Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations: Day 5 | Ganpati Pandal Darshan | Great Ganesha.

Praise be to thee Ganesha,
Thou art the visible Reality.
Thou art the Creator, the Preserver,
the Destroyer.
Thou art the Supreme Brahman,
the Supreme Manifest.
The Universe is born from Thee...

A motif inside a huge pandal, Ganesh Pandal Hopping, Mumbai

Thou art Brahma, thou art Vishnu,
thou art Rudra Shiva,
Thou art Superior to the Trimurti.
Om. Praise be to Thee, Ganesha.

~ Prayer by the Ganpataya Sampradaya.
(Cited from Book of Ganesha by Royina Grewal.)

Day 5 | Mumbai Ganpati Pandal Hopping | Maha Ganpati - Great Ganesha:

Climbing the red carpeted steps, I enter the canopied tent,
Ganpati Pandal ... His temporary house for the festival.

Lord Ganpati Pandal entrance, Ganesh Pandal Hopping, Mumbai

It's dark inside, but He glitters and glows.

A decorative Lord Ganesha, Ganesh Pandal Hopping, Mumbai

Just like many others before me,
I bow to Thee...

A decorative majestic Lord Ganesha, Ganesh Pandal Hopping, Mumbai

Just like His ardent devotee, this Mouse with the Modak -

Mouse of Lord Ganesha, Ganesh Pandal Hopping, Mumbai

Bestow your lovely blessings,
on me, my friends and family,
O beautiful Ganesha...

Lord Ganesha bestows His blessings, Ganesh Pandal Hopping, Mumbai

We, your fans,
look upto you with longing eyes,
seek for your love and attention...

A mighty big Lord Ganesha, Ganesh Pandal Hopping, Mumbai

Light our paths with your divine wisdom,
guide us our way...

A dazzling Lord Ganesha, Ganesh Pandal Hopping, Mumbai

... lead us to our purpose,
happiness, contentment and joy.

PS.: This year, come along with me for Ganesh Pandal darshan from Mumbai on My Yatra Diary... visiting the very friendly Ganesha, peeping into one pandal each day.

PPS.: Today is 5th day of the festival, one of the days when the Lord is bid farewell back to His celestial Home. Today is Ganpati Visarjan and I can hear loud music reverberating from the the streets as I am typing this post. To get an idea about today's atmosphere in Mumbai, please refer to these Visarjan posts from previous years.

2. Goodbye Ganesha... Ganesh Visarjan
3. See you soon, Ganesha: Ganesh Visarjan, Mumbai.

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  1. Divine feeling Arti.Thanks for sharing.Awesome shots.:)

  2. Great photos, Thanks a lot.
    Arti, Do watch Ganpati Stotram by Mihir Joshi
    Ganpati Bappa Morya

  3. Wonderful pictures. Lord Ganpati bless you.

  4. It is so nice to receive Ganapati in my mail box.. thanks

  5. Beautiful pictures. And so wonderfully narrated :)

  6. Thanks Arti for sharing Ganesha pictures every day. :-) I am feeling like virtually visiting Mumbai Ganesha pandals by visiting here.

  7. Excellent perspective and angles!


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