A Stroll in the Hibiya Gardens, Tokyo

Day 2: Sensoji temple, Asakusa in Tokyo - Nakamise Dori Shopping Arcade in Tokyo - Sumida River Cruise, Tokyo - HIBIYA GARDEN - Imperial Palace and Gardens - Tokyo Tower

A prolonged search for the Imperial Palace found us standing at the entrance of the Hibiya Garden instead and we gladly made our way in as the entry was free.


One of the most popular parks of Tokyo, Hibiya Garden was built, designed and constructed as a modern city park in the early 1900’s. Used as an army drill site at one time, it today serves its purpose of a place for some fun and recreation very well. In spite of standing in the midst of the high-tech area of Ginza, the garden is a huge respite from all the city chaos and does a fantastic job of keeping people close to nature and to life.

Take a quiet stroll,

Green pathway at Hibiya Garden - Tokyo, Japan
Pathways at Hibiya Garden - Tokyo, Japan
Serene Walk at Hibiya Garden - Tokyo, Japan
The many paths leading you in the interiors of the garden

... sit down on one of its benches,

Pathway - Hibiya Garden - Tokyo, Japan

or stand still near a pond...

Serene lake and trees at Hibiya Garden - Tokyo, Japan
View from the Hibiya Garden - Tokyo, Japan
Two different ponds inside the park

... all the smells, the vibes and the atmosphere,

White Flowers in Hibiya Garden - Tokyo, Japan
Flower and architecture at Hibiya Garden - Tokyo, Japan
Pink flowers in Hibiya Garden - Tokyo, Japan
Flowers at Hibiya Garden - Tokyo, Japan
Pretty flowers - Hibiya Garden - Tokyo, Japnn
Different colors and varieties of flowers blooming in the garden
I'm sorry, I've have no clue on the names :-)

Beautiful Flower arrangement at the Hibiya Garden - Tokyo, Japan
Beautiful flowers at Hibiya Garden - Tokyo, Japan
Green Forested groove at Hibiya Garden - Tokyo, Japan
Thick forested groove at Hibiya Garden - Tokyo, Japan
Fountain at Hibiya Garden - Tokyo, Japan
Trees, plants and fountains arranged beautifully

... all the sights that you come across, everything is fascinating and soothing to your senses.

A Cat at rest at Hibiya Garden - Tokyo, Japan
A cat keeps guard

A child takes a break from tennis at Hibiya Garden - Tokyo, Japan
Tennis Court: A girl takes a break from her tennis lessons

Artistic flower arangement at Hibiya Garden - Tokyo, Japan
A teddy bear dolled up in nature

An artist's inspiration - Hibiya Garden - Tokyo, Japan
An artist takes some inspiration

Children enjoy themselves at Hibiya Garden - Tokyo, Japan
Children Park: Kids and parents enjoying their day out

Complete with lovely fountains that breathe a whiff of fresh air, pleasant lakes that have stood the hammers of renovations, beautiful flowers that sing the melody of life, and lovely sights that give you a meaning for life... a stroll in this garden unraveled before me a different side to the personality of the Tokyo city that I had hitherto seen in my trip to Japan...

This was a place,

Rose at Hibiya Garden - Tokyo, Japan

Where God-gift of nature was adored as much as (or may be even more?) pride was taken in all its arty concrete and innovative technology...

This was a place,

Two generations spotted in Hibiya Garden - Tokyo, Japan

Where two generations - the old and the new - strode along,
side by side, very happy in their own spaces without any pushing around...

This, was a place...  I realized, I was slowly getting to know...

Getting there: How to Reach and Other Fast Facts

Get Down at: Hibiya Station of Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line OR Kasumigaseki Station of Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line and Chiyoda Line. 2 minutes walk each.
Entry Fee: Free
Nearby Places to Visit: Imperial Palace and Gardens

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  1. So tranquil. I have always loved the Japanese' sense of aesthetic.

  2. Beautiful place, fantastic photographs. I am greeting

  3. lovely...urban nature at its best..you know arti..when we are in the cities..we appreciate such natural oasis much more...

    this is a very nicely landscaped garden!!

  4. Hi Arti,

    Hibiya garden is really beautiful and looks so tranquil, all the gorgeous green and pretty flowers.
    It must be wonderful to come here and get away from the hustle and bustle of the City life.

    Happy week

  5. These pictures are so lovely. I could use that quiet stroll!

  6. Unbelievably clean and beautiful.I don't know how they can keep the gardens like that.
    I was reminded of our own parks and gardens.

  7. Gorgeous pictures Arti! Having a park within the city is such a boon...the green,pleasant breeze just brings the mood of relaxation! And it's an interesting place to sit and observe so many people too!

  8. How beautiful. Of course, I know the park. There are some large parks in Tokyo than you expected. It's a cozy place.

  9. All that green is lovely! we are getting ready to head out on our big camping / hiking trip and I cant wait to get in the trees!

  10. what a lovely stroll. I feel the vibes! the trees and flowers are unfamiliar and exotic - I love that. thanks for the tour of Hibiya Garden Arti. It was delightful. happy week to you.

  11. Looks like a great place to visit. Very serene and beautiful.

  12. Looks like a great place to visit. Very serene and beautiful.

  13. I am super fan of your site,so I sent you a award in my site.Kindly share it.

  14. Japanese gardens are so neat, serene and lovely. Everything has its place.

  15. A serene and beautiful place Arti!

  16. There are Japanese gardens in other parts of the world and we have one here in Spore too...A Japanese garden in Japan should be authentic and beautiful...Nice pics!

  17. Hi Arti,

    I'm Chetan. We're hosting India's first Travel Massive, a global initiative to get the travel community together locally. It will be held on August 24th in Mumbai.

    I would like to invite you for the same. Could you share your email address so that I can email the event details accordingly? You could either respond here or find me on twitter @KapoorChetan.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


  18. A heart warming walk through. When speaking of gardens, Japan instantly engulfs me.

  19. Beautiful garden with so many lovely flowers and views!

  20. The garden looks so lovely and green. Nice shots.


  21. Hi,Arti.
    Your post brought me back to my twenties!
    I would go to the garden after school hours, walking, spending in the library, which is standing in the garden, and I remember that occasionally open concert was held there. The garden is always well kept,and full of green and seasonal flowers. Thank you for sharing the Hibiya garden.
    Have a good day,Arti.

  22. Amazing Pictures. You refreshed my memory trip to Japan. I love Japan.

  23. I should imagine this provides a much needed place of peace and tranquility, it just goes to show beauty can be found in all places.

  24. Not too sure what happened there, my comment seemed to disappear before I pressed publish.

    Such a welcome place of peace and tranquility, it just goes to show beauty can be found in all places.

  25. Beautiful shots. Sorry I missed this place in Tokyo!

  26. I just love seeing this Arti! We've visited a beautiful Japanese garden in Portland Oregon and I knew that Japanese people are well-known for gardens and flower arrangements, but somehow I never thought of this tranquil and lovely place in the middle of the biggest bustling city.
    All your pictures are lovely, and I especially like the one with the two generations.

  27. When I visited Tokyo several years ago, I was surprised how quiet and rich in green in the big parks, where they have been oasis for the people.
    I like the juxtaposition showed in your picture; "the new and the old, strode along on their own pace", though we rarely find someone in kimono except some special occasions.

  28. the pathways are so tranquil, so inviting for some quiet moments, love your images Arti. the pink ones (below the yellow roses) are pink evening primrose. I am surprised to see it there, I guess, they grow everywhere.

  29. @Chetan Kapoor
    My email id is 22arti@gmail.com
    Kindly forward me the details.

  30. Lovely images of a beautiful place!
    Looking forward to meeting up at the Mumbai Travel Massive!

  31. I love all that green in the middle of the city.
    Looks like the garden was where you were meant to be that day. Hope you found the palace though.

  32. @Thanks Everyone for your kind words and appreciations :) The tranquility the park exhibited in spite of standing right in the middle of city commotion was indeed remarkable.

    @cosmos Thanks cosmos. Yes, I remember you telling me that... I think Hibiya Garden was the only place where I did manage to spot quite a few ladies in Kimonos otherwise they were hard to find in Japan.

    @betchai Ah, how sweet of you :) That is very interesting to know. I am generally weak when it comes to remembering flower names. Thanks for sharing.

    @magiceye I would love to be there too but I might just be traveling during that period.

    @Inside journeys Yes, I did find it. That's what is coming up next.

  33. This place is so lovely and peaceful. How lucky you re to see it in person!
    thanks for sharing those wonderful photographs.

  34. beautiful garden

    photos also good

    happy independence day

    thanks for sharing

  35. wow! lovely series of snaps....superb!

  36. Such lovely images. Enjoyed the tour!

  37. I agree with Agnes. the place looks tranquil. you can just sit there for hours and be at peace with the world.

  38. wonderful garden - wonderful people and wonderful snaps...

    seems i missed lot of posts... will try to reach them as soon as possible...

  39. Such a pleasant area. And I love that black and white cat... reminds me of the one I used to have.

  40. Beautifully maintained garden! Loved all your pics, especially the 3rd one. It has a very interesting entrance point..

  41. Thanks for the great tour - what a lovely park!

  42. Thank you for introducing this park. Though I've never been there, it looks like a nice cozy park. Tokyo has a larger green than we think. I will visit there someday.
    Have a lovely day!

  43. I looks like 'The Central Park' in NYC. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures and we are back on Japan series. :)

  44. Such a peaceful, green place. And lovely pictures too, especially the cat and red roses:)

  45. Such eyquisite gardens Arti, so delicate and orderly, an oasis in the city. Hope your day is lovely!

  46. What a beautiful garden, and your photos are just spectacular!

  47. Beautiful! We went to this park two years ago and it looked very similar. There was even a guy painting murals. Such a great way to explore the city.

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  49. It's such a joy to be walking around a busy city and then escape it for a bit by taking a leisure break relaxing and walking around a park!

  50. I missed this park when I was in Tokyo in 2008. Looks very green and soothing to the eyes. Love it!

  51. @Arti Truly beautiful post, Awesome photographs.Thank you so much.
    Have a nice weekend.

  52. What a wonderful tour. Love that last shot - so elegant yet speaking a hundred words.

  53. Arti,
    What I was surprised with while staying in Tokyo are deep subways and many large gardens and big population.
    Tokyo is a super modern city, but still there are the traditional and the modern standing side by side. When I went to Roppongi, I happened to see a traditional festival held by a small local shrine. They served me rice cakes. There I saw the life of the local people. The shrine was surrounded by tall buildings.
    Next time I go to Tokyo, I will visit Hibiya Park!!

  54. ♡¸.°.¸♫♫♪

    Belas fotos!
    Bom fim de semana!

  55. a wonderfull park indeed ... lovely clicks that captured the essence of the park.

  56. @ Mary The World is a Book
    I am so sorry, your comment got deleted. Its a mistake, I regret. My apologies.

  57. It is hard to believe this is in the middle of a city. With the big trees, it almost feels like you are in a forest.

  58. Hello, Arti! I think one of the pleasures foreign tourists can find in Japan is contrast like ancient tradition and cutting-edge technology, or high-rises of concrete and tranquil gardens. You spent more time in Tokyo than I have spent all in my life so far. I’ve never been to Hibiya Park. I like the pelican sculpture splashing water in the fountain.


  59. A wonderful look at Hibiya Gardens, Arti. Your photos are lovely. I really like urban gardens lie this that allow people in the city to experience Nature.

  60. Lovely garden.
    Why its name is Hibia?

    Arti,your every post on Japan
    Yatra is delighting me.


  61. i can only imagine such parks in india .. only in my dreams!

  62. What a lovely tour you have taken us along with you. Enjoyed reading all the posts pertaining to Japan

  63. Lovely gardens! Awesome post, as always! Thank you Arti:)

  64. Wonderful park...Nice pics... Loved the white flower...

  65. Beautiful Photos. I can understand how it feels to enter into a beautiful garden amidst a concrete jungle. I felt the same when i went to Lalbag in Bangalore.

    Lovely post once again!!

  66. Hi Arti Dear,
    Hope you are doing great! :)
    All of the images are so beautiful with touch of greenery.. Delighted!

    You are lucky to get an opportunity to visit such a wonder.. :)
    My best wishes to you! Lots of Love

  67. Beautiful lush green pictures-they are so soothing to the eyes.Thank you ever so much Arti for sharing them.

  68. Nice to see this post. The images are good. The greenery looks nice and gives us an idea about the efforts put in. The image about two generations is thought provoking, especially your quote about the two generations giving each other space without any pushing or shoving.

  69. Beautiful and well maintained garden.

  70. Arti...Hibiya garden is really beautiful and looks so peaceful and serene. It is beautifully wrapped in flowers and greenery. Pretty!
    Thanks so much for sharing with us...

  71. Japanese Gardens, prim and proper, as always. :)
    Nice post and nice pictures too. :)

  72. I liked the way slowly unfolded this garden before our eyes..! Amazing place, lucky you..!

  73. Lovely pictures. Loved that green bridge of trees and that teddy was to die for :-).

  74. Love the images, Arti. Beautiful garden. Nice to see Japan preserving its natural beauty so wonderfully well. :)

    Eagerly awaiting for your Melbourne series. Congratulations once again. :)

  75. Even in the creation of beauty, Japan is so efficient. Nice post.

  76. Lovely pics.. flowery and soothing..

  77. So beautiful ... so peaceful ....
    Lovely pictures.

  78. So beautiful ... so peaceful ....
    Lovely pictures.


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