A Local's Secret Guide to Traveling Jodhpur

Blue City - Jodhpur

To the Rajasthan travelers, Jodhpur is a familiar name. It is the second largest city in Rajasthan. It is called Sun City because Jodhpur city enjoys sunny weather all the year. Being near Thar Desert the average temperature is always around 30-40 degree Celsius.

It is called Blue City because the houses here are mostly painted blue. Blue is a calm color, it brings coolness.The coolness is required in the warm days.

Here, I’m writing about my city, describing what I think about Jodhpur. You will see many secrets that are usually not talked about in Travel guides. Let’s start:

Why do I Love my city? (And why should you visit it!)

Let’s start with basics. I love my city because of these reasons:

  • People: Jodhpur people are very humble, live together and grow together. Every street and society lives like a bigger family. People go out of their zones to help each other.
  • Food: Dal-Bati is the first thing that comes in my mind when I think about Desi Jodhpur food. Many dishes originates from Jodhpur and Rajasthani food is very spicy.
  • Culture: People here still live in joint families. There are no customs written in books, but we learn from our elders. Being Hindu, there are many cultural festivals that we enjoy.
  • Places: Apart from famous Jodhpur tourist places, there are many hills, wells and private Bawadis (privately owned kunds). Farms and lakes makes perfect combination.
  • Weather: All the year, the days are sunny days. Being near Thar Desert, it is not surprising. Nights are cold though. During May and June it sometimes seem that the heat is never going to end.
Well, there are many other reasons I love my city. Right now I could only come up with these ;)

What are the 5 must see places in my city?

Mehrangarh Fort

Being land of kings, it has many places to visit. The most important of those are:

  • Mehrangarh Fort: One of the largest forts in India, Mehrangarh Fort is the real reason many people visit Jodhpur. They want to experience it and its history. From the Mehrangarh fort you can see the full view of Jodhpur city which is fantastic.
  • Sojti Gate Market: From Sojti gate circle to Sardar market (Clock Tower or Ghanta Ghar) there are a wide variety of shops. There is nothing that you can’t buy here. I think you must explore this market when you are in the city.
  • Kaylana Lake: It supplies most of drinking water in Jodhpur. The water is filtered by Kaylana Filter House. It is an artificial lake. You can enjoy boating and swimming here.
  • Arna Jharna Desert Museum: If you are considering it another boring museum, then I would ask you to re-consider. Instead of being in a closed room, it is open.Here you will learn about various Rajasthani traditions, music, various instruments used and how they came into reality.
  • Siddha Nath Shiv Temple: It is located in hills near Kaylana Lake. You will have to cross hundreds of stairs to reach the temple. Due to its isolation, a handicapped saint Gaurishankar chose to live here.He himself made the temple by cutting stones.

And what’s my top local secret? (Here’s something you won’t find in the guidebooks!)

Here are the 3 temples that you should visit:

  • Baba Ramdev Temple: The temple is located in Masuria Hill. Baba Ramdev has millions of devotees. During the month of August-September, people from all over the India visit this temple.
  • Ratanada Ganesh Mandir: This is a Ganesh Temple located in the hills of Ratanada. On Wednesday, the day of Lord Ganesha, thousands of people worship him here. The view of Jodhpur from here is superb.
  • Pal Balaji: It is one of the most famous temple in Jodhpur. It is temple of Lord Hanuman. Must visit place!

Here are the 3 gardens that you should visit:

Shastri Circle Park

  • Ashok Udhyan: It is one of the largest garden in Jodhpur. Lush green trees and cold air are home to this garden. During rains it is irresistible.
  • Shastri Circle: Almost everyone in Jodhpur know this place. It is a circle garden. Street food stalls here are famous.
  • Nehru Park: Another great garden is Nehru Park. It is a great maintained garden in Jodhpur. On occasions, cultural programs are performed here.

Here are the 3 mountains that you can climb:

  • Mountains near Kaylana lakes
  • Mountains behind Lariya village
  • Mountains near Mehrangarh fort

Here is another secret: No matter what time of year you visit Jodhpur, Ravan ka Chabutara and Town Hall in Jodhpur always have some fairs and performances going on. Right now (June-July 2016) one of the greatest magicians OP Sharma is performing magic shows in Town Hall and a new fair set is being set up in Ravan ka Chabutara.

My top recommendation for eating out? (And the local dishes you must try)

This is my favorite part. Who doesn't love food ;)

Go to Fun n Food Restaurant (Address:11th B Road, Sardarpura, Jodhpur), it has most of the Jodhpur food, street food and famous fast foods.

Vijay Ras Bhandar

Some recommended local dishes are:

  • Dal Bati: Bhawani Dal Bati (Address: 77, 1st Chopasani Road, Opp. IDBI Bank)
  • Gewar: Jodhpur Sweets (C Road, Sardarpura)
  • Mirchibada + Bread: Janta Sweet Home (Sojti Gate)
  • Dahi Vada: Chandra Shahi Samosa (In front of JNVU old Campus, Ratanada)
  • Cake: 15 AD (NeelamBhavan, 9th C Road, Opp. Gypsy Dining Hall, Sardarpura)
  • Juice: Vijay RasBhandar (12, C Road, Sardarpura)

Here’s what to do next…

This is all you need to know while enjoying your Jodhpur tour. If you have not visited Jodhpur yet, bookmark this guide and refer it when you visit Jodhpur.

After Jodhpur, you might want to visit nearby cities in Rajasthan. Jaisalmer, Jaipur and Udaipur are the most famous cities near Jodhpur.

Have a great tour!


Author Details: Pankaj Solanki is a passionate Marwari guy. He enjoys kicking football, dancing in rains and reading fiction novels. You can follow him on Twitter here and Facebook here.

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