Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations: Day 1 | Sneak Peek of Mumbai’s Ganesha | Ganesh Sthapana

17th September, 2015:

It's day 1 of the 11 day much awaited festival of Vinayak Chaturthi or Ganesh Chaturthi. Owing to a holiday for most people in the city, there’s a certain calm all-pervading in the atmosphere.

Except when you step into any of the local Ganesha art shops housing majestic Ganesha idols for the year... that's when the reverie of calm breaks. This is the site booming in action, today. With throngs of devotees eager to host their beloved Friend in their houses for the festival, these shops are busy hubs.

Charming colourful glittering Ganesha idols - eco friendly and chemically painted, small, medium and jumbo sized in varying shapes, avatars and forms - they all sit there, pretty, like obedient students in an assembly line, waiting to be taken to a place, He would call home for the coming 11 days of His divine journey on earth. Captured below are scenes from some of such local shops that I peeped into in a bid to gauge the mood of the city in the wake of this vibrant and greatly loved festival, Ganesh Chaturthi.

Let's say 'Ganpati Bappa Morya' and join our Friend Ganesha in the celebrations!

Day 1 - Ganesh Puja-Sthapana: Scenes from Mumbai streets, captioned in first-person Ganesha:

O dear bhakta of mine... I'm sitting on the shelves of the local art shop -

Ganesha idols, Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, Mumbai

O dear bhakta of mine... I'm waiting for you!

Ganesha idols in a artesan shop, Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, Mumbai

How do I look? Dust off the dirt and grime, give Me the finishing touches -

Ganesha just before sthapana, Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, Mumbai

Laddoo!!! I'm loving it already!

Pooja during Ganesh Sthapna, Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, Mumbai

Covered like a blushing bride...

Before Ganesh Sthapana, Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, Mumbai

I'm all set to leave, and arrive -

Ganesha on day 1 of Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, Mumbai

Amid enthusiastic chants of ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’ trilling rhythmically into the air to the tune of the tinkering cymbals,

Ganesha being ferried to home, Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, Mumbai

I am carefully, warmly, lovingly carried into respective homes.

Ganesha being carried to home, Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, Mumbai

Riding home: In hand-drawn carts -

Gaensha goes home in cart, Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, Mumbai

In metered autorickshaws -

Ganesha in autorickshaw, Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, Mumbai

In big trucks -

Ganesha being carried in truck, Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, Mumbai

In the dickie back-seat or front-seat of cars -

Ganesha rides in car, Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, Mumbai

Ganesha takes a ride in car, Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, Mumbai

As I ride past the city of Mumbai, I enjoy watching the sights and soaking in the smells and sounds wondering  what has changed and how it has affected the everyday life of my beloved bhaktas.

Once seated comfortably in my temporary earthly home or canopied tents called pandals, I will get to work. Listening to all your woes, stories, tales and bestowing my precious gift of blessings that I have brought exclusively just for you...

But first, the refreshing arti and prayers, the puja-sthapana...

Ganpati Pandal - Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, Mumbai

See you in pandals, very soon!!

Information and Fast Facts related to Ganesh Chaturthi:

- Celebrated in the month of Bhadrapada according to the Hindu calendar. The dates for the festival usually fall between August and September every year and lasts upto 10 days. This year, the festival starts with Ganesh Sthapana on 17th September and ends with Visarjan on 27th September.

- Pooja-Sthapana (worship and life-instillation) of Lord Ganesha is performed during Madhyahna (midday) because the God is believed to be born at that time of the day.

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  1. nice photos. got to know about this festival. informative post, Arti :)

  2. Arti, Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you and your family.
    Beautiful photos, waiting for more.... ~ Da

  3. Ganapati Bappy Moriya. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi festival wishes to you and your family members. Very nice description with beautiful photos.

    Please look into my blog. From the few days i am sharing posts in my blog relating to Lord Ganesha and Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

  4. Welcome Dear Ganapati Bappa. :-) We all were waiting for you. Wonderful pics Arti. :)

  5. Nice capture on the scenes and your captions adds charm to the scenario or transformation of Ganesh! Hope you enjoying your favorite festival :)


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