9 Reasons to Plan Your Next Trip to Bangalore.

From a long walk in Coles Park to saying a prayer at the Bull Temple, from hundreds of coffee shops to fantastic weather, you can’t help falling in love with this amazing city which we call Bangalore, but is better known as ‘The Garden City of India’ and ‘The Silicon Valley of India’.

Okay, first let me correct myself politically. Now it is officially renamed as Bengaluru, but the charm of its old name, ‘Bangalore’, is still intact. You know, like the good old days and wine!

Bangalore - the Garden City
Garden City of India - Bangalore / Bengaluru.

Now let’s come to the point, if you have ever lived in the city, or have ever visited Bangalore, you can easily understand that the title of this blog is not an exaggeration. If you haven’t visited the city, let me convince you to plan your next trip to Bangalore, the following points will persuade you to do so:

1. Paradise for Music Lovers:

Do you know, over 50 music concerts are coming up in the next few months in Bangalore? Yes, all the best music concerts take place in the city. People here are hardcore music fans and every artist who visits India surely performs here.

2. Places of Peace:

In our daily hustle bustle and chaotic lifestyle, peace can go for a toss.  In order that stress doesn’t overtake the reigns of your mind, Bangalore has loads of temples and places of worship that you can go to find some inner zen and solace. The Bull Temple and the ISKCON Temple are very popular among others.

3. Lovely Green Spaces:

Lalbaug Flower garden, Bangalore
Soak in the beauty of Lalbagh Botanical Gardens.

As it is known as the ‘Garden City of India’, it is not difficult to find yourself in huge and sprawling green space if you are taking a stroll through Bangalore. There are beautiful parks stretch across acres of land like LalBagh Botanical Garden, Cubbon Park, Hebbal Park, Bannerghatta National Park, etc.; where you can spend time, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

4. Pleasant Climate:

Thanks to its geographical location, Bangalore enjoys perfect weather throughout the year and therefore, you don’t need to sweat like a river or freeze to death in the city.Hearing people grumbling of North India’s weather brings a smile on your face if you are a Bangalorean.

5. Artistic View:

The walls of the city are the testament to the creativity of Bangaloreans. People have beautified them with amazing graffiti and other art work. Indeed, when you walk around the city, you feel like walking in the art gallery.

6. Good Accommodation Facilities:

Bangalore has various wonderful destinations and due to its cosmopolitan elite tag, it welcomes travellers—both leisure and business— throughout the year. There are homestays, PG, and luxurious five star hotels in Bangalore, which you can choose as per your budget and convenience. Also, various resorts and hotels in Bangalore offer different facilities and activities to help you enjoy your holiday in the most brilliant way.

Options to stay in Bangalore
Relax in Bangalore with a hotel of your choice.
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You can book a hotel for yourself with any of the travel websites, like MakeMyTrip, Yatra, Goibibo, etc. Though, you can directly approach these hotels in Bangalore to make reservations, it is strongly advised to take the help of these online travel websites which will save both your time and money. For instance, Yatra has a customer-friendly support system to take care of any travel-related woes. Further, you get a chance to book hotels and other travel package in a few mouse clicks from the comfort of your home.

7. Treat to Foodies:

You can easily find an inspiring mishmash of old and new food items, and best themed restaurants to explore, regardless of whether you are a business traveler of leisure one.

8. Perfect for vacationers:

Coonoor tea plantation
Tea Plantations in Coonoor.
Whether you want to indulge in paragliding, visit historical monuments or just spend time in the lap of nature, most of the popular weekend gateways are just a night’s journey from Bangalore. Places like Coonoor, Ooty, Mysore, Chennai, Coorg, are just 8-9 hours away from the main city.

9. Warm and friendly people:

Last but surely not the least, the natives of Bangalore are nice and friendly. Even though, it is down south, people flocking from other parts of the city never feel linguistically handicapped. Even if you can’t manage Kannada, Hindi and English are your saviours.

Trust me, I have never come across one person who has spent a major part of his life in Bangalore, but have something negative to say about the city. Everyone who has been there, even for a day, has only one thing to say, “Bangalore is the perfect place to stay”!

About the Author:

Meera Dewaan is an aspiring writer, literature geek and author. She has several journals, articles and papers to her name. Writing is her passion. She writes about mostly all genres.

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  1. Oh, what a tempting post! I was ready to throw myself on the first plane to Bangalore - never knew it had so much to offer! Green scenery, parks, nature--- and then in combo with culture, great food and last but not least- friendly people. Dream destination for me! Big hugs to you dear Arti and thanks for presenting.


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