh!

Colorful Ganesha idols for sale, Ganesh Chaturthi, Mumbai

Eco friendly Ganeshas,

all seated neatly, in the centre,
in a row, G, H and I!

Eco friendly Ganeshas sitting in a workshop, Ganesh Chaturthi, Mumbai

When the Ganeshas are eco-friendly,
how can the his vehicle, the mouse be far behind?

Eco friendly Mooshaks, Ganesh Chaturthi, Mumbai

Gopi Shankh,

Ganesha creating melody in a conch shell!

Ganesha in a shell, Ganesh Chaturthi, Mumbai

Swayumbhu Ganesha,

Ganesha that is self manifested like in a cave!

Ganesha in black stone, Ganesh Chaturthi, Mumbai

Paanch Maasa Ganesha

Ganesha riding on five fish.

Ganesha on a fish, Ganesh Chaturthi, Mumbai

Koli Ganesha

Ganesha dedicated to the fisherman community!

Koli Ganesha idol, Ganesh Chaturthi, Mumbai

Ashtavinayak Ganesha

Mayureshwar Moregaon situated in Pune district.

Mayureshwar Moregaon Ganesha, Ganesh Chaturthi, Mumbai

Swami Samarth Ganesha

Dedicated to the Akkalkot Swāmi Mahāraj of Akkalkot,
an Indian sage of the Dattatreya tradition.

Swami Samarth Ganesha, Ganesh Chaturthi, Mumbai

Kitne sundar hai aur kitne saare, poore desh se ek saath ikattha! (These are all so beautiful and so many, from all over the country at one place, together!) I exclaimed to Mr. Shankar Singh as we made our way towards the exit after the 20 minute walk or so. Sabki bhavnaye dikhni chahiye,  (Everyone's image of Ganesha should be seen) he replied with a gentle smile. Before leaving, I had one more request for him - Can I click your picture? He humbly obliged, posing next to the same Ganesha that had initially caught my eye at the entrance... his graceful smile starkly similar to the Ganesha.

Artist who painted Ganeshas, Ganesh Chaturthi, Mumbai



How to contact Artist Mr. Shankar Narayan Singh?

He didn't have a card or a contact number, but he said that he is available all round the year at the famous Ambaji Dham Temple, Factory Lane, Near Gokhale Education Societys High School in Borivli (W), making idols for temples. That is the best way to reach him.

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  1. It must have been a great experience at the Kala Kendra, No? All the Ganpati idols here have something unique about their attire or form. I love the artwork. I'd love to visit this place someday. :)

    Thanks for this virtual tour, Arti! Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you and your family. Gannu Bappa Morya :)

  2. All the idols even in the images just cast a feel on you! Images are beautiful.


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