Soulie Saturday #11: Baby, Just Sway! (Nurpur Fort near Dharamsala)

Natures beauty from Nurpur fort Dharmashala, Kangra Himachal Pradesh
A tree swaying in the evening breeze as seen from Nurpur fort near Dharmashala
in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh.

Baby, just sway,
Do not be afraid --
Of the powerful breeze hustling away.
Your roots are sturdy and strong
And I am here to stay
We are a team;
Together, we will sing,
Create a beautiful song.

Baby, just sway,
Let those dead leaves fall out and decay.
Keep all your doubts at bay
Nature renews and refreshes --
every moment, every single day.
Fill your eyes with the beauty of the fresh sun ray, 
You are beautiful in your very own way.

Baby just sway,
No matter what season, or come what may;
Spread out your branches
Go fly high and out in the world - you play
It is your sweet fragrance that freshens my morn,
Oh! Look at your halo’d enigma!
Casting all the darkness of the universe away.

Baby, just sway,
So enchanting are your ways
The skies swoon over you – Miss Tree (Mystery),
You are the symphonic fire
Lighting embers of hopes
In hearts that tire
Taking all our thoughts higher and higher.

Baby, just sway,
Such a sweet sweet day
Hear in these silences,
What the great men say ---
Light is love and love is light
All else an illusion; in this your real truth lay,
Don’t believe them, just ask your heart –
it won’t say nay.

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Don't you know yet?
It is ---
 Your Light
that lights the worlds.

~ Rumi.

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I clicked this image while wandering in the courtyard of the ancient Nurpur fort, previously known as Dhameri fort renamed later by Mughal Emperor Jehangir after his beloved wife Noorjahan who was in love with the beauty of this place. Built by the Pathania Rajputs, the historic fort is a vast area which now lies mostly in ruins - forgotten and ignored - but one can still feel the magnificence of the era when one turns some pages in history and maps them onto the enormity of the scattered ruins.

Surrounded by natural beauty and home to an ancient 16th century temple, the fort is a treasure trove for all lovers of Indian heritage, culture and history. The Brij Raj Swami Temple in the courtyard houses a beautiful deity of Lord Krishna, the one which was worshipped by none other than Meerabai herself. A must visit place when in McCleodGanj and Dharamshala!

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A Soul Selfie series or '#Soulie' aiming to meaningfully strengthen my personal connect with my Father, God (you may choose to call Him by any name you like, as long as the reference and more importantly, the essence is retained) by peeping within my own heart — collecting your prayers and feelings too as you discover the world – and jotting them down on paper. It’s a spiritual exploration of that which is Unseen and a celebration of that Ultimate sacred space we yearn for - within and without - and the riches we carry in our own hearts. Do take part and share with My Yatra Diary... a piece of your heart.

Here are things you can do if you wish to join in.

1. Send me one picture clicked by you and a few lines by your heart on how that captured moment makes you relate with that Someone Higher in your life in a more meaningful and healthy way.

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Also linking this post to Parul's #ThursdayTreeLove, an initiative celebrating our green friends in nature. Do follow the link and hop over to her blog and share more love.

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  1. Arti, I am swaying along with the tree as I read the poem. Keep your light shining!

  2. Inspiring poem and I love this new term “miss tree” sounding mystery. Well captured the nature’s way of life and each move with a cause.

  3. Hello,Arti,
    I agree with Barb! I feel like sawing with trees in the blue sky! It is hot here and typhoon is coming soon though. Have a good day!

  4. Arti, love your picture and poem.Both capture the the joy and exuberance perfectly.
    The soulie concept seems intriguing. I'll try to participate.

  5. Loved this beautiful post and the amazing poem you shared. Compliments the picture so much :)

  6. What a beautiful poem and that tree goes with it so well. Thank you Arti for the shoutout!

  7. Fantastic poem with a nice message to be positive and strong in life. Nice capture too.

  8. What a beautiful poem and so inspiring too! The shot of the tree was lovely. Look forward to your tree pic from this week. :-)

  9. I'm swaying - and, in fact, feeling a touch of vertigo! But no worries. That tree is so unusual compared to anything you can find in my part of the world, something I love about Thursday Tree Love.

  10. thanks for sharing information keep on blogging


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