Where to Stay in Shirdi? A Peaceful Accommodation in Your Budget!

Shirdi is one of those spiritual places that are jam-packed with innumerable hotels today. Weekends or weekdays, scores of faithful pilgrims, descending from all over the world, jostle for a breathing space in this holy town.

Sometimes I wonder how the landscape would have been, around say 25 or 30 years ago, when pilgrimages were less commonly undertaken and thought to be more a privilege of the elderly. To break my bubble of inquiry, my mother is quick to paint a tranquil scenario: The pilgrim rush was less. The number of vehicles even lesser. And the hotels – well, there were hardly any!

Clearly, it’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane for her, a journey she inadvertently misses out on and reminiscences very fondly. For me, it's more like a chapter in history, beautiful recollections of an era gone by...

Coming back to 2015 anyway - we planned a Shirdi Weekend Getaway a couple of weeks back and consequently, I got down to choosing and booking a hotel right away.

A quick search on Airbnb threw up only 2 options for Shirdi and after carefully examining both of them, this is what I chose:

Wonderful accomodation in Sai Baba's town of Shirdi, Maharashtra

1 BHK Rented Accommodation at Shirdi, Maharashtra hosted by Manoj.

Cost: 1347 incl of taxes.

The Airbnb Shirdi property and My Experience: A Review!

Located a little off from the main central hubbub of the town, the property is not a fledgling hotel but a 1 BHK house in a newly constructed society that has been listed on Airbnb for hosting travelers like us.

The location enabled easy transition in a place as sacred and equally busy as Shirdi to simply cut off from the trappings of the urbane and instead transcend our minds into a spiritual realm.

Beautiful accomodation hotel in Shirdi, Maharashtra

As soon as we entered the pristine society compound, a balmy breeze engulfed my senses as the caretaker of the house – Pappu welcomed us in and directed us to our room.

One point that totally irked me off though - initially - was the realization that contrary to the Airbnb listing headliner pronouncing the room to be walking distance from the temple, we didn't really think that was the case.

Ironically, the same point eventually left us in a happy mood what with the peace traded in the process. The property is located around 1 - 1.5 kms. from the main temple grounds, keeping at bay all the pilgrim frenzy surrounding this little temple town.

Having our own car as a mode of transport helped – the time taken to cover the distance from the room to the Sai Baba Samadhi Mandir is about 10 minutes by car.


Well furnished and newly built, the one BHK room was clean, comfortable and spacious enough (740 sq. ft.) to easily accommodate a family of 4.

Airbnb hotel - Shirdi, Maharashtra

The AC in the room worked fantastic – just what I would need for a quick relaxation after a long tiring journey. The room came equipped with a TV but I preferred not to disturb the sanctity of a space that had completely bowled me over. The kitchen had a mini fridge that worked wonderfully well to keep my bottled water optimally cool.

Accomodation hotel in Shirdi, Maharashtra

One of the pictures on the listing page showed an in-house cafeteria as one of the highlights of the property but I couldn’t really find any arrangements for in-house eating neither did I try to scout for one.

For our breakfast and lunch, we preferred ‘The Neem’ instead, the MTDC restaurant in Shirdi town – but more on that later.

Do I recommend it?

If peace is what you are after, above everything else, take my word - this place is tailor-made, just for you!

My mother, for one, couldn't (and still hasn't!) stop raving about the entire experience - an offbeat but peaceful stay that helped recreate the same town-feel of the olden days for her.

However, do note that the place is slightly off-beat, located around 1 km from the main temple grounds. If the distance isn't a problem for you, then I would highly recommend this place - it is a budget accommodation, worth all your value for money - certainly a convenient and comfortable place to get yourself put into.

Other Information and Traveller Tips:

For making a reservation: Click here. *Post Edit: This listing is no longer available*
Check-in / Check-out time: Flexible.
Contact: Through the Airbnb website.

... And, while you are off booking through Airbnb, why not CLICK HERE to enter my special Airbnb invite for you?

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  1. Wow, that's nice. Good to know Airbnb works so well.

  2. The place looks so peaceful. Whenever I heard, read or seen anything about Shirdi, first thing I could notice was the jam-packed hotels. Arti, this article is a nice surprise. :-)

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