Ganesh Chaturthi Mumbai Pandal Hopping: Day 4 | Creative Paper Ganesha!

I just want to make beautiful things,
even if nobody cares.'
~ Saul Bass.


Ganesh Chaturthi, the festival celebrating the Birthday of Lord Ganesha, is not only a time for getting together, merrymaking, meeting the Raja at the various Mumbai Pandals or eating modaks - it's also a time for appreciating all things creative and artistic. The organisers in the city spring up with various themes and ideas surrounding our elephant God Ganesha to make their pandal unique from their counterparts. Yes, it's a competition out there. And a heated one at that! Everywhere you look, you see people bidding to do something extra - that X factor that will make their Bappa stand out from the rest. Everyone wants their Bappa to be the best Bappa in town! This adds to the unique charm the festival brings with itself giving the devouts one more aspect to watch out for.

So people like you and me, before entering a pandal, big or small, we wonder and we are curious about what theme would it have, or if at all would it have one? Would the backdrop be a historic temple, or a palatial palace or would the focus be on a current societal issue? Would the make of the Ganesha be traditional in style or would it have that added something - that creative touch?

Our Ganesha for today comes in a beautiful artistic flavor: He is made from Paper Quilling! And I say He looks even more cute and friendly in this eco-avatar of His.


Entrance to eco friendly Ganesha, Ganesh Chaturthi Mumbai Pandal Hopping
A cluster of umbrellas at the pandal entrance.
Eco friendly lovely Ganpati from paper, Ganesh Chaturthi Mumbai Pandal Hopping
Eco friendly Ganpati from paper, Ganesh Chaturthi Mumbai Pandal Hopping
Eco friendly cute Ganpati from paper, Ganesh Chaturthi Mumbai Pandal Hopping
Eco friendly Ganesha made of paper, Ganesh Chaturthi Mumbai Pandal Hopping
Eco friendly Ganpati pandal from paper, Ganesh Chaturthi Mumbai Pandal Hopping
Eco friendly mouse, Ganesh Chaturthi Mumbai Pandal Hopping
Ganpati from paper quilling,  Ganesh Chaturthi Mumbai Pandal Hopping

To some extent I happily don't know what I'm doing.
I feel that it's an artist's responsibility to trust that.
~ David Byrne.



P.S.: This year, come along with me for meeting our very own neighbourhood friendly Ganesha on My Yatra Diary... peeping into one pandal each day.

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  1. Wish to see the process of making such beautiful Ganesha from Paper Quilling! Ganesha blesses wondrous Art. :-)

  2. Such a creative way to show Ganpati and if you had not told it would have never occurred to me that the Ganesha is made of paper. Thanks for sharing the divine presence of Ganpati with all of us.

  3. It looks like even the children are busy creating. So intricate, it's hard to believe it's made of paper!

  4. This so cute and colorful. That it is made of paper got me curious. :)

  5. Ganpati bapa is lucking so cute. Creativity is to awesome.

  6. Beautiful. The vibe in Mumbai during the Ganesh Chaturthi is much similar to that of Kolkata during the Durga Pujo. It's just around the corner..I'm feeling so excited...hehe...

  7. Its really very interesting to know about such a decoration and idol, very creative indeed and it needs hard work also. Thanks a lot for sharing, loved the pics.

  8. Such a creative piece of art. I had once seen edible Ganesha, made of different kinds of biscuits. :)

    I also liked the mouse. very cute. :)

  9. This is so so so innovative! :) And adorable too!
    Thanks for sharing Arti!

    "I just want to make beautiful things,
    even if nobody cares."
    ~ Saul Bass
    This quote made my day!

  10. wow! This is so creative. Beautiful captures dear.
    Reading your posts just cheer me up :)

  11. Creative Ganesha :) Beautiful captures Arti :)

  12. Astounding! The desire in people to contribute to a cleaner environment brings out such creativity! The paper Ganesh was awesome! The paper mouse vaahan was equally cute :)

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