Soulie Saturday #4: Sunset with Mother Ganga, Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh.

There was still some time for the evening arti to begin; I sat on the ghats of Parmarth Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh as close to her waters as I could. The atmosphere was abuzz with activity and one could hear incomprehensible murmurs all around. I focused my attention on the soft gurgling sound sound of River Ganga instead...

Serene and calm, ah ...

Mother Ganga suring sunset Arti, Parmarth Niketan Ashram Rishikesh

Ganga Maiyya!
She looked beautiful.

Gushes of wind danced and swirled around her, making her look even more ethereal and other worldly. I simply sat in awe; letting my hand in, into her icy cold waters and felt like a child being taken into her mother’s arms to be held gently against her breasts.

As the last rays of the sun fell on her, illuminating through the mountains, I closed my eyes and prayed for her loving benediction and inner strength and power. Those moments, with Mother… they were assuring, her gaze which constantly told me that Lord Shiva was guiding over me in all my trials and tribulations so there wasn’t any room for worry.

As the sun’s light dimmed with each passing moment and the intensity of the night increased, I was overwhelmed with a profusion of balming serenity and a comforting guidance never experienced before. Even the setting sun became the veil, the aanchal, which she was drawing over all of her children present there, including me, to shield us from the noisy and frightening world outside.

In her arms, I felt safe.

I felt one with Mother, my own nature.

My reverie was soon broken by the loud sound of the bells, the arti had just begun… my heart was flooded in tears of joy and happiness.

Today, I salute and pay my respects to her in spirit, for I know I may be miles apart in Mumbai, but I always have a mighty divine force of Mother to protect me no matter where I am.

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This post is inspired by the highly talented travel blogger and photographer desi Traveler’s series on Mothers day titled #MerePaasMaanHai (मेरे पास माँ है) celebrating and honoring the unique essence of a mother-daughter bond. Do check his Instagram account to know more.

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  1. In a few hundred words, Arti, you capture the kernel of aspects it takes most of us years to find.

    I will join your #Soulie movement... it's just going to take me some time to find a good place to click a selfie. Wish me luck :)

  2. You capture a great feel though your words and picture... and a wonderful tribute to Mother Nature and river.

  3. I am there through your words and soulie, Arti! Jai Ganga Maiyya! 🙏

  4. How wholesome and enlightening. The writer managed to inspire and to advocate a new and healthy movement, #soulie.

  5. Very nice, you have captured the essence of the place so well Arti!

  6. Your photography is stunning! I've enjoyed looking through your blog, and feeling like I'm traveling the world with you! Thank you for sharing!
    loritaube @

  7. This place looks so calming and healing. I love the sunset photo!

  8. I read this post on instagram and was touched by the narrative and especially the warmth with which you wrote it. Couldn't be a better post to describe the prompt #MerePaasMaaHai...

  9. I don't miss to watch the Aarti telecast around 6 pm on banks of river Ganga at Parmarth Niketan on Sanskar channel

  10. The photo is beautiful. It makes me yearn to be there with you.


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