Ganesh Chaturthi Mumbai Pandal Hopping: Day 3 | Ganesha on Shesha as Vighna Raja!

Thou shalt be the chief of the Vinayakas,
Vighnaraja, the son of Siva;
thou shalt be chief of the Vinayakas and Ganas;
success and disappointment shall spring from thee;
and great shall be thine influence amongst the gods,
and in sacrifices and all affairs.
Therefore shalt thou be worshipped and invoked the first on all occasions,
otherwise the object and prayers of him who omits to do so shall fail.
~ Lord Shiva to His Putra (son) Ganesha.


I have always seen Ganesha with the mouse as His vehicle and I thought that was His only vehicle.

But did you know...

According to various Puranas like Mudgala Purana, Ganesh Purana and other sacred Scriptures, Ganesha has many as 6 to 7 more vehicles besides the regularly depicted mooshak raja or mouse. Yes, you heard that right!

In his Vikata avatar He uses a peacock, in Mohotkata He uses a lion, in Dhumraketu He uses a horse, in Gajanana a mouse and guess what He uses in Vighna Raja … ?


~ VighnaRaja ~

The King Who removes all Obstacles,
You sit on the coils of the divine serpent, Shesha,
lovingly embraced by Your vahana's hooded aura,

Ganesha on a serpent Shesha, Ganesh Chaturthi Mumbai Pandal Hopping

O, My Friend VighnaRaja!

I stand humbled before thee,
by the hooded aura of your timeless grace.

~ You break the serpentine coils of my wandering mind,
Fear, evil, ignorance and distress ~

Ganesha in Vighnaraja avatar, Ganesh Chaturthi Festival Mumbai Pandal Hopping

With Your eternal light

You reveal the faint figure,
through those thick veils of my mirror,

Obstacles that stand,
between You and me.

Ganesha in Vighnaraja avatar, Ganesh Chaturthi Mumbai Pandal Hopping

~ Me, the dust.
You, pure gold. ~


P.S.: This year, come along with me for meeting our very own neighbourhood friendly Ganesha on My Yatra Diary... peeping into one pandal each day.

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  1. I never knew that he had other vehicles too. Well, pretty informative for me! A beautiful post like always! :)

    Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you and your family,Arti! :)

  2. Happy Ganesh chaturti dear arti, hope the blessing of lord ganesha give you & family happiness :)

  3. Great pics. Greetings.
    Thanks a lot for your post.
    Ganapati Bappa Moraya

  4. Soul touching prayer dear Arti! "Serpentine coils of wandering mind" "Me the dust, you pure Gold"


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