Places to see / Teerthas of Rameshwaram: Rama Teertham.

A small tranquil lake and a significant teertham of Rameshwaram, Rama Teertham is a clean pond situated on the Gandamadhana hill.

When in Rameshwaram,
Do spend a few quiet moments here,
That place where Lord Rama is said to have spent some time
while on His way to Sri Lanka...

Rama Pond at Rama Teertham, Rameshwaram

Descending a few steps off the road takes you to the base of the pond, where sitting peacefully, right in the centre, is the mandapam. Painted in bright yellow color with red stripes in between, the holy monument reflects beautifully on the translucent surface of the waters below.

On the steps leading to the pond sit a few lingams, neatly lined, like kids seated for an assembly in school,

Shivlingams at Rama Pond, Rama Teertham, Rameshwaram

... I see a few flowers are offered to one of them, a testimony to the devotion of  the people who grace this place with their faith and prayers.

Climb back up again. As you move towards the Rama Temple located on the other end of the pond, there is a sacred peepal tree, trunk of which is wrapped in shreds of colorful saree knotted with ribbons of raw sacred cotton threads (kucha suta) by women. Wrapped within them are sincere prayers rooted in love and loyalty, asking for the well-being and good fortune of the entire family...

A sacred tree at Rama Teertham, Rameshwaram

Shift the gaze from the tree towards the left, beyond the auto rickshaws, you can see the Rama Temple, a very modest structure in built. Photography is prohibited inside the temple premises but you can catch a glimpse of Lord Rama and family at the temple fa├žade.

Rama Teertham as seen from Rama Pond, Rameshwaram
Rama Temple at Rama Teertham, Rameshwaram
Rama Teertham, Rameshwaram
Lord Rama, Lakshmana and Goddess Sita at the facade of the temple.


The Fishes! Yes, the water is pretty clear and you can see the fishes swimming in and out of it. Such a delight to see them wriggle in and out of it and create ripples on the surface of the otherwise unruffled placid pond!

This for me, was the highlight of the Rama Teertham!

Rama Pond, Rama Teertham, Rameshwaram

You can find vendors on the steps of the teertham selling fish food like puffed rice and wheat flour. The fish love this, so make some time to get yourself a packet and offer some compassion to these mute creatures...

This little girl down here inspired me.
She didn't mind me clicking her picture.
In fact, did I even matter?

A girl feeds fish at Rama Pond, Rama Teertham, Rameshwaram

She was totally immersed,
how happy and joyful... in her own little world.
That world, where she sprinkled a handful of puffed rice in the water
And they would all be gone, less than a minute!


Rama Teertham Address: Near Dhanushkodi
| 2 Km From Mandapan Station, Rameswaram, India.

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  1. Rama teertham is so serene. Sitting near the pond, near Lord Rama temple...such a peace. It doesn't look crowded. The atmosphere is creating a meditation zone naturally. And fishes add to the purity of the place. It's so nice to see how Lingams are neatly placed, how you described as like kids for assembly in school, Arti. Thanks for the calming post, relief from the heat here. :)

  2. Hi,Atri,
    Thank you for taking us to the interesting place,Rama Teertham. The second photo makes me smile. Love to see people who offered flowers on the lingams. The Japanese put some coins on stone-carved guardian dogs for some reasons, health, well education,happiness and so.
    Rainy season has already come in a part of Japan, Tokyo and some cities around. We will have the season here soon. Hope you have a good day,Arti.

  3. Wow ! what a nice temple of lord RAMA.....i like it...

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing these... I plan to visit the place sometime...

  5. Dear Arti - Lingams on the steps look like stone statues of Buddhism standing in a row facing the water with coins on them instead of flowers. Different culture but similar customs. Indeed it’s such a blessing to be immersed in the moments.

    I smiled to receive comment notice mail while I was reading your post. We were on the telepathy wave lines as we were visiting each other's blog almost at the same time. Enjoy your rainy season.


  6. Nice to see and read about places missed:)

  7. I love this line and the photo that comes after it: "On the steps leading to the pond sit a few lingams, neatly lined, like kids seated for an assembly in school." My Grandchildren would love feeding the fish and watching the water churn with their swimming.

  8. Beautiful pics, Thanks for sharing :)


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