A Travel Blogger's Guide To Melbourne's Tram Car And Myki Card in Australia

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I wonder how many tourism boards in the world today promote one of their modes of transport as a stand-out feature in their travel advertising. Yet, Tourism Victoria is one of them. I had fallen for them the moment I had known, putting tram rides in my memory list, one of the iconic 'things to do'.

A tram against the spires of St. Paul's -- poses with pride

Home to one of the most extensive tram networks in the world and the only one surviving in Australia, Melbourne connects almost everything of itself through one of its most popular resident – the tram. I got a whiff of its popularity the moment I stepped out of the airport, into the city.

Tram rides wire mesh, Melbourne
A pole amid an overhead tram wire mesh
A big mesh of electric wires ran overhead and a line of intersecting track lines ran below; within these two life giving support parameters was the tram, Melbourne’s very own commutation lifeline akin to the Mumbai local or the Tokyo metro subway.

A Tram route, Melbourne
Tram tracks in the middle of the roads
Besides the trams, there are other modes of transport too like the taxi, the trains and the buses (the Melbourne Visitor Shuttle is great!) but nothing beats the tram when it comes to that number one spot. Fairly speedy and easy to figure out (of course, with a bit of help from the internet and the locals), trams command priority by all the other vehicles on the road – a clear indication that trams are the hero here – they rule!

Melbourne tram cars signs and signals
Signs indicating to give way to the trams
And you can’t help but fall in love with them for all that they will be doing for you, for all the time you are there. All through my stay in Melbourne, trams were not just a mode of transport for me. They were a friend; always there for company, by my side, taking me to places, some heard, some unheard and serving me with a smile. Below are my observations, my very own personal guide for all those travelers out there, planning for Melbourne and looking to discover Australia's second city through it's most beloved local - the tram.

A layman's guide for using trams in Melbourne!

1. What are the things to be kept in mind before stepping out of the hotel?

Look out for the name of the street you are headed to. That’s your clue. Then, check this link – Journey planner from Public Transport Victoria. It will give you a detailed route to the place you want to visit complete with the tram numbers, travel time required and the boarding and alighting stations. Alternatively, you can ask the hotel staff. They will check it out for you.

Melbourne Inner precincts tram map, Australia
A part of the Melbourne Inner precincts map
 In any case, it is always good you know your tram numbers in advance, that is, before heading out into the city from your hotel in the morning. It would be reckless on your part if you were to rely only on the locals outside to give you all the information that you need.

Tip: Know your streets. You can keep a tram map handy at all times although it didn't help me much.

2. How to figure out the tram stop?

Tram stops sign post, Melbourne
A sign post displaying the stop number and the name at a tram stop
Sign posts like these indicate tram stops, displaying a map, route number and a timetable. These are scattered amply all around the city with majority of the significant ones well built with a platform, roof and seats for the convenience of the traveler.

Tram stop, Melbourne Victoria Australia
At a tram stop, waiting for the tram
You can also find station guards (spot him in orange in the picture above) at some of these stops which makes it easier for you should you have any queries to ask. Route numbers and destination name are also displayed on the incoming tram.

Tip: Check and confirm your tram number before stepping in.

3. What is the whole fuss about Myki cards – the ticket to the tram?

It’s true, myki’s are confusing, for the travelers and the locals alike. But it’s necessary to buy yourself a myki card, a reusable smart card, before you can hop on to any one of these trams unless you want to travel with the fear of burning a huge hole in your pocket as fine.

Myki card - ticket to tram in Australia
My myki - my ticket to the trams
Myki card checking machine
Myki check machine: Tells you all about it.
Initially, that is when you are just starting out with the tram, the whole concept of myki card might just pop up as a bummer. Don’t worry though. You are not alone in this. As I said, no one really understands it. The good thing about it is that it works not only across the trams but also across the buses and the trains.

Tip: Do not try figuring it out in-depth. Give it time. A little bit of travelling should iron out the first few impediments as it did for me.

4. Buying myki and topping it up with cash.

You can find ticket window booths at a majority of train stations specifically set up for selling these out. I bought my myki from such a window near the Flinders street station. Or you can also get one at the 7/11 dollar shops. A variety of packages are available for topping up your myki. Choose wisely depending on the number of days you are in Melbourne and how you plan to spend them.

Myki card ticket window near Flinders street station, Melbourne Victoria Australia
Myki card selling booth near the Flinders street station
I was in Melbourne for 4 days and topped up my Myki for 7 dollars every morning. This unlimited ticket, valid for the entire day and across all trams covering a whole lot of the city of Melbourne – all 4 directions and center, saved me a lot of money!

Tip: Look out for the myki sign.

5. Short on money? Take the City Circle Tram No. 35 instead – it’s FREE!

As travelers, we often budget travel and sometimes these modes of transport can take a toll. Melbourne has a fix. It has something which is absolutely free!

City circle free tram signpost, Melbourne
A tram ride for free
The city circle tram, it circles the central part of Melbourne, grabs eyeballs for being oh-so-vintage and to top it all – it is completely free!  Before taking a seat, take a map (available inside) for yourself so that you can follow the running commentary on the city attractions in a better manner.

City circle free tram, Melbourne
The City Circle Tram running along route no. 35
City circle free tram inside view, Melbourne
Have a seat!
Information: The route runs along Flinders Street, Harbour Esplanade, Docklands Drive, La Trobe Street and Spring Street. So be prepared to walk around a bit if your destination is not one of these. Trams run in both directions every 12 minutes from 10.00am to 6.00pm Sunday to Wednesday, and 10.00am to 9.00pm Thursday to Saturday (except Christmas Day and Good Friday). The City Circle Tram is not wheelchair accessible.

6. Grab a window seat - Enjoy the ride!

Inside view of Yarra tram rides, Melbourne
An empty tram, a rare sight
I always took the window seat, my favorite when travelling in the trams and the trams always kept their promise of opening up a whole new world for me, chaotic on that side yet silent in mine. I liked it that way. I loved observing Her in a tranquil and moving way.

Tram ride views, Melbourne
She - bold and quirky.
View from the tram rides, Melbourne
She - traditional and quiet.
View from the tram ride window, Melbourne
She - graceful and charming.
So often, these were also the times, I truly felt of being in a foreign land, a bit hazy, a bit muddled but still very much alive, still very much breathing, for me to feel and figure.

Reflections of buildings as seen in Tram rides, Melbourne
Reflections: She loved  admiring herself in the mirror.

Melbourne whizzing past right in front of my eyes,
without me having to move anywhere,
... seemed like a dream.

Melbourne as seen from the tram window, Victoria

My dream ... the same one which I had envisioned while in India,
only that now, it was a reality,

View from the tram window, Melbourne

... a reality called ‘Melbourne’ that gradually came to life ...
through the window of my tram.

Tips and timings:

Grab a window seat! Trust me, there are fewer ways better to see the city than through the glasses of a tram.

Services run regularly from 5.00am to midnight Monday to Thursday, and to around 1.30am Friday and Saturday nights. On Sunday, trams run 7.00am to 11.00pm. Many tram services link to bus and train routes.

Have you been to Melbourne and have some further tips or guidelines to share?
Please do so in the comments section.

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