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One of my major motivations behind the humble inception of my dear blog, My Yatra Diary… was to share my travel experiences through thorough descriptions that entailed useful information like how to get there, what to do and more. With no major ambitions, I just wanted to show places as the way I was seeing them, raw and unfiltered, with the core idea being to help people plan their travels in a more efficient way or to give a virtual armchair tour to the rest.

So when the kind folks at TraveLibro invited me to learn more about their website and share my itineraries, I felt it was a wonderful opportunity to simply extend my love for sharing and serving with a wider travel audience.

Next, I created a profile and it’s already been around two months into interacting with it even as I am typing this review post now and I must admit - I am hooked.

My Travel Profile at TraveLibro

Which is a bit weird actually considering that I am a person who feels terribly lost in the world of apps and such tech-savvy things and still prefer the charming old world ways of planning via maps and guidebooks; you know those that smell of real print in paper. That says something right?

Allow me to explain.


TraveLibro is a website portal and app, conceptualised and developed for anyone and everyone who loves to travel. Stemming from the sole love for travel, TraveLibro aspires to be the space where one can plan, save, share and cherish their travel memories. Just about everything that an aspiring traveller seeks to do; you can find it in TraveLibro – from the scratch to the finish. It’s focus on creating a community of passionate travelers who love to share their travel sojourns and guidance is evident. This shows up well in the tab dedicated to ‘Destinations and Itineraries’ where you can search any destination and filter it by type to treat yourself to a plethora of well researched itineraries (on over 1200 destinations) uploaded and updated by travellers all over the world and organized neatly through filters like adventure, backpacking, family, budget trips, etc.

Showcasing your love for travel now became easier with TraveLibro!

This information is then taken on a further level with their section of  holiday planner where users are spoilt between handpicked itineraries and hotel recommendations, enabling them to create their perfect holiday with a perfect plan. And then there are travel agents you can contact in case you need some more help with your bookings, on the go app feature where you can record your memories on the go, travel blogs to stoke your travel inspiration and much more!

But guess which feature hooks me the most to this amazingly loaded travel portal?


This is where you share what you discover about our world. Your way. Just like I do in this little space of mine, My Yatra Diary.

In most cases, while chalking out itineraries for a trip, we rely on guidebooks or the information relayed on the internet for things to do and places to see at the destination that we are headed to. By providing a personal space to record your journeys in a step by step detailed manner, TraveLibro clearly aims to cut through all of the crap and time wasted wading through irrelevant content often encountered on other sites.

And that, my dear friends, makes all the difference. After all, it is a community. It is a community for the travellers, by the travellers and of the travellers.

'My Travel Diary' Video.

And that I think is what I love the most about the website. Everyone who posts, shares something keeping in mind that it ought to help someone planning a trip. The focus is less on the empty selfies, pretty picture postcards or personal travelogues and more on the importance and purpose behind each posted itinerary.

So if, for example, tomorrow I sat down planning a royal trip to the desert state of Rajasthan, all such details like where to go in Udaipur, what to see in Jodhpur and where to eat in Jaisalmer will be available to me at the snap of my fingertips.

What more do I really need?

The consistently valid advice pouring from travel enthusiasts serves to help prospective travellers plan and manage their own trip in a better manner. Which I what I think makes TraveLibro an excellent travel planning tool. If I had to sum this up, I’d rather do this in their own words – It’s a space that every traveller belongs to, and one that belongs to them!


One of the coolest features that makes this social travel network highly intuitive and fun to use is the feed section. This is where the social networking aspect kicks in so you get to read the various travel tales of the people whom you follow and star it if you like it. I’ve already found a number of wonderful fellow bloggers whose travel recommendations I trust, so of course I followed them on TraveLibro, and now I get to see their latest exquisite content every time I log into my account (or open the app on my phone) – these amazing people never fail to get me inspired.

Who wouldn't be inspired with such mouth-watering feeds?
Another highlight is their On-The-Go feature available exclusively with on the app. This is where you can capture heart-warming moments; share travel memories LIVE with your loved ones and cherish them for a lifetime. The On-The-Go app feature auto-creates a beautiful timeline of your journey and displays it on a shared timeline. This spikes the user experience allowing them to track their travel experience with simple check-ins, picture uploads and status messages so that they can capture and share their journeys together. I have yet to personally try this feature but from this snippet I saw created by co-founders, Monish Shah and Malhar Gala, it looked really neat, like a little scrapbook for keeps.

Besides these features, I simply love the entire layout of TraveLibro – it is pretty visually appealing which helps retrieve vital information in a jiffy without having to beat your head round the bush. The elegant and aesthetic user interface ensures that a user like me, a visual person, wants to stay in it for long.  Not just to explore its various features on the surface but to dive deeper and tap into a whole new and growing community of travel geeks like you and me; just common people, who love to both travel, inspire and share what we discover about our world.


The website is still in the developmental stage but I would like to see where it goes from here. The interesting mix of crowd sourced information along with experienced authentic voices of the bloggers makes it an eclectic platform - open and freely accessible to all.

TraveLibro has been a great opportunity for me since all I have always wished to do, ever since I got introduced to this wonderful world of internet and travel blogging, has been to share my journeys. With TraveLibro, I am doing just that. If at all such a sharing of mine can reach out to even one person out there and help him in some way, I would feel the ultimate satisfaction and joy of doing a good job in my heart.

If that sounds like a feeling familiar to you too, join TraveLibro today or download it free from the Android app store or iTunes here.

Once you do, find me at and create a few itineraries. I will add you right back.

And if you’re already using TraveLibro, please share your experience in the comments section below.


This post is written in partnership with TraveLibro. As always, all opinions are my own.

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