Soulie Saturday #2: A Devotee at Govind Devji Temple, Jaipur

and stripped

no longer bound
by the bars
of my fears

a precious gem
wrapped in the breath of my beloved

I pray
in the temple
of my truth.

A Devotee at Govind Deoji Temple, Jaipur in Rajasthan

If there is one temple in Jaipur that you must visit, it is this - Govind Devji Temple! I have always been very fond of this place and have found the energy within the temple to be very intense - the faith one can see in the devotees here is powerful and moving. Spend a few minutes in the temple hall and it is easy to feel an unmistakable shared bond of personal connect with Lord Krishna all around. Such is the vibe of the place that it is hard to return empty... without being touched by the fragrance of love and devotion.

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  1. Lovely place it is! A great idea of selfie coo eating soul with almighty!

  2. Beautiful capture on the devoted!

  3. Wow amazing blog I really love it. The information you have provided is very awesome. The photographs are excellent.

  4. Nice. Devotee must have inner eye to see the lord. Otherwise, it becomes just another visit.

  5. Wow! I liked this concept of "Soulie". Will surely participate <3
    Beautiful picture and post dear.

  6. I read your post on Govind devji temple long back and this time I made it a point to visit it. Arti, the aura of the place is sheer magic! Loved it. Sending you my soulie today :)


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