Beside The Seaside: Celebrating Beach Holidays!

Who doesn't love to be beside the seaside?

Me at the Kannur beach.

There is something very beautiful about beaches and oceans.

Those waves in the ocean rising above in full furore, they march towards the shoreline, bubbling and tumbling with all their worth, as if with a thousand stories hidden carefully in their heart, opening it all at once as they kiss the shoreline, then gradually dissolving and dispersing in fragments, in peace, only to rise up again in the distance. There is birth, death and renewal, and love, hope and understanding between everyone involved - all in a matter of seconds.

There is something about beaches. They are so inspiring and mesmerising just by being who they are. I have always loved sitting by the shore, on the warm sands or walking by them and staring into the sea, often blankly, into the faraway skies, feeling the mood - the chattering happy people slipping by, feeling my spirit beating in headlong exhilaration on those pure moments of freedom as if descending from a place where happiness is so easy to touch by.

Beaches, like nature, speak to us about the many shades and magic of life in their own language to all who are willing to hear.

Many pilgrimages in India and teerthas and temples are located close to beaches and rivers. I have been fortunate to have visited quite a few of them through my yatras. I thought of compiling a list of a few of the beaches that I have been to in the recent years and those that I have digital pictures of to put up here. So come along, remove your flip-flops and shoes, and breathe in the fresh sea air! Let's bask in the bounty of nature and revel in the beauty of some of these best beaches in India.

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Around 25 kms. from the epic temple of Lord Shiva in Rameshwaram lies one of the most spectacularly scenic stretches of Tamil Nadu – the Dhanushkodi beach where I’d savoured the rough and angry Indian ocean merging with the calm and serene waters of the Bay of Bengal. The desolated town once left in ruins and abandoned by an enormously furious cyclone that hit the area in 1964 today grabs eyeballs from all over the world for being the elusive 'ghost town' as piped by guidebooks and travel enthusiasts.

Ghost town beach from Dhanushkodi, Rameswaram

If you are visiting the revered site of Rameshwaram, make it a point to visit this place, mysterious and mythical both at the same time. A place where Lord Ram had once commenced his journey to Sri Lanka, today the striking beach lies mostly isolated except a few hutments of fishermen folk who continue to make a living by catching fish from the ocean.


Located along the Kathiawad coast in Gujarat, there are some excellent beach shores in the Hindu pilgrim city of Lord Krishna’s town Dwarka. Even though the beach is adjacent to the famous Dwarkadhish temple which remains crowded the year round owing to the lakhs of pilgrims who visit the place, if you leisurely roam around you can find yourself great spots spotlessly clean and devoid of touristy crowds to experience the richness of nature coupled with a shot of tranquillity that these long stretches have on platter.

Rich coral world from Dwarka, Gujarat.
Here’s, one such stretch I found in Dwarka.

The gorgeous beach with crystal clear aquamarine water and coral reefs reflecting an azure blue sky and backed by dramatic cliffs with a lighthouse in the distance is quite a treat to the eyes.


Chennai, along with a host of architecturally significant ancient temples, boasts of some lovely sandy beaches strewn all around anchoring the city to both the locals and the trippers alike.

Sun going down at Elliot Beach or Bessie's in Chennai.

Continuing from where the Marina Beach ends, the Elliot Beach (also known as Bessie’s) shore carries a historical legacy from the British era as it was the place where the former governors would frequent for their royal bathing and other relaxation activities. We visited the beach after bowing down our heads in the Ashtalakshmi Kovil which is just a stone’s throw away from the sea. The beach area was quiet, wasn’t very crowded and except for some plastic strewn around, it was pretty clean to spend a beautiful evening.

Among the tourist attractions nearby besides the Ashtalakshmi Kovil, is the Velankanni Church both easily accessible from the beach area and there are a host of restaurants lining the sandy stretch to keep you satisfied.


To the eastern side of Ramanathaswamy temple is the Agni Teertham, a beach and one of the 64 sacred teerthams of Rameshwaram. It remains generally crowded with pilgrims all over the year who flock from all around the world to bathe in the sacred teertham with the belief that a dip here will absolve them of all their sins. The crowd is especially huge on full moon and no moon days as they are considered auspicious bathing days.

Wandering on the shores of Agni Teertham.

Owing to the religious significance, the mood on the beach resembles a spiritual mela with priests chanting mantras, devouts offering their prayers and the faithfuls performing various rites and rituals.

For the best experience of the beach devoid of the tourists, drift a little away from the main Agni teertham area towards the jetty side from where boats ply. Evenings and mornings are the best time to go for a walk here.


A beautiful 800 meter long stretch of sand and surf in northern Kerala is Kannur’s desolated and pristine Thottada beach where you can head for a truly resting and relaxing time to unwind in nature and connect with your inner self. Shaded by swinging palm trees and clear skies above, this beautiful beach with golden sand and sun-kissed waters remains secluded and striking enough to take your breath away.

Magnificient sunset at Thotadda beach in Kannur.

Relatively untouched by urban expansion, the beach provides a buffer isolating the worldly from the peaceful. There is an instantly likeable village feel with homestay options right on the beach itself.

With nothing else to do, the beach is a perfect getaway to simply curl yourself up with a great book, watch the sunrise or the sunset, chill out on the warm sands, tune in to the melody of nature or strike a conversation with the locals and the tourists alike.


Ensconced by coconut trees kissing the canopy of the overhead azure blue of the sky, the beautiful beach in Ganpati Phule stretches along the Konkan coast in front of the 400 year old Swayumbhu (self manisfested) Ganesha temple in the town of Ratnagiri in Maharashtra. Essentially a temple town, the white sands of the beach are a favourite place where pilgrims throng to relax and rejuvenate in the lap of nature after paying their respects in the temple.

Peace at the beach in Ganpatiphule, Maharashtra.

MTDC hotel is a good hotel to stay in (which is where we had stayed) as it is just a stone’s throw away from the beach. The beach is dotted with shacks and small shops and apart from that you can find camels lazing around inviting you for a quick ride.

For the best experience however, I suggest you to get away to one of the sand trails away from the main temple area. That’s where the crowds are relatively thinner and therefore, peace here is at its maximum.


Located at a distance of about 15 kms. from Ganpatipule town, lies a virgin beach, untouched and pristine, the Aare Ware beach. Connected by the Sakhartar Bridge, the Aare Beach is on Ganpatipule - Ratnagiri route through Bhandapule. The entire 7 km. stretch of the road accompanying the beach is heavenly with a 100 odd feet high cliff face jetting out above from the viciously lapping waters below calling for your attention.

Stunning Aare Ware Beach in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

There are no amenities available as it’s relatively less known and lesser frequented but the view that one gets here is one of its kind.

For the best experience, chose your points well, let the breeze ruffle your hair, close your digicam and DSLR’s for some time and let the music of the waves seep in your senses.


An elegant ‘C’ stretch of 3 kms. long promenade in South Mumbai, Marine drive is THE place in Mumbai where people head to drown all their worries and stresses away in the roaring waters of the Arabian sea.

There is a seating area all along to sit and stare into the contrasting views of the faraway horizon on one side and the taller concrete structures on the other. Observing people from all walks of life converge into this melting kaleidoscope of the sea is also refreshing and an interesting way to spend time here.

Marine Drive promenade in the city of dreams, Mumbai!

Best time to visit the place is anytime during the day because every moment here is so deeply personal that it leaves you in awe. As the soft light fades away into dusk and twilight turns into night, the views become surreal with the entire circle glowing in a pearl-like luminescence of a queen.

If you keep walking up north, further from the Marine Drive, you reach the Girgaum Chowpatty, another famous landmark of Mumbai beaming with people and lined with snack and chaat shacks right on the sands.


A great way to spend an evening in the district of Ratnagiri in the Konkan coast of Maharashtra is by heading out to the cool and magnificent Bhatye Beach which is 2 kms. from the main town.

To get to the beach, one has to pass through the shady canopy of pine trees or ‘suru’ trees as they are referred locally. The beach attracts a lot of diverse people from Ratnagiri owing to its proximity to the town and hence sports a picnic jibe – there are food chaat stalls, coconut water shacks, bugee horse rides and other knick knacks to keep one engrossed and entertained. The clear blue waters stretching along the silvery sands coupled with the Sahyadri mountains in the distance and a lively atmosphere makes this place a must visit when in Ratnagiri.

Magnificinet twilight at Bhatye Beach, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra.

Continue walking on the Bhatye beach and one reaches the Zari Vinayak temple at the end. If you are looking to rest your heels for the night, MTDC is a good option, also consider visiting the Mandvi beach which is just next to Bhatye, separated by a creek.

Which of these beaches have you been to?
Which are the other beaches that you would like to add to this list?

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  1. Loved to read your post.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. wow .. being a sailor .. amazed to see details of Indian costliness .. have visited most of the mentioned by you (except THOTTADA BEACH, KANNUR, KERALA and only one at Ratnagiri) .. how about Goa Jagannath Puri Chilka Lake ? yes sea some go for pears some for fish some just wet their feet and some like write beautiful history/story and some like us sail thru !! .. yes talking about Dwarka did you miss Gomati Chakra (v famous religious and otherwise) find there + at Rameshwar a hub of rare left mukhi shankh - Dakshinavarti Shankh, Valampuri Sanggu; Tamil: வலம்புரி சங்கு or Sri Lakshmi Shankh, is a sacred Hindu object otherwise known in English as a conch shell. This is the shell of a large sea snail from the Indian Ocean (a shell of the species Turbinella pyrum), but one that has the very rare reverse-turning spiral. ... Sr .Arti you are awesome indeed !!

  3. Hi Arti,

    Lovely that you were able to visit the seaside and yes, I agree it is a lovely place to go. I enjoyed seeing your photos.
    Enjoy the rest of the week

  4. It was a pleasure reading your post,and great pics,thanks for sharing.Talking of beaches somehow reminds me of the beaches of Kanyakumariaar,though quite rocky,and not a very conventional beach,there is an unexplained charm that draws me to it.

  5. good travel guide thanks for article

  6. This is a gem of a post. You are the best when it comes to Spiritual travel in India :) Slow claps, Arti.

  7. Oh my, while it snows and blows here, I'm breathing the warm salt air of your beaches, Arti! I love the photos of the shorelines and the sun lighting the horizon.

  8. Hello Atri,

    Thanks for the visit. I have tried to add you to my reading list but it is not working? I wonder if I cut cut and paste and add it myself? Anyway, I enjoyed your post. beaches are so relaxing . I could walk for miles and miles along the seashores.

  9. Very beautiful poetic post,Arti! Mesmerizing read about the beautiful beaches in our country. India is so incredibly divine, felt it again after reading your post. Pics are amazing as well. :)

  10. This post is so refreshing,Arti! Seaside walk and the serenity around seashore are some of the best things in world. Marine drive for me is one such place that is the heart and soul of Mumbai; especially in the hustle and bustle of the city.Ganpati phule is also one of the best beaches in Maharashtra.

    There is chandrbhaga beach in Orissa near Puri. The high current waves and cleanliness around seaside is something that's surreal. There is Gangasagar too in the south of kolkata; confluence of river ganga and bay of bengal. It's also worth a visit!

    And a peaceful walk along seashore is something I always cherish! Lovely post. 😊

  11. Beaches are my favourite places of visit and I really enjoyed viewing and reading about these beaches and except Elliot’s beach I haven’t visited others and some are first time hear about. The Elliot’s beach is walkable from my home as we living in the neighbourhood… I think you actually haven’t visited the beach but the adjacent shore of Astalakshmi Kovil because u can’t miss mentioning about the Karl Schmidt memorial that has been the centre of attraction and also the popular hangout for young ones, the beach promenade.

    Lovely photos! The Aare ware beach looks awesome from the cliff

  12. For a change, you walked me through some of the wonderful beaches that are yet to get crowded with tourists! Yes, being beside a beach is a blissful experience.

  13. Loved the post, Arti. There is something about beaches that calms me. How come none of the Goa beaches figured here? But you know, except for Marine Drive, I haven't visited any of the beaches that you've mentioned. Time to change that!

    1. That's because I have never been to Goa, Rachna.

  14. You made me virtually travel to all these. The post has a serene, calming effect. No kidding.
    I could actually picturise myself dipping my feet in Dwarka and strolling on the Ganpati Phule beach.

    I haven't been to many of these. So this just fuelled my desire to visit them. Have been to the Ratnagiri beaches. They sure are pristine and untouched.
    Love the serenity beach in Pondicherry:)

  15. Yes, I do believe beaches have a language of their own. The waves speak to us through their continuous rambling while the strong breeze whispers some secret...
    mesmeric pictures, Arti...loved each one of them... :-)

  16. Reminds me I have not been to all the beaches in india, I should some day fingers crossed..

    Lovely pics


  17. My bucketlist just got longer...thanks for sharing:-)

  18. Very beautiful description and pics of the beaches, hope i will visit all these.

  19. Beaches , in our society have some other meaning . It is the place where mostly foreigners come in fashionable and some time odd outfits . But here your post is telling the actual truth of beaches. Great post Arti , very nice and important information .

  20. It was wonderful to read about all these beautiful beaches. Stunning pictures, Arti. I love sea beaches. The sound of the sea waves seem to drown all my anxiety. A beautiful post. I hope to visit all these beaches soon :)

  21. "There is something about beaches. They are so inspiring and mesmerising"- This is such an expansive coverage cutting across so many states. Thanks for sharing!

  22. A lovely read. Am still to see many of them

  23. I love beaches. Enjoyed reading your post Arti. Enchanting pictures.

  24. you have summed up the post so clearly, the Pics are also So Crisp : Pure and Fresh ! Has to be your Vision of looking at things is So Pure and Clear that is does Wonders :) Have read your Blog posts so those ideas also come popping in : the Place where you loose yourself and find the Newer being ! Coming back to this post loved the post Arti :)

  25. Indeed, beaches are fascinating. Lovely pictures, Arti. :)

  26. Well, these beaches are going to be in my bucket list for this year for sure

  27. Yes, beaches teach us something new every time. When we are tired of our mundane work hours, a beach vacation is the best vacation to heal the worries and start afresh. With the bustling and roaring waves, azure sky, cool wind make your presence greatly worthy. You wouldn't feel bored for a single amount of time. However, you should take little precautions while enjoying the beach. The waves along with the magnificent views of sunset and sunrise make the moments memorable.


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