Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations: Day 4 | Ganpati Pandal Darshan | Eco-Friendly Ganesha.

Hail to thee of auspicious form,
whose head is crowned with a garland of stars...
I adore thy trunk flung up straight in the joy of the dance,
so as to sweep away the clouds...
Destroyer of obstacles,
I worship thy snake adorned body...
the treasure house of all success.

~ Kathasaritsagara

Day 4 | Mumbai Ganpati Pandal Hopping | Eco-Friendly Ganesha (Theme - Lord Ganesha with His Army of Mice):

An interesting Eco friendly Lord Ganesha pandal, Ganesh Pandal Hopping, Mumbai
The huge Ganpati Pandal in a narrow gulli or lane.

An interesting Eco friendly Lord Ganesha entrance, Ganesh Pandal Hopping, Mumbai
Welcome, please come in!

Eco friendly Lord Ganesha mouse theme, Ganesh Pandal Hopping, Mumbai
The Army of Mice: Singing, praising the Lord.

Eco friendly Lord Ganesha made of paper, Ganesh Pandal Hopping, Mumbai
Eco friendly Lord Ganesha Pictures with mouse, Ganesh Pandal Hopping, Mumbai
 The eco-friendly Pied Piper Ganesha in the center,
amid His army of mice.

Eco friendly Lord Ganesha Pictures, Ganesh Pandal Hopping, Mumbai
 The Ganesha is made of paper and paper-pulp only,
materials in tune with mother nature.

Undir Raja, Lord Ganesha Pictures, Ganesh Pandal Hopping, Mumbai
Amid dhols and drums, on the 7th day of the festival
the Ganesha alongwith His mice army will be immersed in a
man-made tub of water right outside the pandal.

P.S.: This year, come along with me for Ganesh Pandal darshan from Mumbai on My Yatra Diary... visiting the very friendly Ganesha, peeping into one pandal each day.

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  1. They created wonderful theme with mice and great light present! Excellent capture Arti... we too dissolved clay idol of Ganesha in tub of water and used it for plants.

  2. Complimenti per il reportage.

  3. Nice pics....I so miss Pune and Mumbai during this festival.

  4. Wow.A lovely theme.Wonderful shots Arti.Thank you so much for sharing.:)

    Sriram & Krithiga

  5. Awesome photos
    Thank you Arti, Keep sharing :) ~ da

  6. Beautiful theme. Really liked the concept of ganesha idol made with paper and paper pulp

  7. This theme is so different. The Murti is created so brilliantly and artistically that it's hard to guess, it is created by paper pulp. :)

  8. The mouse choir is so cute. :)

    You posts around this time of the year is my pandal hopping. Happy festive season, Arti. :)

  9. Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing, Arti :)

  10. Wonderful. I am so stunned to see these giant beautiful sculptures of Lord Ganesha decorated so gracefully. Thank you for sharing. People should use eco-friendly Ganesha such as Water Purifying Ganesha and Fish Friendly Ganesha as much as possible to save the nature.


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