River Ganga, Feminity and P.U.R.I.T.Y

THEY say, SHE is 'Dirty'.
SHE is infected. Contaminated. Poisonous.

A piece of my heart chips.
How can it be? I cry.
SHE is my Mother! The Divine Feminine Energy.

Haven't you heard... She roars down from the matted locks of The Shiva? The Supreme?!

Pure flowing River Ganga

Haven't you seen Her... Oh, how joyfully she prances!

Dancing gracefully.
From some point beyond.
Unabashed. Unobstructed. Unhindered.

Haven't you felt Her?
Her motherly love... It's striking!
Pure and feminine. Compassionate, Giving and Kind.

Of course, they snap back.
But, the statistics are the proof.

Shocking facts ring a numbing alarm...
Sad but indeed, I have to admit.

BUT, WAIT! I affirm.

How people dirty River Ganga

Haven't you seen THEM too?
Bathing. Washing Clothes. Dumping Sewage.
Haven't you known THEM too?
Fake Pundits. Hypocrite Pilgrims. Shrouded devouts.

And so, I ask:

Who is DIRTY, really?

Mother Ganga - The Divine Feminine Energy


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  1. These words are so strong and powerful!! And yes! Who's Dirty?? Really!!!
    We the sons and daughters of mother GANGA, how cruel are we in drenching her in our waste and leftovers!!

  2. So much pain in those words and so much shame we should all have for making our holiest mother river dirty... No matter where we go every river that we claim to worship has been converted to a drain.

  3. Total disdain and scant concern is responsible for the sad plight!Wish we really show the love to environment that is visible!

  4. This video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aua3Qn0s7s is enough to understand the power of Ma Ganga. Please join hands for the project Namami Gange.


  5. How beautiful you describe it is very powerful. Loved every bit.It also brought back memories of my Varanasi and Kedar Badri trip. I loved every moment I spent in Mother's Lap.

  6. I remember how Ganga clean her self last year and kill more than 6000 human around and hundred of building dissapear. We are all "human" just too greedy, In the name of spirituality and love, we build the big hotel and resort. We throw everything inside "her" for offering. And we try to get "a lot of money" in the name of her purity.

    I love Ganga. I can realy feel how big the love of the mother for us.

    Thank you for the words dear Arti

  7. Am not bothered by what others say. To me she is beautiful!

  8. When I visited Varanasi I saw I people contaminating water of the Ganges in the name of religion and rituals. It was so painful for me to see so unclean water. This should be stopped to save the mother of our civilization - the Ganges. Ganga is not dirty...we are dirty and go to her to 'wash away our sins'... is it that easy to get rid of our sins?

  9. She is resilient, Arti, but we are pushing her to her limits... and making life so much worse for ourselves, though we dont really realise it. Everyone talks of cleaning up rivers, but it hasnt really set in that cleaning is no use until we first realise that we shouldnt dirty her in the first place.

  10. So many positive things I could say about this post. Such wonderfully poignant and powerful words, simply beautiful and so moving.

  11. Perhaps she clean human dirt along their sin (those who believe) to look same! So it’s not her fault and 'they' need not only respect her but should stop ill treating.

    Splendid capture with Ganga, Arti!

  12. What a powerful expression Arti, indeed! Ganga and women, yeah feminine purity and how our mindset blames them for being impure. Hypocrisy in devotion is a big issue, damaging our sacred places, unfortunately. Photos also look equally powerful.

  13. Enormous indeed!
    Thank you Arti for this great piece!

  14. This has touched my heart Arti...!

    "Fake Pundits. Hypocrite Pilgrims. Shrouded devouts."...you nailed it dear... couldn't agree more.. :-(

  15. Food for thought..well said..

  16. Everything should be told by whip lashing or nobody heeds even a good word here in our country.That's our fate...! Touching lines..!Thanks a lot..!

  17. This is such a hard hitting prose. We create these problems and then, we end up blaming and cursing.

    Outstanding post Arti.

  18. It's a shame on us we can't even protect our assets, especially the ones whom we are so attached to.
    Hopefully the mess will be cleaned up by the Government.

  19. I so agree. Mother in our life takes a lot of poison but mostly tolerates it. May be that is why she is mother. Mother Ganga, as ancient Indians believed, is tolerant living entity. We can throw poison at her, she will move on.

  20. O....Ganga Maiya....wake up your children and save them from drowning in their own blind faith and greed!

  21. Absolutely Arti! Got goosebumps reading this. To what extent have we damaged this pristine source of water!

  22. Arti, you have always had a way with words. This is beautiful and powerful. It's so sad to read about this. We're suffering from a major drought here in California so this is especially touching to read.


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