Soulie Saturday #6: Standing Alone - A Lesson by The Citadel. (Bhuleshwar Fort, Pune)

A citadel fort at the bottom of the  Bhuleshwar Shiva Temple near Yavat Pune
A citadel at the base of the  Bhuleshwar Shiva Temple near Yavat, Pune

Carved in brick, lime and stone
a huge citadel
at the base of a massive fort
I don’t know why
I was made to stand here alone.

Those were times out of my control,
in spite of being gigantic,
I felt like a titanic
sunk in the woods and valleys steep
dimly lit through the mists of the deep

The enemy attacked one day
howdahs and shovel in hand
scared and shaken
I wanted to live
run away and hide
to someplace beautiful
where nothing was as frightening
brutal or hurtful.

The arrows flew high and low
I withered in agony
my heart crumbling in the tragedy
adorned with the unfortunate blow.

But life was wise
through the perilous fight
the pain came shouting
took shelter in my stride.

Damaged and wounded,
I thought I would die
but suddenly then,
someone turned my weeping eye

On the other side of my wall,
the flag of triumph was flying high
the sky was full of laughter
uninhibited joy.

In a matter of seconds, 
my world of misery
collided upside down.
And it was now that I realized
how my wave of I
crashed into the ocean of we
through my strewn shards of pain
I could finally see
hugging the resonance of hope
the cries of our victory.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes,
clearing the dirt off my glasses
I started breathing again
a new found freedom rushed through my vein.

God had been kind
helping me win an invisible battle
that raged so fierce in my mind
life is full of color and light
from the day I placed my trust in his sight –

Once alone,
I now stand in company,
the naked grass, warm with spring
the bushes and shrubs
swaying under in summer's sun-kissed field
For after fighting long and best
a hero deserves peaceful rest.

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While climbing the Bhuleshwar temple near Yavat in Pune, I came across this impressive citadel, which stands at the base of the temple. Though people visit this place today chiefly for the 13th century Shiva temple known for its unique architecture, this historic citadel is mighty in its own right.

Sometimes called as 'Mangalgadh' and at other times 'Daulatmangal', the fort was constructed in 1629 by Murar Jagdev who built the fort to keep a watch on the city. It is also believed to be the place where Goddess Parvati danced for Lord Shiva and from here they went to Kailash and got married. This place is crowded during Mahashivratri.

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  1. This is such a wonderful post dear. I loved the poem. And beautiful picture.

  2. Very beautiful and full of positivity.Love it Arti. :)

  3. Beautiful words and soulful composition. Your inspiring perspective always awakens the soul, Arti.

  4. Your poetry took back to the historic period, capturing a war feel of victory and fall! Inspiring shot as well

  5. This is really heartfelt, the way you have captured the pain, inner turmoil and the ultimate triumph are very emotional and really " Soulie "


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