Ganesh Chaturthi Festival: Welcome Home, Ganesha!

9th September - 18th September 2013: Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, Mumbai:

Right now: There is music, there is the melody of arti (devotional songs), there are get togethers, a whole lot of sweets... and of course, the birthday Boy - Ganesha - Himself in various avatars summing up this lively festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, being celebrated in full swing in Mumbai and many other parts of India.

But we will come to all of these in a bit. (Upcoming posts in this Ganesha Series)

For now:  Let’s rewind... back to those days before the 9th of September 2013; to those days before the festival period actually began. And let’s catch a few glimpses of the pre-festival days: the Ganpati decorations, the making of the Ganesha statues, the erection of His makeshift house or the Ganpati Pandals and bringing Him Home.

Photo Essay: Ganpati Decorations and HIS Homecoming :-

Sometime around last week of August and early September, 2013:

Ganesh statue making, Ganesh Charurthi Decoration
Artisans at work at a workshop giving shape to Ganesha statues in Mumbai

Ganesh Charurthi Decoration idea in a shop
 Ganesha Decorations and Decoration ideas at sale in a shop

Ganesh Charurthi Decoration Throne
 Ganesha throne in a rickshaw transported to HIS house

Ganesh Charurthi Decoration, Ganesha throne and flowers
 His House, His Homestay!

Ganesh Charurthi Decoration, Rangoli drawing outside pandal
 In His welcome: A paint of Rangoli outside one of the Ganesh Pandals

8th September, 2013: Just one day prior to the festival ...

Ganesh Charurthi statue shop in Mumbai
The Ganesha shop stacked up with the birthday boy's

A cute little devotee waits with eager eyes

Wait for Ganesh statue to take home, Ganesh Charurthi, Mumbai
It's the wait to take Him Home ...

Ganesh statue ready to be taken home, Ganesh Charurthi Festival
The Birthday Boy: Lord Ganesha, out of the shop now and all excited to leave!

Ganeshji being taken home, Ganesh Charurthi Festival
He is wrapped coyly...

Ganpati Bappa Morya, Ganesh Charurthi, Mumbai
... and then carried carefully ...


A peep into a Ganpati Pandal, Mumbai

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  1. A delightful post, Arti. Saw some wonderful pics of favorite deity of mine--Ganapati Bappa Morya!
    Waiting for part 2 :)
    Thanks for sharing...

  2. Looking at your photos I can practically smell the jasmine :-)

  3. So many different facets of the same festival, so widespread, too.

  4. The festivities have started. I enjoy your posts on the festival each year. Is that Rangoli temporary - so lovely?

    1. Rangolis are most often temporary, Barb but this one that you see is an exception since it's done using colored paints and not colored powders.

      (This picture is from my own locality, I had put up the same picture in the previous year's post as well.)

  5. It is such a lovely sharing it from the very beginning; thank you.

  6. Big celebration in Mumbai, wait for more picture of the birthday boy,

    Happy Birthday Ganesha :)

  7. The post brings back the memories of the stay in Pune and Mumbai where Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with such aplomb:)Lovely post Arti!

  8. Arti, Just read your new post on Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing. Thanks for the beautiful photos.
    ~ Ganapati Bappa Moraya ~
    Have a nice weekend ~da

  9. Nice post and lovely pictures. Greetings on this auspicious season. You are really an ardent fan and devotee of Ganesha.

  10. Thank you for taking us on this magical journey from shop to ?

    I'm really looking forward to your next post to find out what happens next.

  11. What a wonderful festival.

  12. Hi,Arti
    The festival looks so big and delightful. I like to see the different people, little boys,ladies and men enjoying their festival.I have found even you on the streets, Arti....!? Ganesha decorations in a shop is beautiful.I enlarged it to enjoy the decoration.

  13. Thanks for the great journey in pictures Arti! It was wonderful, I so enjoyed it:-) Loved the little devotee..:-)

  14. Beautiful captures. Miss Ganesh Chaturthi in India..Ganesha is becoming very fancy over the years :)

  15. Interesting photo series, catching up with various moments on the festival! In Chennai, all the idols are dissolved in Bay of Bengal today... but I couldn’t go and check like last few years.

    Looking forward!

  16. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Arti! Love the photo essay.

  17. Arti, this is the place for virtual Yatra of Ganesha Festival for me every year. :). Thanks for bringing Live Darshan of Lord Ganesha to all of us. Mumbai Ganesh festival is always very special and the second pic showing decoration is just too sweet..:) I wish I could have such decoration at my home. :). Though everything is not possible in real life, we get the satisfaction of Yatras and worshiping because of you...:)...waiting eagerly for next posts.

  18. Yay Ganesha! Would love to be part of this festival - and will fins my own little way to celebrate Ganesha! Have a super week Arti!

  19. I love the innocent look on the cute little devotee's face, staying tuned here for more!

  20. Never heard of this festival, so I'm happy to read something more. Locals seem to be so happy and cheerful, I can tell they enjoy a lot. Are they off work?

  21. wow!!! very nice pics and i believe on my ganesha. thanks for sharing this blog.


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