Soulie Saturday #13: A Souvenir In The Little Flower.

Admiring Little Sunflower Flower in the compound of Smart Inn hotel Pune
The Little Flower.

Standing there, I find my high and also my centre.

I marvel at her sheer magnificence in awe… Delicate and petite, so many numerous petals leaning outwards in the pool of the breeze, she looks gorgeous, full of life, full of idyllic grace and innate beauty. I stretch out my hand to touch her petals careful not to hurt; they are so soft, even silky and smooth. In return, she touches me with much more...

One of her petals is chipped off but that has not taken away her spirit of growth. She is continuously rising, albeit a bit obliquely, making her way gradually out of the dewy green flooring beneath.

Blooming around the compound periphery of a budget hotel in Pune, who knows if she is being watched by a gardener but what delights is the realisation that she will still be taken care of. Mothers are mothers after all, compassionate and nurturing, even Mother Nature. She can never leave her kid to fend for herself alone, can she?

The earth fosters her with her leafy warmth and natural affection. The sky facilitates her development by his sunny ambience and rainy dew drops. The environment keeps her company through the humming bees and the cool caressing zephyr fluttering around.

Nature speaks in a beautiful timeless language, seeped in wisdom and depth, much of which is beyond the visibly comprehensible or the spoken word. The great and enlightened have already pointed their finger in this direction where nature is a natural healer – emotional, mental, physical, psychological and spiritual. Numerous scientific studies have shown the abundant benefits of spending time in nature.

Appreciating the beauty in natural creation budding all around us and interacting with it in a positive, understanding way can help us break past the barriers of our heart and open our eyes to the real nature of our own selves, to love.

Standing there beside her, my brain finds my high. My heart a center... and my soul a life. All in a matter of a few moments. All while snuffling a little petite flower on my way out of a hotel. This is the real joy of travel. This is a souvenir for life. And all the gifts are out there for all of us to discover.

If only we could take one moment off from our hectic schedules and ‘to-do-lists’ to absorb God’s wonderful creation all around us. If only we could take our eyes off from the bright digital screens in our hands to notice the astonishing world that surrounds us. In return, we could gift yourself the biggest present of being open to all the loveliness inherent in the fabric of the Universe.

So the next time you are out travelling, take a moment with nature, to notice a thing of beauty without walking past it – it could be a flower or anything else that life has placed in your way and see what or how it inspires you. It will not fill your pocket but it will certainly fill your heart with happiness and your soul with delight.

Go try and don’t forget to share your story with My Yatra Diary! :-)

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Each Flower is a soul opening out to nature. - Gerard de Nerval. 

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A Soul Selfie series or “#Soulie” series aiming to meaningfully strengthen my personal connect with my Father, God (you can choose to call Him by any name you like as long as the reference is maintained and more importantly the essence) by peeping within my own heart — collecting your prayers and feelings too as you discover the world – and jotting them down on paper. It’s a spiritual exploration of that which is Unseen and a celebration of that Ultimate sacred space we yearn for - within and without - and the riches we carry in our own hearts.

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  1. Beautiful and profound, Arti. I have a fascination with flowers. I always stop and look at their vibrant colours in the well-tended bushes of beautiful properties or in a stray patch on a wall or a trail. It is like nature fights back and shares with us its vibrant colours and spirit.

  2. you have delicate and profound way with words my friend .
    i found this passage captivating!!!

    Nature is most precious partner we have around ,most important book we have to read, most honest guide to direct us towards right path and to show the way of living and behaving harmlessly to all around us .

  3. Arti, this is beautiful. It's nice to hear you appreciate nature so much. It brings me peace each time I step into nature. There is so much beauty in this yellow flower, even though one of the petals is chipped off. Your phrase "If only we could take one moment" was so lovely, Arti.

    Wishing you happy July days.


  4. There are certain things which can never be explained through words.This is one of them. Nice efforts to express that through words.

  5. You have a way with words Arti and I love hearing what you have to say with each post. I am totally in agreement with you when you say there is a lot of inspiration to be drawn from small things in nature. Keep writing and inspiring :)

  6. Lovely connected with nature though this tiny flower signalling overall. I truly enjoy tiny things around and we need to watch first of all with open mind and things will connect automatically. I could feel the difference how people connect with nature once the gadgets arrive... not only nature even the relationships cut off when we miss to give care or hear what heart speaks. People enjoy virtual beauty but when comes to real they continue to stare the screen


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