Stepping into 2012 with... A Review and An Inspiration!

It’s been just a few days since we stepped into 2012 and the year has already begin to shower it’s benevolence on me. As I opened my eyes into the New year, I found myself reveling in two moments of happiness and delight as a blogger and I thought of sharing them with all of you.

Here they go--

1. My Yatra Diary… Reviewed!

We have all heard of books being reviewed, there are movies and television soaps being reviewed too but a blog, that too, by a blogger at his/her blog?!

Yes, it's being done by The Fool @ his blog Lucifer House Inc. And when I came to know of this opportunity to get my little diary reviewed by one of the most promising and fair reviewers in the blogosphere, I grabbed it with both hands.

This was special for me because besides being something completely new, it was also being done with a genuine intention and with utmost honesty. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to The Fool for taking the time out to review my diary and wish him all the success in this noble gesture of his.

Presented below is a small excerpt of his analysis –
Yātrā, in Hinduism and other Indian religions, generally means pilgrimage to holy places such as confluences of sacred rivers, places associated with Hindu epics such as the Mahabharata and Ramayana, and other sacred pilgrimage sites. And My Yatra Diary is Arti’s record of her visits to places of pilgrimage in India.
Arti itself is an interesting  name with religious associations. It refers to kind of ceremonious form of welcome that is done at homes and temples both for dieties as wells as humans. And I welcome the New Year on my blog with a review of Arti’s blog...

Please click on the link to read the full review – My Yatra Diary… Reviewed!

What’s more, he is still taking it up and it is open to all. So, if you also wish to get your blog reviewed at the same time also giving it a chance to reach out to a wider audience, rush over to his space and queue your blog up in this blog review submission post.

Help Me Improve

Taking this further, I request You - the reader of this diary - to help me improve by letting me know your thoughts and suggestions on this diary as well. Y
ou know what its flaws are and I trust you to know it best. So, if you have any suggestions/improvements for this blogger or blog, please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below. Though I don't swear on acting on them right away or even incorporating them, but be rest assured that I will be surely considering them and if possible try inculcating them as well.

2. A Poet Takes Inspiration!

How does it feel when one of your works gets picked up as an inspiration by a poet? And that too, by a poet you admire?

River Ganga at Harsil in the Garhwal Himalayas, Uttarakhand
River Ganga

That was exactly how I felt when I came to know that one of my blogger friends, writer and poet, Leo (Vinay) took inspiration from this River Ganga photograph - Harsil, Char Dham Yatra, one of my favorites too, for one of his haikus,

... on New Year’s Eve and began his blogging journey of 2012 with it.

Blogging Break!

Thus, with an encouraging review and a beautiful feeling in my pocket, I step in the New Year with a silent prayer to the Almighty to continue making it good for me and for all of us here and bless us all with a fruitful year ahead.

I will be on a short break for a couple of weeks from now. In the coming days, you can expect some guest posts, hopefully, from me and a few from others as well to fill up the pages.

But, I promise, I will be back soon with another one of my yatras!

Till then,

Happy Blogging!

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  1. Great Arti, congratulations and I hope you have an entire year filled with such successes :) :)
    Enjoy your holidays :) :)

  2. Arti, congratulations on two achievements in less than a week into the new year. Enjoy your (brief) break and know that I wish you continued success and happiness in 2012.


  3. Enjoy your break Arti - we all need one sometimes! Cheers to a lovely new year ahead!

  4. Great beginning to the new year, Arti!!! and good going! May this year bring you much much more such accolades and opportunities.. and of course, filled with many more Yatras!!

  5. Hey, you really deserve this. I've always loved your blog. And the way you portray things, anyone can get hooked.

    As I suggested you before, I think you should go for a custom domain (ex:, etc). As I've some experience with managing my own domain, I can help you with that. Let me know if you have any plans.

    Enjoy your new travels. All the best!


  6. Thus, with an encouraging review and a beautiful feeling in my pocket, I step in the New Year with a silent prayer to the Almighty to continue making it good for me and for all of us here and bless us all with a fruitful year ahead.

    Wonderful beginning of New Year Arti.All the best wishes to you.

  7. Oh, even I can take the inspiration from your posts...You have a great blog, keep up the good work Arti...

    Enjoy the break :)

  8. Wonderful post and your blog is definitely an inspirational one!! Have a wonderful break and I look forward to more of your wonderful posts, Arti!


  9. Already 2012 is holding out the hand of opportunity to you, Arti. Have a safe and healthy break.

  10. Happy blogging to you too.

    Great post.

  11. Seems like blogging is fun to you.

  12. Arti, what a wonderful start to yet another journey in the New Year!A remarkable blog and is full of visual beauty and nice write up!

  13. Waiting for your next series of Blogs!

  14. Congratulations on your review!

    What a wonderful shot of the river. I wish you many happy years of inspiration and blogging!

  15. You'r definitely a different kind of blogger..haven't seen many blogs on shrines, pilgrimages,holidays..glad I discovered this blog in 2011.I must say this blog has an aura of mysticism and natural serenity,divinity linked within.Hope you bring us readers more fascinating yatra diaries(With lovely pics)in 2012.
    Happy holidays.

  16. Hi Arti, Happy New Year to u!

    Congratulations on a terrific start to 2012.

    Looking forward to your posts in the new year.

  17. Hi Arti
    Have a wonderful & enjoyable break. And return with a greater resolve to the blog-o-sphere with more path breaking,creative & adventure filled posts.
    Best Wishes

  18. Hi,Arti.
    I told you,you were a great adventure. Please enjoy your. I look forward to your new post,Arti.

  19. Have a nice time . Let the yatra continue .

  20. Congrats..Arti, you have done well. Your blog is informative , pics are superb, narration is awesome.
    Enjoy your break...

  21. How exciting to have your blog reviewed like this. A big fan of yours as you know, just keep up the good work and continue being you.

  22. Be back from your break soon Arti. May the new year send you on many more amazing yatras and may you continue to regale us with your splendid tales. :)

  23. Congratulations Arti! You deserve the blogging honor and the poet picked a wonderful photo for inspiration. Enjoy your blogging break; I look forward to your next journey.

  24. Congrats Arti!! I must say the review was genuine and honest!!

    I have a suggestion - Why don't you consider adding pages to your blog below the header. It will help new-comers to navigate through your blog and I am sure they will become as much of a fan as we are :)

  25. What wonderful news! As you are going on a break, I am just returning from a couple weeks sick leave. I hope you have a good computer break and return soon!

  26. Congrats Arti.
    After reading this it was no surprise to me, you are bound for such success.
    Enjoy your blogging break : )

  27. All the best for your YATRA, keep penning more travel destinations. Good luck for travel in 2012.

  28. Great! A blog review. A very brilliant idea. Yours is always informative and entertaining, Arti. I feel like I'm going to a different world that is so wonderful every time I visit your site.

    Goodluck in your break. You will be missed. All the best, my friend! :) We'll wait for your return. :)

  29. Happy new Year Arti... Pray that you've a wonderful year ahead... Your posts are divinely beautiful and highly informative for pilgrims...
    Keep posting...

    Indie :)

    PS. God Bless :)

  30. congrats... it is great that ur blog was reviewed and then some one was inspired by you blog...

    as far as suggestions, sometimes i feel that some of you travels are presented as too long posts (for 3-4 months)... i think u can reduce that (in order to create more interest) and apart from that u r rocking... ur posts, photos and everything gives a splendid view of Indian temples and places to others...

    sad that u r leaving on a break... anyway, enjoy the break... expect u come to the blogging world soon...

  31. Enjoy your break Arti..would wait for more of your interesting yatras. Would love to read ur review...will surely visit it:)
    Take good care:)

  32. Hi there, first of all A very Successful and Prosperous Happy New Year to You and Your family. You have a nice blog. Bye the way this is deb a travel-freak and a newbie blogger. I am looking for some blogger friends. I already followed your blog. Hope you will visit my blog
    Thanks a lot...!!!

  33. @Arti Congratulations & waiting for your new post.All the best.Happy New Year 2012.

  34. Arti, all the recognition is well deserved. Your River picture is gorgeous and truly an inspiration for everyone. Happy New Year!

  35. Great stuff. He has put it rightly. I agree with him 100%.

  36. all the very best Arti .. hope to see you back soon !

    subscribed to your blog today


  37. Wish you a great year ahead and wish all the success to the Yatra diary and your forthcoming yatras.Waiting for the treats to arrive :)

  38. have a nice holiday. happy new year

  39. Wow..that is nice. A good review and a good poem:)

    Hope to see you soon ...Take care:)

  40. All the spices for a new brew of inspiration for this year. May your third year of blogging be even better than the previous one :)

  41. Hi, Arti, you’ve started a wonderful year! I’m going to miss your post for a while, but blogging can wait. I’m sure you’ll find something more important and come back to us recharged. Nature never fails to inspire me, the same with the River Ganga and with your Diary.


  42. All the best Arti!
    Suggestions and comments will keep pouring for all the effort you put into your blog :)

  43. Congratulations. I hope you have a great year ahead and all your wishes come true.

  44. Have a great Yatra break Arti! I read the review and have also posted a comment there!

  45. Hearty Congratulations, Arti! Wish u a very Happy New Year. Enjoy the break:)

  46. The best thing about Yatra Diary is - When I'm reading it, Your way of writing makes me feel like I'm at the place you're talking about and experiencing things just the way you did! You've a very lively style of writing! And as much as I love Yatra Diary, I would love to see new posts making their way into it!

    Kudos and all the best with the diary in this new year! :)

    God bless you Arti! :)

  47. Congratulations on your successful blogging! Your work is well deserved to review. I think the picture of River Ganda sure has something to evoke inspiration. How I wish I could take such a picture!
    What I'm impressed with you is the
    eagerness you put into your blogging and consideration, attentiveness you show to people.

    May this year be more successful and fruitful for you!

  48. Congratulations your blogs would make a wonderful travel book. A good place also for making books from blogs is You can create your own book. You put so much into these wonderful blogs.

  49. Intrigued! Want to read more from your diary!

  50. I love the serenity of you blog and all your blog posts Arti ji!!
    best of luck with 2012. waiting for more amazing posts :)
    and I loved the pic Leo took for the Haiku... it was beautiful... :)
    and the Haiku was awesome too :)
    best wishes!

  51. Wonderful..Congrats Arti (a little belated though)..!


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