Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations: Day 6 | Ganpati Pandal Darshan | My Benevolent Ganesha.

|| Aum Sumukhaya Namah ||

O Lord Ganesha, You are so beautiful,
in face, soul, spirit -
in everything.

~ Lord Ganesh Mantra.

-------------------- *** --------------------

Today, I am asking you out to for a special Ganpati darshan... 
Special, because He is none other than the Guest Ganesha of my housing society!

Monochromatic ganpati, Ganesh Pandal Hopping, Mumbai

I love meeting Him everyday,
Before starting my day,
sometimes before ending my day too.


Beautiful, glittering lighting and decoration in red, Ganesh Pandal Hopping, Mumbai


Stunning lights and decoration, Ganesh Pandal Hopping, Mumbai


Lighting effect Ganpati, Ganesh Pandal Hopping, Mumbai

He blazes,
in glittering lights and decorations.
It’s all beautifully, very lovingly done…

Ganesha of society, Ganesh Pandal Hopping, Mumbai

But guess what attracts me most ... ?

Cute Small Ganpati, Ganesh Pandal Hopping, Mumbai

The benevolence that dances in His expressive eyes.
Tiny eyes... they carry a magnanimous assurance:

"You will be heard."

|| Salutations to thee, O Ganesha ||

PS.: This year, come along with me for Ganesh Pandal darshan from Mumbai on My Yatra Diary... visiting the very friendly Ganesha, peeping into one pandal each day.

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  1. My Pranama to Lord Ganesha. :-) His eyes are really so expressive. Last line "You will be heard" is very assuring. Thanks again Arti for sharing the divine pics.

  2. Great theme Arti :-) the pandals are photographers delight anyways :)

  3. Such gorgeous photographs...enchanting! Your blogs are always special. Enjoyed the tour, Arti :)

  4. Superb captures, and each color and shade enhances the image of Ganesha! Great perspectives

  5. Wow... lovely captures and you are doing a new pandal each day... that's wonderful. Haven't visited Mumbai ever doing this time...

  6. These are some great photoshop effects, if I am not wrong!

  7. those are some lovely pictures .. thank you for sharing


  8. what beautiful idols... Oh I missed the whole atmosphere so much this year Arti... :-)


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