Ganesh Chaturthi Pandal Hopping: Day 11 || Ganesha in The City of Saints - Pandharpur!

Built in the thirteenth century, the holy town of Pandharpur is settled in a semi circular cushion by the imposing banks of River Chandrabhaga which from a distance looks like a crescent of a moon. Revered as a major pilgrimage in the state of Maharashtra, the town attracts millions of pilgrims (particularly of the warkari sect) who perfom yatra (wari pilgrimage) to its highly revered temple of Pandurang Vithal Rukhmini (embodiments of Lord Vishnu or Krishna and His consort Rakhumai).

One of the most striking aspects of a yatra to Pandharpur is the worshipping of poet-saints like Eknath, Namdeo and Tukaram – highly visionary people who became immortal through their devotion to God and society. All through the pilgrimage the followers and believers sing bhajans (hymns) and songs (Marathi abhanga poetry) thus bringing the essence and energy of devotion of these great saints along with them.

I have never been to Pandharpur but I find this idea of singing and travelling with the saints extremely fascinating and exciting! What a joy it must be to travel with saints like Tukaram and Jyandeo who are immortal through their words - a treasure - which they left in the world for all of us to cherish for generations to come.

Today’s Ganesha of ours is shown to be seated in the Pandharpur Temple of Vithoba surrounded by the love, bhakti and devotion of one such saint who worshipped Lord Vitthala Panduranga with His divine words. Presenting below the pictures of the Ganesha Pandal from Mumbai coupled with one such beautiful poem by saint Tukaram towards the end.

Ganpati Pandal Hopping: Day 11 || Ganesha in The City of Saints - Pandharpur!

Lord Ganesha in a thematic pandal of saint Tukaram, Ganesh Chaturthi Pandal Hopping, Mumbai
Lord Ganesha in a thematic pandal set in Pandarpur, Ganesh Chaturthi Pandal Hopping, Mumbai
Ganesha as Vithoba, Ganesh Chaturthi Pandal Hopping, Mumbai
Baby Lord Ganesha in a thematic pandal, Ganesh Chaturthi Pandal Hopping, Mumbai
Lord Ganesha in a thematic pandal, Ganesh Chaturthi Pandal Hopping - Mumbai
Lord Ganesha in a thematic pandal, Ganesh Chaturthi Pandal Hopping in Mumbai

How Could a Lover Fall?
By Sant Tukaram.

What could have caused your grip to weaken
that allowed creation to be?

How could a lover fall to his death
from the arms of infinite 

How active you are in the mind sustaining such a great wall
that the sun can cast a frightening shadow
the world believes.

No one has ever really known sadness. No real God 
would ever allow pain.

How then can a heart feel it is broken and in need 
If we are held in the arms of infinite
compassion and 

The mirror you (God) stand before -
we need to gaze into it also.

That name you called Beloved
as I fell from your lips –

I suffer
because I did not quite 
hear it;

so tell me again dear One
so clear:

I am 


P.S.: This year, come along with me for meeting our very own neighbourhood friendly Ganesha on My Yatra Diary... peeping into one pandal each day.

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  1. Ganesha in front of Vithoba such a devotional concept and Sant Tukaram words are timeless. Thanks for sharing them Arti.

  2. Some of the poems by sant Tukaram is really good.

  3. Wah...amazing murti...i kept seeing it for long :) i have learnt Sant Tumaram bhajans in school :)

  4. lovely poem and loved reading about Pandarpur :) ! Beautiful pandal decor :)

  5. festival wishes.. Any photo op on the visarjan?

    1. Oh yes! It's a photographers delight, come to Mumbai sometime during Ganesh Chaturthi. And festival wishes to you and your family too :)

  6. Thanks for the beautiful Ganesha Tour ending with the enlightening poem of Tukaram.

  7. Thanks for sharing the poem dear. It was so enlightening. And Beautiful captures. Loved the idol.

  8. Pandas hopping is great fun during Ganesh festival


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