Melbourne Memories... In Monochrome

For a few days now, I've been dreaming of going to Melbourne.  Thanks to IndiBlogger and Tourism Victoria ( who have come up with a contest –'s your time to visit Melbourne NOW!  Having returned from a successful trip of Japan, my first international tour also courtesy IndiBlogger (and Expedia)... I fancied the tagline to be speaking to me and after some deliberations, decided to give it a shot.

"What memories would you like to bring back from Melbourne..."

With this question to answer, I sat down with my pen, pencil, diary and google. The beauty in the things and the pictures that I came across made my jaw drop and ignited a new love, a new desire to visit the city and explore it on my own. Here they go, check them out -

1. Places of Peace: St Patricks and St. Pauls Cathedrals -

St Patricks Cathedral Sketch, Melbourne
St. Patricks Cathedral - A place of prayer

In the busy chaotic hustle bustle of a city as major as Melbourne, these two cathedrals stand as significant landmarks of calm, tranquility and worship. This is definitely the place where I would love to kneel down and light a candle, the place from where I would love to start my trip... with a prayer of peace, love and humanity.

2. Art Culture: Lanes and Alleyways -

Block Arcade Pencil Sketch, Melbourne
Block Arcade

I would love to set out and step in the lanes, alleyways and streets of Melbourne and get lost in them. Very few cities in the world can boast of their streets and alleyways to feature as an entity in their country’s list of top cultural attractions! Yes, Melbourne is one of them. So you can imagine why I would want to do what I said initially. Its here, in these small little lanes and arcades, that the city comes alive with its inspiring creative works of art and graffiti culture. With so much written about it, there’s no way I can miss this one and then, who knows I might get to try a bit of my hand as well!

3. Mode of transport: Tram Rides -

Melbourne Tram Pencil Sketch
Tram - An integrated mode of transport

Melbourne has the largest integrated tram network in the world and the city does an excellent job of managing it by providing free rides to tourists as well as locals at regular intervals. Both iconic and useful, I would surely love to hop onto one of these and get my dose of some free tour around the city. To see the city through the tram windows should be some fun!

4. Shopping: Queen Victoria’s Market –

Queens Market Pencil Sketch, Melbourne
Queens Victoria Market - Some souvenir shopping!

One of my much loved things to do when travelling to any land is to visit a local market.  In view of this, the Queen Victoria’s Market fits the bill perfectly. The largest open air market in the southern hemisphere, this historic market offers everything that you can think of when shopping in Melbourne – most importantly at reasonable prices and good bargains! Thus, it's no wonder that I would want to go there, take a good stroll, examine, explore and come back all bags full!

5. Eureka Sky Deck 88 -

Eureka skydeck 88 sketch, Melbourne
Eureka Skydeck 88 - Awe inspiring views of Melbourne

A 'must see' attraction, Melbourne's Eureka Tower offers breathtaking panoramas from a level as high as 88 floors from the base. The thing that I will be watching out for however is that glass cube sliding out from the building - with me inside! They say that it’s not for the faint-hearted. I say, bring it on!

6. Captain Cooks Cottage -

Cooks Cottage Sketch, Melbourne
Captain Cook's Cottage - Stepping back in time

Being a history buff and a lover of all things history, this is something that I look forward to – to discover Melbourne’s rich history and step back in time. Set in the 18th century, it will be fascinating to meander in the life of Captain Cook and his family and to learn more about them in an entertaining way!

7. Flinders Street Station –

Flinders Station Sketch, Melbourne
Flinders Street Station - A popular meeting place

Dint I tell you I love everything old and ancient. And it only makes it better when it’s filled with people. This is why Flinders street station catches my interest! I would love to stand under its very famous domed clock tower, a popular meeting place for Melburnians, and explore the sights and sounds of Australia’s oldest railway station and also the most crowded on any given day!

8. Shrine of Remembrance -

Shrine of Remeberance Sketch, Melbourne
Shrine of Remembrance - A place for contemplative reflection

It’s a place of memorial dedicated in the honor of all those who laid down their lives to make the country of Australia what it is today. The place doles out a simple message in the form of an inscription engraved on its remembrance stone - ‘Greater Love hath no man’ - a message of peace, love, unity and belonging. Being a great lover of all things peace and all things past, this one has to make it to my list. There is one more wish that I associate with this place however. I want to be present here at 11 am on the 11th of November. Why? So that I can see the word ‘Love’ from the inscription illuminated, naturally by the sun rays.

9. Yarra River -

Yarra River Pencil Sketch, Melbourne
Yarra River - The iconic river defining Melbourne

This is how I would want to end my day – besides the iconic river, in the glow of the shimmering city lights, amid the lightening flash of the fireworks on display, enveloped by the hush of the night... Pure bliss!

10. A Cup of Coffee -

A cup of coffee sketch
 A Cup of Coffee - The rich aroma and its distinct flavor

Not a huge coffee person but if I am in a coffee capital tomorrow then I have to have a cup of it! I want to sit in some old world charm café, on a wooden chair and smell the rich creamy aroma. And then try and figure out the divinity around it. After all, no city gets a tag just like that!

11. Melbourne Cricket Ground or The MCG -

The MCG is the largest, oldest and the most prominent sporting arena - a place that Australians proudly associate with some of the greatest moments in their sporting history. The open-air stadium is also one of the world's most famous cricketing venues, with the most eagerly awaited Boxing Day Test match commencing on Boxing Day (26 December) each year. Hailing from a cricket crazy nation like India and a huge fan of the sport myself, there is no way I would want to miss this mecca of all cricketing spots and if possible be lucky and catch some live action as well!

12. Culture: Moomba Festival -

I have heard that the Moomba festival brings the entire city of Melbourne together with novel eye-catching events on its city streets and riverside areas along the Yarra river. I would love to be a part of this colorful carnival.

13. People: Friendliness and Helpfulness -

I would like to be an idiot in Melbourne. What this simply means is that I wont care asking the silliest of questions. For me, these serve as nice ice breakers and give me a wonderful chance of mingling with the locals whenever I want to. My favorite way of getting to know them better!

14. Federation Square -

Simply because Federation square is a big box – It’s got everything: shopping, culture, food, sightseeing, people, and events. Sounds like a great space to loiter around and spend an evening.

15. Cuisine -

Finding pure vegetarian food in a foreign land can be quite an adventure but I just heard Australia promising me against it. With its wide array of Indian restaurants and local eateries to choose from, I look forward to see if it does keep its word.

This is definitely not all. There are a whole lot of other things that I found during my research that I absolutely wanted to do – beaches, gardens, balloons, forests, some more shopping, a little more of this and a lot more of that - the listings were endless. But then, that is what adds up to the real joy of travel - to add and delete things from your wish list and come back far richer from a wonderful experience... And that is exactly what I want to do...

I want to fall in love with Melbourne and come back with a heart and mind still beating for it. I want to come back inspired and inspire you as well by saying – ...It’s your time to visit Melbourne NOW!

Yes... I want to see all my monochrome sketches live,

A girl dreaming of Melbourne

...and paint them here...
in their real colors someday.


PS: If you are an IndiBlogger and loved reading this post, please vote for it here or else please spare some moments and send in your good wishes and blessings for me. Thank you :)

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  1. Seriously amazing Arts! Melbourne has been on my list for a while, but your endorsement really makes me want to go!

  2. Whatever floats your boat! Good luck, Arti!

  3. a thousand good wishes for you from the philippines, arti. :)

  4. Very informative and interesting post indeed.The sketches are unique and bright. Best wishes.

  5. Lovely post Arti.Best wishes for the contest!

  6. Hey, i did not know that your japan trip was courtesy Indieblogger. Wow, You lucky woman. Envy Envy.

    Love all your pencil sketching, you are good. All the best :D

  7. Superb stuff. Loved the drawings :) I sincerely hope your dream comes true!

  8. May your dream come true!

    Best wishes!

  9. Your wish list is too exhaustive. Wishing you all the best. God bless you.

  10. Such a cute post Arti - love the travel sketches! Hope ypur day is gorfeous dear!

  11. Your drawings are fantastic, and I love it as you started out with the Cathedral..Perfect!

  12. I really hope that these monochrome sketches turn into full blown colour photographs to be shared here. All the very best Arti. :-)

  13. Nice article. Could not have presented any better. Hope you post nice photos of these monochrome pictures soon.

  14. Hey Arti! Nice ones - those sketches! Loved your write-up though you seem to have picked all those places which I am giving a miss to :)

  15. Hey, I didn't know you are an artist as well! Great sketches and wish list. Here is to wishing you all the best and hoping to see them all in colour one day soon.

  16. So creative, I love your sketches, you deserve to win.

  17. This is a delightfully different are a good artist too-what else?
    My wishes are with you-win & click pics!

  18. Wow Arti..Wonderful post...Loved the sketches...:-)

  19. I'm holding lots of good thoughts and wishes for you and a successful bid for a trip to Melbourne, Arti! That's a city I would love to visit myself!! Hope your week is going well!!

  20. nice arti....:)

  21. Amazing....this is true creativity!!
    The write up is delicious...and the sketches are immaculate. Unique presentation. Start packing your bags for Melbourne....You'll be there...soon :) Amen!!

  22. Wow Arti! Loved every bit of this post. The way you have painted unseen Melbourne with your sketches, I am sure you will get the chance to capture them in real colors soon. This is one of the most innovative posts that I have seen in this series and my best wishes are always there for you

  23. They are nice dreams (memory).
    Basically, dream comes true if you believe it.

  24. Nice drawings. Looks like you have been there already. :D

  25. Good luck to you -- you deserve it! It's fun to see you becoming a World Traveler!

  26. Wow, i never know if you are great sketcher..

    Good wishes and blessing is always with you Arti , Melborne calling :)

    PS : I want to help with vote , but how..?

  27. Amazing and the sketches are beautiful. If I may say, your regular posts tend to be more factual. But contest bring your creativity to fore. Best of luck for maintaining 100% record on all Indi travel contest.

  28. @ALL Very glad you all loved my humble efforts! I am no sketcher or artist, just can scribble a few lines here and there out of love. :) But I had a lot of fun doing this post and I thank you loads for all your warm wishes and kind encouragements, all of them bought a wide smile on my face and made me feel like a winner already. Thank you! :)

    @Mareta Do not worry dear, only IndiBlogger members can vote here. I have your best wishes and blessings... they are more than enough for me. Thanks a lot. :)

  29. omg ! what lovely sketches : you are too good : wishing you tickets to Melbourne!!

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  32. Off topic I know, my apologies.

    Glad you enjoyed this weeks Monday Media post.
    To answer your question, no I'm afraid I haven't read any of the books on the toughest books written list - perhaps I shall have to do so
    If you wish for a closer look at the book maze, if you haven't already done so then you might like to click on the link to the article.

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  35. Arti,
    I love all of your sketches!! So lovely and cute. I am glad you and your Yatra Diary will be more and more international. You can do it!!

  36. Best of luck. Send us a postcard from Australia.

  37. The child in us never gives up. Many times its nimble-footed dreams are rewarded too. Cute sketches.

  38. Loved your post....esp the sketches...I am your fan!

    Best wishes!

  39. I love those pencil sketches! What a great artist.

    I love to travel, and sometimes I call myself "The Itchy Feet"

    Good luck and well wishes for this beautiful journey!

  40. oh Arti, you make me more amazed, I love your sketches, these are all beautiful, and your description of Melbourne makes me want to join you for a Melbourne trip as well. Good luck to you.

  41. Very sweet post Arti..Loved the writeup,the concept and the sketches..check mine too:

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    As now you have done lot of research about Melbourne you deserves to go there and we deserve to read a post by you about Melbourne then.
    I am voting for your post ryt away :)

  45. Wow, how sweet. This journey looks like already done. You are always a winner. At first glance I thought that where you got such cute sketches, then your name in sketches and finally pic of my cute sister, with a bag always ready for travelling...You are such an wonderful artist. Now, here is my complaint, you never share your sketches with us. Keep sharing :) All the best :)

  46. ¸.•°`♥✿彡✿♥`°•.¸
     ┊  ┊  ✿
     ┊  ✿
    Belos desenhos, ótimas informações sobre Melbourne!
    Bom fim de semana!!!

  47. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to see those monochrome in colors but promise me, you will bring something from picture no 4. I am sucker for Fridge Magnets.:) Kidding, superb post, I am not saying as I truly love your blog and admire you but it is a great contest post.

    Wish you all the best :)

  48. Loved the sketches... and your choice of what you'll be doing while in Melbourne appears quite logical.

  49. Hi Arti,

    Lovely post and sketches.
    Melbourne is such a wonderful place to visit, so many great restaurants and places to visit.
    Do hope that you will get to visit there.

    Happy weekend

  50. wonderful description of Melbourne
    visit.Could know so many places of
    Melbourne.Thanks and best wishes to you.

  51. Arti, you’re so talented. I love your sketches and I’d love to see the painted sketches after your dream comes true. Good luck!


  52. Wow! The sketches are lovely. That made the post very interesting. All the best for the contest.

  53. wow! wonderful drawings... never knew you could draw this well. you should try to sketch the places you visit instead of snapping them...

    nice description of the places too... creates desire to visit them... All the best for the contest! Hope it will be Melbourne after Tokyo.

    sorry for visiting your blog after a long time. B School Life keeps me busy.

  54. Beautiful sketches that represent reality...

    Thanks for sharing

  55. What amazing drawings - you're very talented. Hope you make it to Melbourne one day!

  56. Arti, after reading your post about Japan trips, I so dearly want you to win this contest. Your posts are second only to personally visiting the place. Japan blogs were absolutely amazing.

    All the best for the contest..

  57. WOWWOWO .. that is a lot of infor and the sketches are a OH MY GOD moment for me ..


  58. By reading your post I learned how to come up with a good post. You have put the animator to shame with the amazing sketches. Wish you all the best.
    Thanks for the tip you left on my blog. For some reason your comment is not visible there but I saw it in my mail

  59. I like the way you approached the contest. Good luck Arti. I'll vote right now.

  60. you are so creative! your post is awesome! wow,I can not wait for those monochrome sketches to turn alive with you in them :-) you inspired me as always...wishing I too could visit Melbourne one sweet day and explore everything you wonderfully described here :-)

  61. Good one...... the sketches are really good..

  62. I read this post pleasantly.
    You are good at drawing.
    You are young and have lively dreams. I wish you make the dream reality.
    Good luck!

  63. Great pictorial journey you have created of Melbourne Arti. It is one of the cities I also want to visit soon, ever since I started watching Masterchef Australia. I am so glad that you enjoyed your Japan trip. I was there is 2007 and I loved Japan and its people. :) My favorite was the Ginza road, Tokyo tower, kyoto city, riding on the bullet train and travelling on their metro.

  64. Your sketches are full of dream! Very charming.
    Keep my fingers crossed that they are painted next time I see your post!

  65. the sketches are too good, have a great trip to melbourne soon :)

  66. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. But I also see so much intention of your dream put out in to the universe with your sketches. May your dreams come true as you are most deserving of such a contest. You are a born travel writer so your travels need to expand into new horizons. Good luck. Hugs Carrie

  67. You're extremely creative! These sketches are really nice! I hope you win the competition!

  68. All the best Arti,beautiful and well thought out post, I am sure I would be reading your Melbourne Trip post very soon... take care...

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  70. Lovely sketches..loads of wishes for the contest..

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  72. YAY! You won! Congratulations!

    Melbourne Series on the offing! :)

  73. Congrats ... u win.... I knew it and I said so... :)

  74. Hi Arti.........congrats on a well deserved win! Now look forward to reading/seeing all about it...
    Congrats once again!

  75. Thank you Saru, Manjulika and Nirvana! Overwhelming to see all of you taking out your time to congratulate me here. Thanks a ton! :)

  76. Congrats on a well deserved win. Feel free to let me know if you need any suggestions for the vegetarian food options in melbourne.


  77. @My Frozen Images Thank you very much. Will surely let you know :)

  78. YAY!! Amazing, Arti for winning yet again. :) I am so happy for you. Congratulations. :)

  79. this is a beautiful wonders it won :) Have been quite busy, so couldn't read and vote for it earlier...All the best, would love to have candies again :D

  80. Melbourne is really amazing place to visit, but your memory which you drawn on paper are much amazing and adorable.

  81. HI ,
    i guess ur one of the winners for the Melbourne now contest,
    i won the same contest via their Facebook promotion n just wanted to know if uve heard from them ,
    or have any details ,
    disha ramani ,
    thanks !

  82. Really cool, Arti! Dream trip for me!
    Wonderful Post with cool sketches!
    Small wonder you won! Belated Congrats! :)
    Hope you got to live all the experiences you have mentioned here! :)

  83. Hi Arti, Congratulations on your recent achievement. So happy for you. want to read each and every post but I find 24 hrs short for me .Anyway I will be back very soon.

  84. Nice Post.


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