Soulie Saturday #3: With Every Breath I Take (Dwarka beach).

Dwarka beach and the Dwarka temple

With very breath I take
a new bond we make
ripples of sadness, disappointment washed away
waves of hope, trust and devotion
create a better, brighter day.

With very breath I take
a cake of freedom I bake
life can toss me – scatter or sweep
that me is not for mine to keep

No matter what season or reason
I trust your sight and vision
for in it,
I see my own reflection
pristine and pure
sacred and deep.

With every breath I take,
I see a dream wide and awake.
there is a land afar
calling out my name
there happiness is for real,
laughter is a door ajar.

It’s the call of the heart
A journey into the unknown,
I must now depart
for my own survival sake.

With every breath I take,
I ask for your loving hand
come with me and hold me close
in your light
I now finally see ~
A forgotten me
And my long lost friend.

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Captured this while wandering aimlessly around the Dwarka beach. Though Dwarka is a major place of pilgrimage and remains crowded most of the year, you can find many quiet spots for yourself all around the area. The best thing about this particular area was not only its solitude and quiet but the intricate tapestry in nature ... that trail of light (see it?) leading right up to the temple standing majestically in the distance and as if the beaming waves were dancing in delight!

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  1. Soulful and so full of optimism and faith, words resonating with the pic. :)

  2. Awesome post. Great to read. ~da


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